Minix on the Prisma

Current status

I currently have a fairly complete Minix 2.0.2 kernel running on the Prisma, the status of the drivers is:

Even though some of the internals are unfinished, the kernel has proved to be surprisingly stable while I have been attempting to develop a VNC client. The cycle for that involves compiling on NetBSD, transferring to the Prisma using FTP, running it, noting the display and/or debug messages then going round again. This exercises the network, keyboard, console display, filesystem and RS-232 ports (I use a serial mouse for VNC). The only problems I have seen are that the serial ports sometimes do not initialize correctly, the select() code has trouble with lots of mouse and network activity happening at the same time and if there is an illegal memory access, the kernel crashes.

See what it looks like

OK, so a Minix boot display is not very exciting but I have also included output from 'ps ax' and 'ls -CR' just to show that it is working.

Network Performance

While working on the Ethernet driver for the Prisma, I ran a series of network performance tests to compare TCP throughput using different CPUs, network cards amd Minix versions. One result was to confirm that 2.0.2 is a big improvement over 2.0.0 so if you are using Minix on a network, make sure you are running 2.0.2.

How long did it take?

I started this project in October 1997 but porting the kernel and C libraries only took around three months. See where all the rest of the time went in this timeline.

Still to do

Minix Downloads

Download utilities and patches for Minix i386 and Minix on the Prisma.

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