Films and TV shows featuring tight skirts

Last updated 16th January 2005

Ellen Barkin in tight houndstooth suit

"Addicted to Love" - notorious Eighties video by Robert Palmer. Featured a backing group of four blank-faced, very beautiful girl musicians who may or may not have been able to play the instruments they were miming to but certainly were packed into the tightest possible black Lycra minidresses - the epitome of the Eighties Lycra fashion!

"A Little Bit" - by Jessica Simpson. Suggested by "JDWB", who says "she is wearing a short tight purple miniskirt for most of the video."

"Back Street Pickup" - WB says this is "by The Angels Glitzy skirt - briefly viewed as a girl gets into a car."

"Chain Reaction" by Diana Ross - how could I have missed this out? This was one of the great events of my teens! The beautiful Miss Ross sheathed in absolutely the tightest possible dress, cherry-red silk and skin-tight to the ankle, then bursting out in an explosion of tulle ruffles. And she manages to dance in it too! There is another tight dress (silver, with sequins) at the end.

"Corazón espinado" - suggested by "Martinez", who couldn't recall the name of the artist. He remembered that a "Dark haired beauty of Mexico City dresses up in a blue-denim, narrow mini skirt and long boots on high heels, goes out of her home, takes her place in her green Dodge charger '68 and starts a trip to the setting sun. On the guitar plays Santana, Carlos Santana."

"Dominion" by the Sisters of Mercy is also recommended by "Martinez". He says they were "a band which I remember from the second half of the 80's when I was a teenager, who made this video clip in a legendary ancient Jordanian city called Petra. A dark haired woman, who plays in this band on keyboards (I'm not right), appears in a white, knee length skirt suit with short jacket; it is narrow but not very tight, however, it looks fine."

"Dominion" - another recommendation from "Martinez". He describes it as "The best tight skirt video clip I have ever seen - unfortunately only once. The song is sung by Paul Hardcastle, jazz and film's music composer. In the second half of 80's he engaged as a vocalist a beautiful young black lady who appears in this clip wearing a range of tight skirts and dresses made of latex and PVC and high heeled shoes! In the beginning we have her in a black rocker jacket and a red knee length skirt (as you expect - second skin of tightness), a while after - in tapered white long mermaid gown. The last scene drove me to the edge of catatonia: wearing yellow latex knee length dress, she turns her back, takes a hand of Paul Hardcastle and they both go out of a view of camera - two pieces of her latex dress aparted by a middle length slit, following the movement of her legs!"

"Flying Elvis" - this was reported by contributor Chris. He wrote to tell me about it: "a new music video by a female artist named lieni {think thats right) its called flying elvis in which she is dressed as a fifties air hostess and getting the male passingers hot under the coller with her tight pencil skirt". It sounds exactly my sort of thing though I have not been lucky enough to see it myself.

"Giving Him Something He can Feel" - Mike69gt6 says that this is a video by En Vogue "which features all four members in very tight red dresses dancing seductively."

"Heartbreaker" by Mariah Carey is strongly recommended by "Silenced", who says it "features a nice tight skirt scene where Evil Mariah fights girly Mariah."

"Hippy Hippy Shake" - suggested by "Martinez". He applauds "Rock'n'Roll - Tight'n'Mini skirts - an ideal connection! A group called the Georgia Satellites are performing a song composed probably by The Swinging Blue Jeans in the middle of sixties. The Satellites play boogie-metal, a little similar to Van Halen, typical (as I heard) for some areas of USA, where Ladies are still Ladies and gentlemen are still gentlemen (how originally it was for my country - the place of an androgynous cult!). When I heard this song first time in the beginning of the 90's it was out of my taste, but nowadays - in the time of hip-hop and other trash - it sounds pretty nice. The video clip is black and white; the action is set in a pub - the band plays on the stage and the camera shows at the rear a crowd of beauties in tight mini skirts, usually made of shiny leather and denim. One of the scenes is extremely dangerous - a couple of girls wearing these outfits get up out of the bar's seats slowly shaking, as the title describes, their hips.
"I think this Georgia Satellites clip could be dear to the sensitive hearts of each young fair lady and every gentle swain!"

"Human Nature" - a Madonna song recommended by "Martinez". "Madonna's clip, of which I was reminded after visiting Arwen's pages. It was produced in the middle of the 90's (I suppose) - Madonna wears a black corset, impossibly tight black latex skirt and high boots. In one of hands she holds a crop (!)."

"I Want To Dance With Somebody" by Whitney Houston, from the 1980s, was recommended by "rg70" because it "has many shots with her in a tight black dress".

"Ka-Ching" - from the video of this song "Martinez remembers "Shania Twain in a very glamourous, very red and very tapered, long mermaid gown.".

"Kleine Maus" - "Martinez" describes this as "An example of horrible German-taste dance music from the middle of the Nineties, featuring a beauty called Blumchen. I remember those clip because of her, wearing a black just over the knee shining second-skin latex dress and long white socks!"

"Lily Was Here" - WB says this is "by David A Stewart and Candy Dulfer Black and white striped, off the shoulder dress - nice pan of the dress."

"Material Girl" - I remember this when it first came out and didn't think there was a tight skirt in it. "Martinez", however, watched the whole thing and knows better. He reminds us that the singer was "of course: Madonna. A lot of people remember this one usually due to her copying Marilyn Monroe's style from the performance of the song ‘Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend’. Madonna wears, similar to Marylin's one, a pink gown made of silk, but I do not think it's tight. In the last scene of a clip, we have her going out of a film's studio dressed in very fitted white skirt cut just below the knees, a white sweater and white lace gloves."

"Pink Cadillac" - suggested by Juan MTM. This came out in 1987/8, and he says that it is by "the beautiful and tall singer Natalie Cole. She appears there in a wonderful leather miniskirt very tight and she 'dwarfs' both male and female dancers besides her.."

"Venus" - already a classic hit (though I don't know who for) when Bananarama took it over in 1986. Pete Waterman accurately described the accompanying video as "sex on a stick", and though he drew particular attention to the singer gyrating in a skin-tight red PVC catsuit with matching corset and devil horns, there's also a very glamorous tight sheath dress a little further on. A clip I saw in a programme about these women showed me that at the 1986 BPI Awards Bananarama did a song in classic, spectacular tight shiny stretch dresses, but how anyone could get hold of the film of this I don't know.

"What Are You Doing With A Fool Like Me" - WB says this is "by Joe Cocker Lots of ladies wearing 80s style tight black lycra dresses."

"Who's That Girl" - I don't like Madonna and by the time this came out I wasn't looking at pop videos, so I never saw it. "Martinez", however, has a report. It is "another clip of Madonna from the mid-80's accompanying a song from the film ‘Desperatly Seeking Susan’. In one scene Madonna appears in white, shining, around knees and genuinely tailored dress and stilettos. Miaow ..."

"You Do Me" - WB says this is "by Ryuichi Sakamoto and Jill Jones Jill wears two lycra dresses - one blue and one green. Not so tight at the skirt end but still nice. Some shots in black and white."

"You'll See" - another Madonna video of which "Martinez" brought back an intriguing report. "Another Madonna video, made in the first half of 90's - I guess - while she was fascinated by Evita Peron. The action is in Argentina or Spain, and she plays the role of a lady, who falls in love with a famous torrero. Madonna wears glamorous skirted tailored suits in the style of the Fifties with beautiful hats and gloves."

ZZ Top Greatest Hits - The Video Collection - HL tells me that this is available in Blockbuster Video and a good source of tight miniskirts.

Above Suspicion (1995) - now a rather unfortunate film, since Christopher Reeve plays a man paralysed and confined to a wheelchair a year or so before he ended up playing that part for real. His pretty, long-haired wife is played by Kim Cattrall, and as some kind of businesswoman she has some very smart but also sexy tight skirted suits. One has no slit to its skirt and the resulting walk as she hurries away across the grass is extremely exciting to watch if not very effective at covering the ground!

The Accused (1988) - Jodie Foster in one of her best roles in an excellent, though harrowing, movie. RJS reminds me that "Jodie wears a very sexy tight jeans miniskirt in the rape-scene, although it isn't always clearly visible of course. Both Jodie and Kelly wear some sexy tight suits and skirts during the court room scenes", and I also remember Jodie Foster wearing tight jeans at some places.

Acting on Impulse (?) - DWM recommends this film as it "has a few nice tight skirts on the main character who plays a beautiful celebrity who has become rather disenfranchised. [Means "lacking in the right to vote" - Webmaster's note.] There's a nice leopard print miniskirt on her for quite a while, which is topped by a biker-style leather jacket. There's also a tightly-stretched black spandex mini on the same woman."

Action (contemporary TV series) - a US sitcom which I loved, not least because of the lack of any canned laughter. The second episode has the central character's new assistant, his resident prostitute, joining him in his film production office wearing a tight dark red leather minisuit.

