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Feeding your dog slave
Obedience Training
Boot Training
Chastity Training
Bad Dog
Bliss Elevation
Devotion and Affection training

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eat cum
Dog Food
About Pet Feeding
Feeding: eating from the floor
Public Feeding and Drinking
Dressing for dinner

your dogslave

Unfit for Human consumption!
- "its ok"
- "he's a Dog, he will eat what he is given!"

* Total Control
* Cum control

As with everything else in Dog Training attention to detail is the number one requirement. For the dog, the way that you treat him, you sustain his position in life. The slave clearly need to know is place in the scheme of things. 
You define the protocol and acceptable limits between you.

In this picture it holds all the feeling and essentials of Dog Training behaviour, when you can fully empathies with one of the roles you will find it much easier in training.

A picture that says a thousand words.

  Dog Feeding FAQ
  Dressing for dinner

Dog Food: suitable dog food. From puppy to Dog, for special occasions and general use.

Sample Menu: suitable dog food. From puppy to Dog, for special occasions and general use.

Feeding Positions: that keep him safe and secure.

Dress for Dinner: Examples of dog sat dinner time

Public Feeding: what is suitable in public

Private Feeding: what is expected in home life

Eat Cum: The slave is expected to eat up his own Cum, and often his Masters (if that is within their safety limits).
Piss Feeding: what is expected in home life
Shit Feeding: what is expected in home life



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