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Vampirella has dealt with some baddies in her time, but von Kreist must surely be the most evil. At the end of the 1914 - 1918 war he played cards with the devil (I assume it was the devil) and won, thus achieving his heart's desire - to live forever. Unfortunately, as he found out, the wish had a sting in its tail because without death the soul cannot develop, so he has deteriorated into a carcass of a man seeking evil to satisfy his jaded appetites.

And evil he most certainly is. His appearance (in Vampirella Monthly #1) results in Dixie Fattoni watching her father select her to be killed in favour of her twin sister (Sophie's choice style) and then she has to kill him or die herself - all at the hands of von Kreist.

von Kreist watching Vampi in his wine glass

Over the first six issues of Vampirella Monthly von Kreist systematically poisons and abuses Vampirella and Dixie, but is eventually sliced in half by a jagged piece of debris and left to his fate. However, in Vampirella Monthly #9 he seems to have recovered and helps Mistress Nyx in her plans to invade the Earth with her vampire followers from Hell. Quite how he recovered his legs and mended isn't mentioned.

On the left he is seen gazing at an apparition of Vampirella drowning in his wine glass.

The only thing is, the glass is full of blood, not wine. And, at the end of the story, with Vampirella saving the Earth and defeating Nyx, von Kreist escapes to doubtless return in the future .....

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