Adam and Eve's House Party (?) - DWM recommends this porn movie for those whose ambition it is to see a woman having sex while wearing a sexy skirt. "It featured a straight sex scene with a girl in a blue latex top and skirt. The top came off but the skirt stayed on her the whole time. The scene was done exactly how it should be done! After all, the skirt during the sex was just an insignificant scrunching of rubber around her hips."

The Addams Family - Sixties American TV series; later two big-budget comedy films (the second called Addams Family Values.) In the TV series and both films, the character Morticia (played by Anjelica Huston in the film) appears in a tight black dress with a long hobbling skirt. "David" tells me that there is a third in the series, Addams Family Reunion, in which Morticia is played by Darryl Hannah in a tight dress; it apparently went "straight to video".

Adrian Mole - The Cappucino Years (UK TV series 2001) - I found this absolutely unwatchable, but the glamorous busty blonde young "Blair Babe" MP Dr Pandora Braithwaite is played by Helen Baxendale and in episode 2 I saw her modelling both a tight minidress and a tight pink satin minisuit. [Note to foreign readers: this listing will only make sense to fellow-Britons, and you don't have to worry because the series is so British it's very unlikely to be sold abroad anyway.]

The Adventures of Ford Fairlane - see under Ford Fairlane.

The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle (2000) - apparently an expensive remake with elaborate computer graphics of the cheaply made cartoon which, it has to be said, Matt Groening of the Simpsons enormously admired. Its relevance to this page is star Rene Russo: David O explains that "All of Ms Russo's skirts are Mid-calf red-ish purple, tapered tight to then slightly flaring out below the knee."

After Hours (1986) - OK says that "there's a woman tied up in a scene and she wears a short, black ls laced at the sides. It's maybe 2 min."

The Age of Innocence (1994?) - Michelle Pfeiffer and others wearing dresses in the styles of the mid-1870's (see the History page) with corseted bodices and long tight skirts.

An Alligator Named Daisy (1955) - a silly UK made comedy, which gains its place here thanks to Diana Dors. There is a long sequence in the middle of the film at some grand evening occasion, for which Miss Dors wears a divine top-glamour evening white gown with a tight, boned, jewel-encrusted bodice and a tight ankle-length sheath skirt in which she walks gracefully but with very small steps. The final touches are given by a pair of second-skin opera-length evening gloves and a bustle at the back of the waist from which hangs a sumptuous white net train.

All That Jazz (1979) - I have never seen this film, but "David" left me a message in the guestbook pointing me at it. He said "i just saw All That Jazz in which a young lady walks down a ramp in a long silver sequined sheath." Sounds nice!

Ally McBeal (contemporary) - US TV series. Ally herself has a tendency to A-line miniskirts which I particularly detest, but she often works with a poised and beautiful blonde lawyer called Georgia, played by Courtney Thorne-Smith, whose taste runs to beautifully tailored and very tight suits.

Angel 4 (1994) - "LinePal" tells me that "The film is set in Calif. and the main characters are dressed in rubber dresses (syren) and leather throughout the film. One scene in particular a rock singer slowly undresses a latex clad (mini-dress) actress. And a club scene with several rubberized and leather clad partygoers".

Animals (2002) - a silly, silly film, but there is a brief scene with the beautiful, beautiful Marisa Taylor Kaplan in a tight, tight dress. She walks down the street, drops some of her shopping, bends over to pick it up, the camera does close-ups of her from front and rear, etc., all in slow motion.

Animal Instincts (?) - DWM says this is "a T[it]&A[ss] movie featuring T&A queen Shannon Whirry. There's tight skirts here and there throughout as there inevitably are in T&A movies. No leather." The webmaster of the Opera Gloves site adds that "Shannon Whirry does occasionally show up in tight skirts; in Animal Instincts II, she appears in a brief scene in a tight black gown with long black gloves." This brilliantly intellectual series continues with Animal Instincts III, evidently: he goes on to tell me that it is "Another T&A movie, as your correspondent put it, in which Wendy Schumacher, the star, appears in a backslit tight black evening gown with black opera gloves and backseamed stockings. (She has sex later while wearing the opera gloves.)".

Another Stakeout (1993) - comedy/thriller, sequel to Stakeout which I have never seen. Marcia Strassman appears as Pam, long-haired beautiful blonde neighbour to our eccentric heroes and heroine in the police. Most of the time she wears smart casual clothes, but there is one long sequence at a dinner party where she wears a classic Eighties-style ultra-tight black Lycra minidress with a wide belt.

Appoinment with a Killing (?) - this is just another name for Beyond Suspicion. It features Markie Post in a super-sexy ultra-tight shiny black leather minisuit.

April in Paris (1953) - Doris Day's rival for the hero's affections is a young lady of quality who appears in one scene wearing a Fifties suit with tight-waisted jacket and pencil skirt.

Arena (1953 and not to be confused with several other films of the same name) - K.R. told me about this one. "it was one of the early 3D movies , and feature an attractive girl wearing a yellow blouse, and a lovely tight skirt, all though the film,. the film is about a rodeo in texas. She is featured thoughout the film and takes delight in showing her skirt off"

Armed and Dangerous (1986) - a comedy film with John Candy, if you like him. If you don't, you may appreciate his and his friend's dates who wear classic Eighties tight, low-cut minidresses!

Artists and Models (1955) - long-standing supporter SW says that this film is "Tight skirt heaven" but gives no other details apart from a summary of the plot and cast.

As Good As Dead (1996) - "Willpath" recommends this film, "a made-for-TV (I think) American film with Traci Lords and Crystal Bernard, circa 1996. Semi-sluttish Traci wears several tight mini-outfits during the first 10 minutes; following Traci's death, and an identity switch, the more conservative Crystal is thereafter "forced" to wear Traci's outfits, which are always a little tighter and more revealing than sweet Crystal is used to.... From approximately 28 to 47 minutes into the film, our Crystal runs around L.A., occasionally adjusting her snug little skirts, tugging her hem down from time to time. Such a charming theme!"

¡Atame! (1990 Spain) - known in America as Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!. Juan T tells me that in this film "a secondary female star that plays as a candy store seller wears an extremly tight black latex skirt. Furthermore, an "extra bonus" with the actress who plays as the "Film director assitant";she wears a black cotton mini skirt and looks some sexy." Having studied a series of reviews of this film on the Internet Movie Database I feel bound to add that some women found this film extraordinarily offensive.

The Avengers (1998) - the big-budget megaflop movie is meant here, not the original Sixties TV series. DWM advises me this should be on my list: "Uma Thurman as Emma Peel wears some tight skirts, including a cheongsam or two. She also appears to be wearing leather shorts or possibly a skirt but there's not a single clear shot of it. There are also some regular tight skirts on other women in the movie."

Avenging Angel (1985) - JDWB told me about this one. "In 1985 there was a Drama/Comedy called Avenging Angel starring Betsy Russell. She plays the daughter of a cop that was killed and goes undercover as a street-walker. Throughout the film she wears tight miniskirts, including purple leather, jean and various colors. Total of about five outfits with tight miniskirts. along with other actresses. It's been on TBS and TNN late night and I only know of one video store that carries it."

Back to the Beach (1997) - "LinePal" tells me that this film contains "several girls in BodyGlove neoprane Dresses ,skirts, tops, and swim wear throughout the movie plus a QUICK glimps of a tight leather dress."

Bad to the Bone (1997) - I thought this a silly film, but whoever wrote the review on the Internet Movie Database called it "great", so you might like it. However, I am not a film critic. It gets its place on this list because Kristy Swanson as the wicked rich girl wears a long clingy green dress in the middle of the film and shortly afterwards a smart tight olive suit. I lost patience then and went to bed so I don't know if there are any more tight skirts in it.

Baja Oklahoma (1988) - Lesley-Anne Warren appears as a part-time country singer who wears various tasty outfits including a fairly tight denim skirt, a tight red spangled dress, a very tight knee-length skirt to go out in the evening in which she sticks out her bum to the camera and wiggles it, and an ultra-tight short black leather skirt with lacing at the sides which she wears through much of the middle of the film. She puts it on for a funeral, at which she is joined by a girl friend in a tight pale blue suit.

Bartleby (2002) - A review of this I found gave some information which makes this film relevant: "Glenne Headly is terrific as the all-aware, tight-skirted secretary who coos and slithers around the office in order to please the boss who, she knows, controls her fate."

Basic Instinct (1992) - a correspondent says "How could anyone leave out this one? There's the famous scene in which Sharon Stone, wearing a very short, tight micromini dress, slowly crosses and uncrosses her legs....and she's clearly not wearing panties."

Bastard out of Carolina (?) - RJS has sent me a picture, showing Jennifer Jason Leigh in a brown pencil skirt. Does anyone else know anything about this film? I'd never heard of it before.

