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Everything you've ever seen about the Vampirella Snow Globe in the comics or on the official Vampirella website pales into insignificance when you actually get to see it live and hold it in your hand.

Forget those tacky plastic snow globes you can buy in tourist shops or that relatives gave you for a Christmas present when you were young.  Forget every model of the Empire State building in New York or Christmas snowmen grinning out at you with a carrot for a nose.  you can even forget the classic Citizen Kane image of Rosebud.

This Clayburn Moore creation is outstanding.  When I opened the box after mine had been delivered I literally gasped in amazement.

It is huge.  It is heavy.  Every tiny detail on the sculpture shrieks quality.  You can almost feel a chill at the skulls lying on the ground, feel the cold of the bricks on the wall that threatens to crumble, see the snake at Vampirella's feet slither closer to her.

And the tree, gnarled and twisted as it clutches the globe in its distorted grasp, stretching up and over the top, the branches seeming to squirm as you watch them -- except you know it can't be true because trees are still and dead ... aren't they?

The snow globe has been coming for a long time, but it was worth every minute of the wait.  Clayburn Moore has excelled.  Vampirella (looking as beautiful as only Moore seems able to make her) stands inside a globe of water, and if you move the whole piece then a swarm of black bats swirl and spiral around her for long seconds before sinking to the ground again as she reaches out to them.

On the right you can see the globe in preparation as it was advertised on the web site before it had been finished.  Above is the final painted version.  As usual it is a limited run of 3,000, sculpted by Susuma Sugita and designed by Manuel Carrasco.  Sugita is the man who also produced the amazing statue featured here.

The final touch is a musical accompaniment that plays a snatch of 

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