Long tight skirts page 16

This page is the sixteenth devoted to images of long (knee-length and longer) skirts only. All can be enlarged.

Jule in her tight black leather pencil skirt bends over to adjust the zip on her beautiful, slender, tight black stiletto bootsJule from behind stands with her legs apart to pull her calf-length tight leather pencil skirt as tight as possibleMandy leans forward to watch the sunset and strains her amazing calf-length back-buttoned sheath skirt almost to burstingMandy bends over in her ultra-tight back-buttoned pencil skirt, and her voluptuous curves come near to bursting it openMrs R, who makes even washing-up sexy with the help of a tight black leather pencil skirt and high-heeled basketball bootsArwen is Queen Goth with black-rimmed eyes, a tight black corset, and tight knee-length satin skirtArwen regards us forbiddingly from her perch on a stepladder in stiletto-heeled Victorian-style boots, a tight satin pencil skirt, and a tight corset that gives her an astonishingly small waistArwen Gothically beautiful and striking in her black outfit of batwing-sleeved top, tightly laced corset, leather pencil skirt and Victorian-style laced stiletto knee bootsDonna's Chinese-style long tight dress shows off her magnificently corseted figureDonna does relaxation with glamour as she reclines in her beautiful black evening gown, tight-bodiced, tight-skirted, ankle length and slit to the thigh to reveal her black stockingsLa Dame aux Bas Noirs tries to climb a ladder in her tight black leather pencil skirt and shiny black stilettosLa Dame aux Bas Noirs tries to climb a ladder in her tight leather skirt and black stilettos - not a good idea, but nice to watch!BB stands almost with her back to us, and her tight purple knee-length skirt emphasises the amazing curve of her bottomprofile verging on rear view of BB in snug T-shirt and very tight, deeply slit long skirt that strains over her magnificently curved bottomAmber shows us a thoughtful image of fetish in the desert, as she poses on a salt pan in stilettos and tight leather pencil skirt, the laces of her leather corset trailing behind her in the windAmber in the desert modelling her leather outfit: jacket, corset, hobble skirt and stilettos, all sexy, tight and blacklooking up at Petra from behind and below to admire the way her bum strains and curves her very tight leather pencil skirtview from below of Petra in a pretty red blouse with matching scarf, tight black knee-length leather pencil skirt, and black leather knee boots

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