Beautiful but Dangerous (also known as La Donna Più Bella Del'Mondo) - Italian historical drama (circa 1955.) Gina Lollobrigida as a beauty of the 1880's appears in dresses with hourglass corseted bodices and floor-length tight skirts.

Bedroom Eyes (1984) - HdaS tells me that "the female psychiatrist treating the main character wears a different leather skirt every day. They're all below-the-knee, but she's quite attractive and looks great in them." I have seen this film myself and though the skirts are definitely leather they are not really tight.

Bedroom Eyes II (?) - HdaS says this film is also worth a look for tight skirt fans. "Towards the end of the movie, the yummy blonde who plays the wife of the lead character wears a tight yellow sweater and even tighter leather mini. Very nice."

Beginner's Luck (1935?) - VS sent in an extremely detailed account of this:

Being John Malkovich (2000) - the reports of this film rather put me off it as probably incomprehensible, but though I haven't seen it former featured model "Miss Houdini" brought it to my attention with a few words from the star, Cameron Diaz. Apparently she (Miss Diaz, not Miss Houdini) said:

Belle of the Nineties (1934) - "David" reported this one in my guestbook. "the belle of the ninties has may west standing on stage in a too-tight-to-move gown in front of a series culminating in the original of her statue-of-liberty pose." Mae West was famous for her tight dresses (and corsets) in Thirties Hollywood: she habitually had her costumes made too tight to sit down in without bursting a seam, and if it was absolutely necessary for her to sit during a take she would have the costume department make up a different dress which (just) allowed sitting, but use the can't-sit-down gown for all other scenes.

The Best of Everything (1959) - my fellow Fifties-lover "KJB" sent me some stills from this film showing a very well-dressed blonde hurrying about in a knee-length pink pencil suit.

Beverly Hills 90210 (US TV series) - "HL" says that this frequently features short tight skirts. More specific details I turned up on the Internet: apparently there is an episode in which one of the actresses goes to a party in a very tight "mermaid dress" and finds it restricts her movements. Does anyone know more about this episode? I found the reference to it here.

Beverley Hills Cop (1986?) - "HL" says that in this film there is a character worth looking at : "a pretty blond who plays a childhood friend of he Axel Foley character, and wears very tight jeans while reclining in bed in one scene, and short tight business suits and dresses in several others."

Beverley Hills Cop II (1990?) - "HL" says that "Bridgette Nielson wears tight leather miniskirts through most of this movie."

Beverley Hills Cop III (1994?) - Eddie Murphy's love interest is played by Theresa Randle in sexy office outfits with tight miniskirts; there's a great deal of this, if you care about such things!

Beyond Suspicion (?) - American TV movie about a murderous dentist. In one early scene his wife, played by Markie Post, wears an incredibly sexy tight black minisuit with a leather jacket which excited a lot of my readers when I posted a video clip of it that I couldn't identify; later on she is briefly seen wearing a tight stretchy knee-length blue dress to a garden party. This film is also known as Appointment with a Killing.

Big Business (1988) - Bette Midler as a she-devil executive in various power suits, often so tight they seem to be on the point of exploding, with narrow knee-length skirts and high heels.

The Big Hit (1995?) - I know nothing about this film apart from a video capture that contributor "Gerry_UK" sent in. This showed a curvy black woman hurrying elegantly down her garden path to her car, wearing a very tight, long-sleeved dress. He assures me that that is the only tight skirt sequence in the film, so don't rent it just for that, but if it's on TV it's worth seeing!

The Big Money (1956) - Fifties fan Joe B saw this on television and wrote in to tell me about it. "There is a night club scene with lots of ladies in long tight ballgowns, including a cabaret singer in a sexy clinging white dress. Belinda [Lee] herself features in the most memorable of tight skirt sequences: first in a soft clinging powder blue dress, then later in the most delicious salmon pink dress. She has a superlative figure for it: shapely breasts, a very slim waist and generous hips."

The Big Night (1997) - "Ariel", the artist, tells me that "Isabella Rosselini and Minnie Driver are in it and wear some nice tight 50's dresses." The webmaster of the Opera Gloves page describes this listing as "Confirmed. Minnie Driver wears a gorgeous gold dress (with, naturally, elbow-length white gloves) which is vidcapped in one of my galleries."

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989) - one of Bill and Ted has a glamorous young stepmother, called Missy and played by one Amy Stock Poynter, who in the clip I've seen wore a sexy tight black leather miniskirt. Unlike most Western men of my generation, I think, I have never seen the film itself.

The Birds (1957?) - a notoriously nasty, scary film by Alfred Hitchcock. Don't watch if planning to buy a bird table. However, "moylan" says "In the Hitchcock film The Birds, Tippi Hedren goes to a shop to buy 2 love birds and the outfit she wears would fit your criteria for wow I think."

The Birds and the Bees (1960?) - JL says this film is worth a look for the tight skirt fan - it's one of his favourites. "Although the video cover shows Mitzi Gaynor in a loose skirt, the movie gives her two long and glorious tight skirt scenes. That sentence is ambiguous, but both meanings apply -- the scenes are long and glorious, and so are the skirts. The second tight skirt scene is a solo song and dance number."

Black Roses (1988) - KAG sent a helpfully detailed review of this film. "Tacky movie, but really cool soundtrack with a few cool special affects. The movie is about this really famous band (which happens to be demons) that comes to this quiet town to perform. Their real intention however is to turn the youth into chaotic images as well. I liked this movie because it has one of the main characters falls victim to the music and she eventually starts dressing the part in a tight black leather skirt. :) She is seen in this for probably about 10 - 15 minutes towards the end of the movie. Worth the rent at least for the sound track if any thing else (if you like 80's hard rock.)"

Blade Runner (1980?, reissued 1992) - two authorities suggest this expensive science-fiction film as an interesting experience for the tight skirt lover, but can give no details. I didn't remember anything from having seen it myself, but that doesn't mean they're wrong! Having watched it again I can identify what they are talking about: early in the film Sean Young comes on as android beauty Rachel, dressed in a Forties-style ensemble with elaborately rolled hair and a black suit with a big-shouldered jacket and a tight knee-length skirt, in which she moves about elegantly.

Blind Date (1959) - not to be confused with the Bruce Willis and Kim Basinger film of the same name. Supporter RJS has seen this film, and says "my eye caught a beautiful lady in a very sexy tight "fifties" suit. She was in a museum. A minute later she ran away and we see her running down the stairs that are in front of the museum; she is definitely strained by her just-below-knee-length skirt. She wore a short jacket, but just long enough to hide a possible back zipper. In the next scene she wears a fairly tight dark dress and strips to her slip."

Blindfold: Act Of Obsessions (1994) - RJS tells me that this film has Shannon Docherty in some interesting outfits, including "an ultratight red lycra dress"; later on there is an interesting scene where "she stands next to her car wearing an ultratight black suit with miniskirt, drops her keys and picks them up. This was just a short scene and only in the last seconds I looked in the shiny car to see that it was indeed an ultratight miniskirt. That was pretty much it I'm affraid... "

The Blonde (1992) - "HF" sent in an account of this film with Nastassja Kinski, in which she appears "wearing a wow leather miniskirt for several minutes and there are some nice views of her front and back, really, her skirt is very tight and lovable."

Blood Money (1988) - one of CH's many contributions to this page. He says it "features Ellen Barkin in a number of tight dresses (including a knockout beaded black dress, black hosiery and heels)."

Blow Dry (UK 2001) - comedy about hairdressers. A publicity picture I've got here shows Heidi Klum in an OTT fur-trimmed top, tight white microskirt, and platform heels. I've never seen the film myself.

Blue Iguana (1988) - Gianvittorio sent me some excellent clips from this film showing a cool, beautiful and dangerous woman first walking about in a brown leather jacket and very tight knee-length black leather skirt zipped right up the back, then threatening passers-by with a revolver while dressed in a white blouse and extremely tight green knee-length skirt. After a lot of work I have definitively tracked down this film and the principal female cast appears to be Jessica Harper, Pamela Gidley, Michele Seipp and Katia Schkolnik, but who is the very cool lady in the tight skirt I have on my page I can only guess.

Blue Sky (?) - RJS has watched this film, and says that Jessica Lange wears "a tight white dress with little black dots printed on it. They showed her back, displaying a zipper! Her dress is knee-length. This movie is very good for back zips. I saw at least four other scenes, displaying a back zip; among them a tight pink minidress and a very tight white knee-length skirt."

Body Double(1984?) - "ACDN" tells me that this is a film I should have listed. "The movie was made in the 80's (mid I believe) and it had Melanie Griffith in a tight leather skirt with a zipper. Although she didn't wear it throughout the entire movie it was for a period of time that satisfied me! Hopefully, it will satisfy you too."

