The Banker Babe and her Bursting Blouse

I was first introduced to this story by seeing one of "Biker's" illustrations to it. After some discussion he got a text account of what really happened in full from his friend who had told him about it and thus inspired an illustration. She gave permission for me to post the story here, and so here it is!

Biker's impression of 'Banker Babe' going upstairsThe 'Banker Babe' charmingly and ingenuously wonders why nobody looks her in the eyeBiker's idea of what MIGHT have happened in a bank robbery...

I got ready for work as usual that morning, but after putting my skirt on I noticed that I had only one blouse in my closet that went with it. It was a tad too tight, but since it was the only blouse left that matched I decided to wear it. So with a little trepidation I put it on. I had some difficulty buttoning it up. Throughout the day I noticed that when I was with a customer (mostly men), they didn't quite look me in the eye, but below chin level. It didn't occur to me why until I went out with my husband for dinner that night. Accidentally spilling something on my lap, I looked down and saw that the two middle buttons were undone on my blouse.... right in a crucial spot! Blushing profusely, I quickly buttoned them up and asked my husband why he didn't tell me. He just grinned. I have no idea how long I was unbuttoned. It might have been for the whole day! Now I understood why my customers were staring at me below chin-level so intently! I was practically bursting out of my blouse! I was so embarrassed I haven't worn that blouse since that particular incident happened.
After I told Biker about that incident he drew a picture of it. It was amazing how close he was to how I looked without me sending a picture of myself!

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