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Some collectors find Vampirella models all over the place to enhance their collection, and Terry Sanders has sent me two photographs of his fabulous collection.  Below are the whole group set out as they presumably are in Terry's home, and if you click on each model you can see a close-up.

Thanks Terry - we are richer for you sharing your collection with us.

Photos on this page by Terry Sanders

Terry Sander's group of models
Spanking Vampirella

One slightly odd statue sold on eBay in 2003 is this one called 'Spanking Vampirella' (although whether the name is genuine or simply to help the sale is unknown)

The statue was a limited run of only one (which makes it the most limited of all the statues I've seen so far) and was sold through Playboy.  Only one person bid for it, so it wasn't too popular, and I have my doubts that the young lady is Vampirella myself.

For a start her costume isn't quite right, and the gloves and arm coverings are not similar to anything I remember in Vampirella's career.  But surely the give-away is the Spiderman-style web-like bit running down her back.  Has anyone seen anything like that before in a Vampirella costume? 

'Spanking Vampirella?'
'Spanking Vampirella?'

Finally, I don't know who the guy is attempting to administer the spanking, but you can bet Vampirella wouldn't simply lie across his knee and let him do it.  Not the Vampirella we all know.

So I think we can safely say it's a fake as far as we're concerned (unless you know different).

'Spanking Vampirella?'

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