Body Language (1992) - a silly TV movie thriller, but Linda Purl as the evil secretary is lushly curved and shows off her figure with tight and sexy clothes; her boss, Heather Locklear, also wears some rather tasty suits.

Boomerang (1992) - the lovely Robyn Givens in deeply curved suits with tight pencil skirts that hug her figure - and what a figure they have to hug!

Booty Call (?) - recommended by MB, but no details apart from "2 Nice Dresses but not Leather ( I think it is Latex)" and a confirmation when I asked him about it that the dresses are indeed tight.

Born in East LA (?) - HL wrote in to tell me that this film deserves a place on my list. "At the very beginning and end of this movie, there's a sexy woman in a very short tight dress, walking around very seductively. It's a funny movie, too."

Born Yesterday (1950) - very good comedy with Judy Holliday as the owner of the world's most awful Brooklyn accent. She is dressed well, if slightly tartily, by the standards of the time: as well as other clothes I saw a long black sheath dress, very slim and tight, covered in spangles, and a fitted black pencil suit.

Born Yesterday (1993) - a remake of the above film with Melanie Griffith, whom I do not like. However, she does appear in a tight minisuit and a couple of swanky floor-length tight evening dresses in slightly bad taste.

Bound (1996) - a very violent and unpleasant gangland thriller co-starring Jennifer Tilly as china-doll pretty mobster girlfriend Violet who turns out to be not only violent but a thief and a suppressed lesbian as well. In the course of stealing two million dollars and watching her boyfriend bump off innumerable Mafiosi she wears an incredibly tight black Lycra minidress and then for a long period a nicely tight wine-red Lycra minidress, both with the most elaborate hairstyle and makeup you will see outside a 1950 fashion shoot.

Bowfinger (2002) - recommended by cat-loving friend Matty. He says "Film which had a great satin skirt scene in it was bowfinger. In a scene where they are trying to get eddie murphy unwittingly into his film they use an old dame to act bizzarely with him at a restaurant. She's wearing a long, tightish, red satin pencil skirt and there's a great shot of her walking sexily across the road."

The Boyfriend from Hell: another name for The Shrimp on the Barbie

Boy Rents Girl - another name for Can't Buy Me Love.

The Brain that Wouldn't Die (1959) - "Detlef Bendethain" suggested this one. ":Searching for a new body for his girlfriend (only the head is still alive) a doctor meets several women in tight skirts in this science-fiction trash!" An entry on the Internet Movie Database tells us that the central character Jason Evers "goes 'body shopping' -- cruising the streets in his convertible while he ogles numerous shapely women in tight skirts. (In fact, there doesn't seem to be anything BUT tight-skirted women walking the streets in his neighborhood. How curious . . .)"

Breakfast at Tiffany's (1958?) - a famous showpiece for late-Fifties fashion, the styles by Balenciaga, I think - I welcome correction from experts. Contributor David O told me about this film: "In the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's about mid-way there is a scene in which a show girl (not Audrey Hepburn) wears a white "mermaid" gown. You know the type - skin-tight to the knees followed by a big poff to the floor." I certainly did know what he meant about the dress and told him that it's my favourite style of evening gown!

Breaking All the Rules (1984) - "LinePal" tells me that this film stars Carolyn Dunn "in several 80`s style outfits and minis not too tight but not bad also a bungling trio of criminals one is female who wears some killer tight tight spandex outfits and gets into an oil wrestling match sort of in said outfit."

Brenda Starr (1989) - not to be confused with the 1945 black and white cinema serial. According to the reviews I've been able to find this is an absolutely dreadful film, as a film - but Brooke Shields appears as an adventurous post-war reporter who is thrown out of a window wearing a tight maroon suit and evades certain death, goes to work in a lovely tight blue and white Forties style suit, and then manages to escape from ?gangsters, climbing out of a window, down a wall, running through a marketplace, climbing another wall, and finally scrambling over the railing of a spiral staircase, all wearing a tight yellow skirt and managing to keep her make-up and perfume in order at the same time! Then she rewards herself by popping into a dress shop and buying a splendid gauzy New Look suit with a big hat, short tight jacket, and long full skirt...I think I'm in love :-)

Bride of Chuckie (1998) - since this is associated with the Child's Play series of horror movies, don't go to it expecting clever dialogue nd subtly telling characterisation. "Gomez" does, however, tell me that "it has one thing that none of the others did: Jennifer Tilly in a skin-tight rubber dress and other sexy fashions throughout perhaps the first half hour of the film!" He also told me of a link to a promotional page where this dress can be downloaded in a long (6.5MB) video clip: go to this location to try it. I myself cannot face the time it would take to come in, so I can't tell you how good it is.

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (2004) - sequel to the supposedly superior first Bridget Jones film. I didn't like that when I looked at it, so I wouldn't know. I did, however, uncover masses of evidence that in the second film Renée Zellwegger wears fashions worthy of this list's august attention: "a tight dress and an even tighter girdle", "an appallingly tight gold frock", "her trademark tight black skirt", "ill-fitting clothes and a duck walk necessitated by tight formal wear", "a skin tight gold lamé dress", "a too-tight dress", and "a gold gown so long and tight, she can barely walk".

Bring Me the Head of Mavis Davis (UK 1998?) - unsuccessful big-screen comedy financed by the BBC, a TV station that even some Americans have heard of (watch The Glenn Miller Story if you want to know who they are.) I have not seen this film but extracts seemed to indicate an elegant and curvaceous older woman wearing a tightly fitted red suit with a short, waisted jacket and tight knee-length skirt, an outfit of which I am very fond.

Bull Durham (1988) - Susan Sarandon waves goodbye to the baseball team wearing sexy knee-length tight leather skirt. (Danger: blink and you'll miss it! The scene is one where she is seeing them off as they drive away in their coach, but it's only visible for a few seconds, and I have already had one corespondant write to me complaining he couldn't find it in the whole film.)

Bus Stop (1956) - one of Marilyn Monroe's best films, and possibly the best as a film to show her in 1950s clothes, Some Like It Hot being set in the 1920s. Marilyn as down-at-heel "shantoozey" Cherie appears at the rodeo to which her self-appointed fianc&eacu; has dragged her wearing a tight black satin pencil skirt buttoned up one thigh; there's also a close-up of her delectable bottom as, having dropped her lipstick, she digs around for it under the bench.

Cactus Jack (1979) - not at all sure of the date of this film. I know I "watched" once on fast-forward looking for corsets, of which there aren't any. This may have caused me to overlook something worth having: contributor Jerry P tells me that it features "Ann-Margret in v. tight dresses", and in my humble opinion a woman with a good figure cannot look better than in a v. tight dress! Frank G later confirmed this, and assured me that " Ann does indeed wear some nice tight hobble type dresses in this western satire."

Cadillac Man (1990) - Robin Williams works with a woman who wears a very tight green satin suit with a knee-length narrow skirt; later in the film she tries to run in it, with little success.

California Man - another name for Encino Man

Can't Buy Me Love (1987) - also known as Boy Rents Girl, "LinePal" tells me that this film contains "A scene with a white leather skirt and top. Some other leather skirts and pants ,But quickly in movie. short skirts also."

Carman The Champion (2001) - I am listing this film because of a highly disapproving review on the Christian Answers web site, which is not at all what they wanted! Their review is by someone who objects to the film because it isn't Christian on his terms: ""Here are some things I found offensive: CLOSE-UP OF THE WOMAN'S BUTT as she strolled away in a VERY TIGHT dress, also offensive was one scene where the BRA-LESS YOUNG WOMAN ran to get her son (use your imagination), scenes of WOMEN TABLE-DANCING PROVOCATIVELY, remarks by Carman's 'Christian' friend about the young mom being so hot that he could put down his bible for her, a scene where the 'sinner' boxer repeatedly said the name of the product WHOOP A**." It would be unkind of me to make fun of this; you can do it if you like. I know a fine Christian gentleman in California, though, and I don't think he believes Christ has forbidden him to watch films in which women wear tight dresses!

The Carol Burnett Show (?) - contributor David O. told me about this TV series, of which I had never heard. "The character Miss Wiggans played by Carol Burnett on the Coral Burnett Show wore a very tight black knee-length skirt." Any more information?

Caroline in the City (contemporary US TV series) - EG tells me that in the episode 'Caroline and the Ultimatum' there is material worth seeing: "the blackhaired chick with the bad temperment has for some reason squeezed herself into a shiny red (possibly latex) dress, lamenting 'cut this thing offa me!'"

Cash McCall (1959) - Shelagh tells me that in this film "Natalie [Wood] wears very narrow skirts, beautifully tailored, walking in them with great poise."

