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Drink piss
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common funnel piss hood witi basic nose holes

Total  Control
Eat Cum

Piss content to
Dog Training

piss face harness

He might need some help in taking your piss. There are a number of things to help him take it, these include:

  • The right approach

  • Toys

Some things help the slave feel more amenable to performing for you.

However the goal is that he should take it freely, taking it from his dog bowl, or lapping it up off the floor or of course from his Masters God like cock. There are

Regulation style piss hood with breathing tubes

This example shows the use of Regulations piss drinking hoods in use. Ensures that the dog maintains focus on taking his Masters waste.
Further is clarifies and maintains his status. 
This hood costs a little under £100 UKP.

This standard rubber hood has the rubber gag inserted into the mouth and the tube connects into a 'Texas Catheter' that can be connected to the slave during long term bondage  or to the Master.


piss feeding gag in hoodWhen connected to the slave during long term captivity it helps him learn only to piss when his Master gives permission. Otherwise he could end up recycling his piss many times through out the night. Additional version go into a strap on gag that is tight against the face. These are good if the slave would try to eject the gag.
treat him like the toilet he is Sometimes the boy needs to know that is your toilet, there to take your waste. Devices such as this quickly make it clear to him his place in life and what is expected of him.
Catheters Catheters can be used for more control over Piss training.
Allowing you to piss the piss up his butt for later consumption, straight into his gag or not at all.

Note: The insertion of Catheters take a little skill and not something that you rush (you do not want to puncture his bladder for example). Likewise always ensure that the tube is clean (as in sterile, and if a bleaching agent was used, that that has been washed off as well.
More info on the Catheters info page.

As it comes Just keeping him in position is often good enough. This may requite the slave to be able to relax his tongue so that it can go straight down his throat.
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