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The Care and
Training of
the male slave

Basic Training
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Training of the male slave
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During your existence as a slave, should you encounter a moment in which you experience yourself at your best, at your perfection as the perfect slave, you will in that instance clearly imagine and ever greater perfection to fulfill... slavery is with out end.

This page is aimed at the care and training of the male slave. The development of the slave is a special process, seeing him grow and move towards is rebirth as a pure slave. Components of this can be use for recreational slavery - that is not living the SM life style but treating is as sport. This is also valid as there are few real slaves who are able to devote what is necessary to even approach the 24/7 SM life style, just as one of the jobs of the Master is to feed the slaves soul.

As with everything else in Dog Training attention to detail is important.

This voyage of creation is never ending, you recreating yourself, and the more you are the more you can yet  become, and the more there is yet to be. It is like there is nothing else your soul wants to do, than express its nature. We so often live in a 'bad fitting suit' that we call life. It does not have to be that way. 

For a novice Master he might find it uncomfortable treating the slave as required in all areas, and yet it is this, that holds it all together.

In The McDade Principles SlaveMaster McDade covers a breadth of principles for normal slaves, this is a good foundation for training and high lights some of the responsibilities of the Master (and slave), this responsibilities should not be taken lightly - if you do not take then seriously why should your slave?
Above all else the slave NEEDS to know his station in life, to have the structure and security from a framework for his existence, a slave's only pleasure is from obeying and being what he is. 

Wings video have now produced a VHS video based on the  book "Care & Training of the male slave" by Robert Payne


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