Cat Ballou (1968?) - comedy Western with Jane Fonda. I have seen this film a long time ago, but evidently missed the costume designer's best work. Contributor "tight denim-skirt" says: "i watched an old movie on tv, called 'cat ballou' (western) where jane fonda was in a scene wearing a tight mermaid dress, turning'n'wiggling her bum in the tight dress."

Catch-22 (1970) - not a worthy adaptation of the book, which is superb, but contains a couple of sexy items which make it worthy of this list. General Dreedle's trouser-wearing nurse in the book becomes in the film a WAC assistant in an ultra-tight uniform with a knee-length skirt showing off an extreme hourglass figure: there are a few very good shots of this. Later on Yossarian's girlfriend Luciana is introduced in a beautiful second-skin blue dress with a belt to emphasise her waist.

Catch Me If You Can (2003) - "caper" film with Leonardo de Caprio and Tom Hanks. The central character, based on a real person, blagged free flights around the world in the 1960s by pretending to be an airline pilot, and as a result the film contains actresses in tight pencil-skirted 1960s air-hostess uniforms.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1957?) - famous Tennessee Williams play filmed starring Elizabeth Taylor among other luminaries of the time. K.R. points it out as a tight skirt film too:

Chained Heat II (1992) - RJS says that this is a film about a prison worth watching. "All of the female inmates wear a prison uniform consisting of a loose shirt above a tight brown mini skirt that is back zipped. Brigitte Nielsen herself is seen wearing very tight suits with knee-length skirts. We also see a woman in a tight black dress."

Charlie's Angels (2000, I think) - daft (by all accounts) blockbuster eye-candy action film. Catfriend Matty told me that it is a " Rubbish film but had a great scene where the lead chinese actress is dressed as a dominatrix and is wearing a really tight designer pencil skirt..nice."

A Chorus of Disapproval (1989) - the hero finds himself beseiged by amorous women in a small town, including one who tries to seduce him with the help of her very tight back-laced mini-dress and five-inch black stilettos.

Christine Cromwell (1989) - US TV series. I saw one episode of this ?detective show, "Only The Good Die Young", in which Jaclyn Smith was seen running about in one of the tightest, sexiest pencil suits ever shown on television - and believe me, I am somewhat of an expert on this! It was a short-lived series with four feature-length episodes and evidently isn't available on video or anything else, but if it turns up on TV near you and that's your kind of thing, look out for it. I'm only sorry it's taken me so many years to identify it: it is because I remembered the episode title and not the title of the series.

Chrome and Hot Leather (1971) - someone who signed my guestbook recommended this film but doesn't state if the skirts in it are tight or not - only that they're leather.

CIA Vengeance (2001) - a review on the essential Internet Movie Database drew this to my attention. "First, a knockout blonde in a too-tight red dress discovers her car is out of gas and calls on a friend--a knockout blonde in a too-tight blue dress--to give her a ride." Don't ask me what that has to do with the CIA. I haven't seen the film, I just liked the look of this description.

Cinderella (UK TV movie 2000) - I thought this programme was damn near perfect, it was so exactly to my taste, but that means that there are a lot of people who wouldn't find it interesting at all. To make it clear: if you are thrilled by the idea of the beautiful Kathleen Turner and two equally lovely young actresses as 1950s belles in excruciatingly glamorous clothes with tight pencil skirts, fitted jackets and tight bodices, high heels, stockings, corsets, long gloves, smart hats, flawless make-up and hair and everything else beyond reproach, then this is something you ought to watch; and if you only like short skirts, then don't bother.

Clue (?) - a correspondent reminds me that in this film, set in the mid Fifties, Lesley-Anne Warren wears a beautiful tight silver-green silk strapless evening dress; also, there is another female character who wears a tight black strapless dress, played by Madelaine Kahn.

Clueless (1995) - no relation to the above. Most of the fashions in this film are things like A-line miniskirts which I detest, but the gorgeous Alicia Silverstone does appear in a couple of tight stretchy party dresses, and at the end there is a wedding where the bride wears a long, tight backless narrow-skirted dress.

Cold Feet (?) - a correspondent says of this film "Sally Kirkland is wearing a spandex dress in almost every scene. I especially liked the white wedding dress at the end."

Cold Heart (2001) - starring Nastassja Kinski; information about this film was sent in by "HF". "Here 'nass' and her perfect ass wear a nice black leather skirt, but before she wears nice under knee black boots and a bit after a nice long black leather coat. You doesn't wonder how nice she looks and you can't imagine the mix of leather with those big and beautiful eyes of nass!"

The Color of Money (1986) - HL says that you should keep an eye on Tom Cruise's girlfriend in this film as "through much of the movie she wears tight leather miniskirts." I have now seen this film myself, and it's quite true. Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, for it is she, is very much the Eighties belle with a great line in mid-calf-length stiletto boots of a kind that just aren't made any more. She tends to wear baggy jeans, but later on takes more and more to tight leather miniskirts, as advertised.

Come Die With Me (1994) - a very poor TV movie thriller in which Pamela Anderson (yes, her) appears as Mike Hammer's sexy blonde assistant. No, she doesn't wear a tight skirt...The film is set in Florida which is basically an excuse to include lots of girls (not including Pam-Ann!) in bikinis, of which there are many gratuitous shots, if you like that sort of thing. For the really dedicated tight skirt lover, about half an hour into the film there's a scene where Mike goes to rent a car, and the woman who shows him to the one he can take out is wearing a very tight black stretchy microskirt: we follow his eyeline panning up from her shoes to her bum.

Come Fly With Me (1963) - not to be confused with Come Die With Me, above. Contributor and friend RJS sent me a scan of a poster advertising this film which he had seen for sale on Ebay. It portrayed a group of early-Sixties air hostesses in tightly tailored suits with knee-length pencil skirts and smart hats and gloves, a look of which I'm very fond. I haven't seen the film itself but if they dress anything like that in it, it deserves a note here.

The Commitments (1991) - the Dublin soul band acquires a backing-group of three pretty girl singers who wear classic Eighties dresses - black Lycra, very short, and very tight.

Cool World (1988?) - "Gomez" tells me that this picture is worth watching for the scenes at the end where cartoon sexpot Holly Would comes out of the animation and is incarnated as Kim Basinger. "She wears a long, slinky & tight white gown for most of the latter part of the film." I have seen this myself and I have to say don't think it that good.

Cop (1988) - Peter says that "The 1988 James Wood Movie 'COP' contains a sequence of Randi Brooks in a very tight short mini. She has a spectacular figure and would enhance your avi selection."

Corrina Corrina (1994) - suggested by Fifties specialist KJB, who has seen it. I haven't, and wouldn't have guessed it was significant from what I was able to find out about it in reference books, but he sent an MPEG he had made showing a nice lady in tight, narrow black saying goodbye to her dinner date and tapping her way off up the street showing why, in Dianne Brill's words, a tight skirt and high heels let a woman who can manage them "rule from behind!"

Countess from Hong Kong (1966) - a film I haven't seen, but "Roger" left a note in my guest book recommending it. He says "Sophia Loren wears a black leather suit in the movie Countess from Hong Kong. There is about a 4 or 5 minute scene with her wearing it. She looks absolutely fabulous. It outlines her glorious figure perfectly." "Glorious figure" - I couldn't have put it better myself!

The Cover Girl and the Cop (1989) - one "Jim" wrote in to recommend this one in detail. He told me quite a lot about it:

To which I commented, it doesn't sound like a realistic quality production, but if you like watching a woman in action in a tight dress, does it matter? I don't think they were trying to go for authenticity!

Coyote Ugly (2000) - I don't know much about this film, but a picture in the film reviews section of my paper shows a pretty leading actress in a tight knee-length tapered skirt, perhaps denim.

Cradle of Fear (2001) - "Steven" told me that "this is a really gory horror film but in that last scene of it this las is adicted to watch people get killed and tortured well in the office he stairs at his girl friends behind and she wears a tight silver silk skirt and the camera zooms on that as well." WARNING: this is a film of which reports on the IMDB say dreadful things. Even a self-proclaimed fan of violent horror films thought it went too far and was badly done. If you choose to chase tight skirts into a film like this, you do it at your own risk.

Crocodile Dundee (1985?) - Linda Somethingorotherowski appears at the end of this film in a very 1980s dress, tight orange Lycra with lots of cut-outs.

Crocodile Dundee II (1988?) - Linda Somethingorotherowski is reported by HL in "a tight black business suit with miniskirt in a couple of scenes."

Crush (New Zealand 1992) - I have never seen this film, but I found a review on the Wellington Film Society web site that suggested it needed to be mentioned here. "In her tight skirt, racy leggings, leather jacket, beret and bright-red hooker lipstick, Lane [Marcia Gay Hayden] is a garish, incongruous sight, wandering through the landscape with no purpose and no understanding."

Cry Baby Killer (1957?) - one of Jack Nicholson's earliest films. This is apparently a routine "program filler" of its time about out-of-control teenagers - that's the time when teenagers really started to be noticed as such - but it earns its place in this list because the female out-of-control teenagers exhibit very in-control figures with the help of tight sweaters and tight long pencil skirts.

Cybill (TV series, mid 1990s) - Juan M.T wrote to remind me of "the three women from the TV comedy show (USA) Cybill (Starring Cybill Shepard). There are two mature women (They're late 40s maybe) and the daughter of Cybill who is about 25. I always wait for the show because the friend of the star Cybill uses to wear a lot of beautiful leather cloths (including tight skirts.) Besides, the other two women wear leather frequently. Once, the youngest one (the daughter) wore a extremely tight shiny dress (She was representing a doll for a children's party)."

Dallas - the Reunion (1998) - TV movie (in two parts, I think.) Zxyxz (what makes me think that's a pseudonym, I wonder?) tells me that this film is worth watching for tight skirt reasons because it "had a predeliction for tight minisuits for it's younger women characters. Many nuances added to this (female extras plaed in corners of the scenes with crossed legs and such) but the real treat here was the young female star (not from the original series) who wore tight, colourful minisuits with above mid thigh hemlines. In frontal views of her sitting crosslegged, it appeared as though there was no skirt at all below her tight business jacket!"

Dancing through the Dark (1992?) - BBC TV play. Much of it is set at a hen night where a bunch of young girls take a bride-to-be out for a last fling: one girl wears an extremely tight spangled dress, and her friend has to force her into it because it's too tight for her to get the zip up by herself.

Danger By My Side (1962) - artist and connoisseur of 1950s styles JB recommended this film. He describes it as "a routine London gangland thriller, but a good one for tight dresses", and sent a painting of actress Sonya Cordeau amazingly voluptuous in a very tight, very low-cut strapless dress.

Dangerous Ground (?) - W.B. recommends this one slightly though it's not evidently a concentrated source of tight skirt material. "Liz [Hurley] wears a coiuple of tight skirts in this - albeit too briefly."

Dangerous Prey (?) - a correspondent says this is "an awesome movie for leather/latex dresses. It's a really dumb movie about a European training camp for female assassins. There's a big lesbian orgy with two or three women in leather dresses, and there's a part near the end where a woman seduces a guard while wearing a short, tight leather dress. It's not a porno either, although it might as well be!"

The Darling Buds of May (UK TV series 1990s) - this rather annoys me, so I gave up on it. However, fellow Fifties fashion fan Marcus told me that one of the third-series episodes, which may be that called "The Happiest Days of our Lives", features a pre-superstar Catherine Zeta Jones in her first big rôle filling some splendid Fifties finery: "Catherine Zeta Jones in a lovely smart pencil skirt suit, in her TV debut role in the Buds of May series. Lovely looker in those days."

Day of the Warrior (1996) - Minirocker gave me a splendidly detailed account of this, complete with a set of stills which made it amply clear that it deserved a link. He says "Although it´s a very dumb and silly and low budget action thriller (for the video shelf) with some erotic scenes, it´s really worth watching because there are great and long scenes with women wearing hot and tight miniskirts (and for those who like the big breasted - it´s all in that one)." The stills included a tight ?PVC minidress with pierced details at the neckline, a tight high-necked shiny gold metallic minidress, and an ultra-tight suit in a very smart combination of short pink jacket and black miniskirt. One picture had a close-up from behind of this suit - starting at the actress' waist and ending at her knees - which is hardly subtle, but for those who want to look at a nice behind in a tight miniskirt, it's worth seeing.

Dead Husbands (?) - John F. told me about this film "with John Ritter and Nicolette Sheridan. The movie is a half baked black comedy but well worth watching for Ms Sheridan who wears a number of incredibly tight skirt suits, [that's my favourite! - Webmaster's note] including a powder blue number (We have a long shot of her walking down a corridor from behind) and a short, tight black leather (yum) number at the end"

Deadly Family Secrets (1995) - Loni Anderson, an actress with lovely eyes who had not come to my attention before, is credited as a "career woman" but staying with her sister doesn't dress up in the suits you might expect: instead she wears tight jeans, and at least one tight denim skirt. Her sister also wears tight cotton miniskirts, for that matter. The film itself seems to be pretty silly, but that could be said about a lot of stuff on this page. This isn't the Variety Movie Guide, you know.

The Dead Pool (1988) - fifth, last and (according to Halliwell's Film Guide) worst of the Dirty Harry films. One of Clint Eastwood's foils is Patricia Clarkson, a smartly dressed journalist, who shows off the best of the styles of the time: either loose silky blouses or snug sweaters, teamed with shapely pencil skirts to mid-thigh or just below the knee. There is also a short scene of a heavy metal star's "rock slut" girlfriend rushing about in a very tight Lycra microdress.

Death Feud (1989) - HdS tells me that this is a film worth looking at: "This straight-to-video production features a very sweet brunette in a turquoise leather mini dress with a lace-up back, and she's in it for probably the first third of the movie."

Delirio de Muerte (?) - "Timmer" told me about this one in a message he left on the guestbook. He tells me it is "a movie that i caught on cable with at least one good shot of a leather skirt and a shot of leather pants I didnt watch the whole movie because it was so late the title is Delirio de Muerte I dont speak Spanish but it seemed to me the lead character loves leather"

Delivering Milo (2000) - SP told me about this one. "About half way through the ultimate blonde bimbo secretary arrives, and with one of the lead characters goes to Atlantic City. She has a great curvy body and is in an absolutely skin tight blue suit, and the shot of her walking through the casino is truly stunning. Its worth renting the movie just for her, but the rest of the movie is terrible."

Delta House (?) - US TV series. I've never seen this, but my TV listings magazine says that it gave Michelle Pfeiffer her first big break in her role as Bombshell, for which she wore "a padded bra and a skintight red dress". Can anyone give me further information?

Desert Blooms (1986) - WARNING!-an intensely depressing film. Ellen Barkin as a Fifties sexpot who believes beauty is only skin tight teaches her frumpy adolescent niece to make the most of herself, including outfitting her in a pencil skirt which gets some attention in the classroom.

Designing Woman (1957) - two people have drawn my attention to this film, which apparently stars Lauren Bacall and Dolores Gray. I haven't seen it myself, but I gather it's about a lady fashion designer, and video clips supplied by one reader and an artist's impression supplied by another have shown me that Miss Gray wears a simply superb "mermaid" style dress tight to the calves and then flaring out with a huge net flounce - in which, it seems, she does a dance.

Devil in a Blue Dress (1994?) - CH says that this film starring Jennifer Beals is worth a look. "The lovely Ms. Beals is fully attired to the nine in forties finery-tight suits, ankle-strap heels, seamed stockings, the works. Some nice stocking top scenes."

Devil's Food (1996) - TV movie starring Suzanne Somers as an attractive thirtyish news "anchor" tormented by her inability to turn her normal figure into a fashionably slim one. At the start of the film a lot of her suits are too tight; after she enters a pact with the Devil to lose weight (yes, really) she celebrates her new slimness by choosing suits that are tailored even tighter.

Devils of Darkness (1965) - WJB gave me detailed information about this film:

Diabolique (1994?) - Gianvittorio recommended this film to me. "Do you know the film called Diabolique with Sharon Stone? In this film she wear some nice tight skirts." I have seen a publicity picture from it with Ms. Stone in a very tight yellow suit. "Cool and Deadly" later said that when he saw it "I thought of you [i.e., me] coz Ms Stone's skirts were NOT at all short, but were very tight." I have now seen some of this film myself and can confirm that - perhaps in honour of this being a remake of a 1954 French film - Ms Stone wears very Fifties clothes: a tight black sheath dress, three gorgeous and sexy skin-tight suits, and also (technically off-topic for this page) some tight Capri pants.

Doctor At Sea (1955) - part of a very long-running British comedy sequence (a TV series based on it continued into the 1970s.) This film apparently co-stars Brigitte Bardot and to judge from some video captures sent by fellow Fifties fashion lover Mr J van H, she wears some impressive "mermaid" style evening gowns with tight strapless bodices and long gloves too.

Dr Jekyll and Ms. Hyde (1990?) - MB recommends this one because Sean Young has a green leather dress which on cross-questioning he confirmed was tight and had a short skirt.

Dr T and the Women (2000) - Frank G. had some very nice things to say about this film:

The Dollars Arrive (1957) - Italian film, of which I have few details but some video clips supplied by Gianvittorio. One shows a dark-haired beauty wearing a classic tight-fitted Fifties suit, walking with her boyfriend in the woods; another a woman in a long, tight silk dress vigorously dancing the cha-cha-cha, which has to be seen to be believed!

Do Not Disturb (1965) - KJB suggested this one, by means of a lovely film clip from it that he sent me. It shows a beautiful actress of the time in an amazingly tight sparkling floor-length strapless evening gown bending over her boyfriend as he sits at a restaurant table: he drops the keys to his hotel room into her ample cleavage. I can't stand the "youthquake"/Mary Quant type of Sixties fashion and it's nice for one such as myself to see true elegance and glamour was still valued as late as that.

Don't Knock the Rock (1956) - an early rock&roll film which DC says is worth a look for the original Fifties costumes: he says it contains "some great shots of teen girls in tight skirts and sexy one-piece swim suits."

Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead (1991) - Mom appears only briefly at the start, wearing a cute suit with fitted pink jacket and tight black knee-length skirt. Later in the film Christina Applegate goes to work for a boss who likes to wear suits with tight skirts.

Don't Try This At Home (UK TV series, contemporary) - I have never watched this, but CL recommends it. "Davina McCall...regularly wears long tight skirts when on this show."

Double Impact (?) - HL tells me that this is "A martial arts movie with Jean Claude Van Damme. There's a scene in a bar in Hong Kong with a beautiful blond wearing a tight business suit with a short skirt."

Down in the Delta (?) - "ACDN" recommends this film "with Alfree Woodard (I didn't know her body was so nice). She had on a brown tight mini in the first part of the movie. She goes on an interview with what seems to be a red leather outfit (which she wears twice) and towards the end she has on a black leather mini. It was pretty nice to me!"

Dracula's Widow (?) - AT tells me that this is "Another movie I can highly recommend for tight-fitting skirt-suits and good close-up shots of nyloned legs - PLUS stocking tops."

Dying Young (1991) - early in the story Julia Roberts goes to apply for a job as companion to a dying man wearing a tight miniskirt suit and high heels. There are so many shots of this that Variety observed that Julia's "legs seem to play the lead role in the first act."

Earth Girls Are Easy (1987?) - "Gomez" thinks that this film contains a nightclub scene with "a few brief shots of a girl in a very nice, very tight, red rubber dress." I don't remember that, but I do remember close-ups of a girl's feet as she dances in five-inch stilettos, so it's worth a try.

Easy To Love (1951) - one of Esther Williams' watery confections. Early in the film she is carried into her manager's office by attendants dressed as a mermaid with a "tail" of more than skin-tight gold silk.

Ed Wood (1994) - an excellent, very funny, and true film about the man reputed to be Hollywood's worst ever director. The segments of the film dealing with the production of Plan 9 from Outer Space show Lisa Marie as Gothic icon "Vampira" wearing her standard costume of ankle-length skin-tight black dress and trimly belted, fiercely corseted waist!

Encino Man (?) - recommended by one of my longest-standing contributors, SMcG. He says "there are a few shots of high school girls is tight skirts in this comedy about a prehistoric man thawed back to life in the main character's garage. Most noteably the group find themselves in a fairly seedy bar in the middle of the day and there is an unknown woman sitting on a ledge wearing a tight spandex/lycra minidress that is a sparkly dark grey. Irresistable!" Also known as California Man in Britain.

Erin Brockovich - based on a true story, this film was new in early 2000. I haven't seen it myself - Julia Roberts in general makes me want to puke - but I was interested to hear that she went "out of character" relative to her usual girliness with short, tight outfits in her starring role. Contributor DJC told me that I ought to list the film and sent a picture of Julia in a tight miniskirt from the official website to prove it.

Exclusive (1994?) - Suzanne Somers and another woman as stylish journalists work in sexy tightly fitted business suits.

eXistenZ (1999) - strange horror/SF/thriller by David Cronenberg. It earns its place here because Jennifer Jason Leigh looks wonderful in a very smart heavy grey silk tight mid-thigh-length skirt. I saw this myself; someone else also suggested it but I'm afraid his message got lost in a system crash so I can't credit him fully.

Exit in Red (?) - "Ice Holli" says this film "stars Mickey Rourke, Annabel Schofield and Carre Otis. I'm not sure of the girl's name where she was wearing this tight red dress while sharing an intimate moment with Mickey Rourke." WB adds that "There are two actresses in it - Annabel Schofield and Carre Otis. In one scene is a tight shiny pink dress (lycra?) which the actress (from a distance) is seen getting out of her car and pulling it down. Initially it is covered by her jacket but the dress is seen by itself later in the movie. Later is featured a tight red knee-length (vinyl?) skirt and top."

Eve of Destruction (?) - HL tells me that in this film "A pretty blond actress (who's name escapes me) has a double role as a sexy killer robot, and the scientist who creates it. The movie is violent and depressing, but the robot wears tight leather microskirts while blowing people away." Weird...:-) DWM, my resident expert on leather, says "the female lead doesn't run around in a leather miniskirt. I would have remembered that. She wears a red leather jacket but I think her skirt is black spandex or something." "Juncrow" has since protested that as the skirt in question is mid-thigh-length it doesn't deserve to be called a "microskirt", and that it is actually a dress. If any more authorities wish to comment, I'm welcome to add your voices to the confusion! :-)

The Fabulous Baker Boys (1990?) - worth watching in the first place because Michelle Pfeiffer acts her stilettos off, showing that she really is "not just a pretty face." I was too impressed with her performance the one time I saw this film to notice the costumes that much, but HL tells me that she has some sexy outfits as well: "She wore a short tight dress at her audition. Later, when she showed up for her first performance she wore a hideous looking, long, multicolored outfit, but the Boys took her shopping and bought her a sexy short tight black dress." "Matt" who runs a page dedicated to this film has shown me some stills which confirm the story of the tight skirts no end. On his Fabulous Baker Boys website you can find out all the information you might conceivably want about the film, including that one of Michelle Pfeiffer's tight miniskirts was auctioned for charity - and there's a picture of it in a frame with certificates of authenticity!

The Facts of Life (US TV series 1979-85) - I learned about this when a search I was doing turned up a character guide to the series more or less by accident. I recommend it here because of the description of Tootie Ramsey, played by Kim Fields: "She was cute with those roller skates and flashy one liners, but puberty was quite unkind to Tootie. Her breasts didn't just develop, they hatched into dinosaur sized melons. So had her booty that she insisted on squeezing into too-tight jeans and ridiculous second skin skirts." There is nothing ridiculous about a curvy woman in a tight skirt, in my opinion!

Fair Game (?) - a correspondent tells me that "Cindy Crawford as a lawyer in fair game wheres very nice short skirts around the office". I have seen this film myself. As a film it's daft - though La Crawford does have a dear cat in her expensive flat - but it's true that she wears a smart, rather tight, short-skirted suit for her high-powered job of whatever kind, and subsequently for much of the fore part of the film. After her flat is blown up, though, we just get loose jeans.

Fatal Instinct (1993) - the webmaster of the Opera Gloves page told me about this skit on Basic Instinct and Fatal Attraction, which I haven't seen myself. He tells me that "[Sean] Young spends almost the entire film in several different pairs of long gloves and as many different snug dresses and gowns." Having now seen it myself I can add that Sean Young does wear a series of glamorous, sexy dresses with tight skirts and tight low-cut bodices, and Kate Nelligan as the hero's wife also wears some tight business suits with very narrow knee-length skirts.

Fatal Obsession (1992) - WB recommends this film on the grounds that "Mimi Rogers wears a lovely tight black leather dress in this movie as a prostitute. Medium level sex scenes."

The Favor (1995?) - WB (not the same one as above) was surprised I hadn't already listed this film. "This was a chick movie made in the mid-90s with Brad Pitt in it. I don't know too much about the rest of the movie, but the first few minutes feature Harley Jane Kozack in a dream sequence where she is walking down the street in a tight red leather skirt, jacket, and high heels. This is one of the sexiest things I've seen on film. If you haven't seen this scene, it's worth checking out."

La Femme Nikita (TV series) - according to contributor GTB, this programme has "Peta Wilson in some TIGHT skirts."

Fierce Creatures (UK 1997) - sort-of sequel to A Fish Called Wanda (q.v.). I have only seen the end of this film but I did notice Jamie Lee Curtis in a pretty silky purple blouse and a very tight miniskirt. Later, seeing earlier sections, I saw Ms Curtis in several other tight-skirted business suits of the kind more typical of Eighties fashion than ten years later. This is not a criticism!

The Fifth Element (France 1999) - spectacular SF adventure, in whose plot I can pick holes, but that's not what this page is about. The reason it gets the link is that in the sequence dealing with travel by luxury space liner it emerges that the casting director has followed the tradition of having the enquiries desk and the cabin crew staffed by very pretty girls, and the "space hostess" uniform involves a bare midriff and a very tight blue miniskirt.

Fifty-Fifty (1984) - contributor Gianvittorio tells me that this is a TV series in which Loni Anderson and Linda "Wonder Woman" Carter wore "a lot of tight suit". I haven't seen it myself but I have seen Loni Anderson in tight skirts and jeans and I'm sure she was worth a look at least! The webmaster of the Opera Gloves page tells me that in America the series was known as Partners in Crime.

Fighting For My Daughter (TVM 1994) - Lindsay Wagner and friend, disguised as streetwalkers, wander about in tight leather miniskirts; Renée Humphrey, as the real thing, looks pretty sensational in tight stretchy microdresses.

Final Analysis (1992) - Variety's review says that Kim Basinger's wardrobe in this film is "stunning", and when I saw a bit of it myself I noted down seeing "Kim B in ultra-tight strained grey suit" up to about half an hour into the film. Years later, seeing a video of it someone kindly made for me, I found it wasn't that good.

A Fine Madness (1964) "Hal" sent a long note about this:

Fire Birds - this is the original (American) name for the film here indexed as Wings of the Apache.

The First Wives' Club (1996?) - "ACDN"recommends this film. "Goldie Hawn wears a couple of nice leather outfits as well (if I'm not mistaken) a nice tight black leather skirt with Jacket." Confirmed by observation of Webmaster: Goldie Hawn (not a woman I like, I have to say) is twice seen wearing a tight black leather minisuit, plus briefly in the same outfit earlier in the film; she also appears in a very chic funeral suit with a knee-length pencil skirt and big hat, and there is also a sexy psychoanalyst splendidly well dressed in her satin blouse and fairly tight grey wool skirt. Also some tight trousers, and some fairly tight jeans. Not a bad film either, for that matter, though I don't care for Ms. Hawn and don't much like Diane Keaton either.

A Fish Called Wanda (UK 1990?) - a correspondent says that in this film "Jamie Lee Curtis at the beginning wears a real, real short and tight black leather skirt".

Flashdance (1983) - a correspondent says "The dance scenes with Marine Jahan doubling for Jennifer Beals are sexy. Also there's a scene in which Beals dressed in a black, knee-length leather skirt tries to seduce her boss by slidiing the skirt up real high as she sits down. There's also a scene in which the main character's sister -- a cute blond figure skater is wearing a leather jacket with a very short, tight skirt and high heels."

The Flesh Eaters (1964) - DC tells me that this picture is a good source of historically classic tight skirts. "The female lead was an attractive blond with a marvelous, shapely, really big ass, and she either pranced around in a very tight skirt or in a flattering two-piece swimsuit."

Flight To Hong Kong (1956) - fellow Fifties fashion lover Mr J van H sent me some video clips from this film showing a lovely actress to whom he could not put a name in a "mermaid" dress with a tight bodice and skirt tight to the knee, then flaring out ina lovely flounce - my favourite style!

The Flintstones (1994) - "LinePal" says that "I guess thse were the first leather skirts and dresses designed(ughhhhh!!!) Wilma and Betty dressed in throughout the movie."

The Fly (late version: 1990?) - a correspondent tells me that "Geena Davis is seen early in the film wearing a dark green leather suit". This has independent confirmation from another source.

Ford Fairlane (1990) - also known as The Adventures of Ford Fairlane. "LinePal" tells me that in this film "the bubbly blond co-star wears a latex skirt throughout most of the film plus some scenes with a leatherised female rock band. Fairlanes secratery has a nics skirt too."

Formula for Death (1995) - thriller starring Nicolette Sheridan as the beautiful, dedicated, brilliant, controversial epidemiologist. In one scene of a party she wears a classic, simple, beautifully tight black sheath dress.

Fort Apache, the Bronx (1980) - MJC recommends this film and gave a great deal of detail about it:

Four Rooms (?) - "Gomez" tells me that the last segment of this film is about four witches, one of whom is "Madonna, who shows up in a beautiful sausage-skin-tight black rubber sheath dress".

Frankie and Johnnie (1995?) - OK tells me that in this film "there's a very brief scene with a black l[eather] s[kirt]." He adds that it isn't Michelle Pfeiffer who wears it.

Frantic (1988) - Emmanuelle Seigneur spends the middle third of the film looking very foxy in a black leather dress with a very tight skirt.

Frat Fright (1998) - after a long period being a "mystery" film at the top of this page KAG has finally identified it. "The movie is about some fraternity students putting together the worst scare for the new pledges on "hell night". The plan is for the 2 pledges to go to an insane asylum. to take a picture of this demonic killer. He gets released and starts killing of the frat members back at the frat house. The girl in the leather skirt isn't even a main character. She is just seen briefly for about 30 seconds as a foreign exchange student convincing one of the other frat guys to "try something new" as far as sex. She then gets killed off moments later. :("

Freeway (1996). DWM tells me: "Freeway is a modern retelling of 'Little Red Riding Hood,' and at the end the cute female lead wears a little red leather mini that zips at the side. There's about twenty minutes worth of this skirt. Also look for Amanda Plummer looking trashy at the beginning of the movie in a tight black leather skirt."

The Freshman (1988) - Gianvittorio sent me a sequence from this on a video, showing Penelope Ann Miller being hurried along a corridor by Matthew Broderick: she is wearing a black top and a tight knee-length back-zipped leather skirt.

Friend of the Family 3(?) - DWM gives quite a lot of details about this film "featuring a woman in a sexy fake leather outfit. The female lead at one point has dressed herself as a prostitute as part of a sexual game that she's playing with an underenthusiastic fellow that she repeatedly gets into trouble. She had a tight skirt that disappointingly zipped at the side. She also wore a trashy looking vinyl jacket that buttoned up. She had a bra and panties on. This shouldn't have been; what kind of woman wears a fake leather miniskirt and jacket and then defeats the purpose of such things by having underclothes? What kind of prostitute wears panties on a sunny day? But I digress. She also wore a pair of sexy vinyl boots that came up to her knees."

The Frighteners (1996) - rather good comedy/horror/adventure/fantasy starring Michael J Fox, who I don't usually like but by who making himself a dislikable character actually makes his character more likable! But this is nothing to do with him. I was particularly struck by Elizabeth Hawthorne as the editor of the local paper, Magda Rhys-Davies if I remember rightly. She illustrates one of my favourite hobby horses as regards ladies' fashion: that with the help of a tightly tailored suit cut in the right way, a woman can dress to say both "I am serious, I am professional, I know what I'm doing" and "I am a woman, I am womanly, I want you to realise that I am feminine and attractive". Feminine and important need not be incompatible, ladies! Take a look at Ms. Hawthorne's sharp-shouldered, waist-nipped, tight-skirted, knee-length, incomparably smart suits and her immensely sophisticated bob for a good example of how one outfit can make both statements for the same person. Alternatively talk to Anna.

From Beyond (1986) - KAG recommends this film. "Pretty cool 80's movie, with some good special effects. One of the main characters in this movie - a very attractive female doctor, while researching the strange going ons at this "haunted house" becomes overwhelmed by her hormones (caused by a creature).She opens a cabinet to find a leather dominatrix outfit she puts on and tries to seduce on of the other main characters. She then come to her senses and covers most of the outfit with a robe. Still at least a good 5minutes worth though. If anything the movie is worth watching for the special effects."

From Russia with Love (1964?) - one of the first James Bond films, if not the first. Film critic "MJC" comments:

Full Exposure - The Sex Tape Scandal (?) - a correspondent tells me that this is "A TV film made all about life of high class call-girls. It's star Lisa Hartman, and she wears a WOW of a leather mini skirt." DWM later studied it and gives a more detailed account: "Lisa Hartman plays a cop who has to go undercover as a prostitute. This is where her wardrobe gets interesting. As you might expect, she wears short, tight skirts, one of which happens to be made from my favorite material. Her back-zipped leather skirt doesn't appear until an hour into the movie but she wears in a couple of scenes for a total of about ten minutes. The movie was made in the Eighties and the fashions reflect the best parts of that period nicely: plenty of tightly-skirted suits and leather. Vanessa Willams also appears in a high-waisted purple leather skirt for a brief but memorable moment at the beginning of the movie."

Funny Face (1956?) - fellow Fifties lover KJB reminded me of this one. It dates in fact from the time when the New Look styles that I adore were being replaced, and a contrast is made between Audrey Hepburn as the new, simple (and funny) face of fashion on one hand and the austerely beautiful, very artificial professional models on the other. For me the "old style" models are the business, and particularly relevant to this page is a photo shoot in the bookshop where Audrey works featuring a gorgeous model in an incredibly tight black sheath dress. When she moves away afterwards we are able to see that her stylists have used the classic 1950s modelling trick of pegging her tight dress down the back to make it even tighter for the photograph.

Funny Girl (1968) someone or some people calling himself/herself/themselves "the Adams family", and using an email address which didn't work, suggested this film. He says "when the Ziegfeld Girls arrive by train at Grand Central, watch for the black-haired girl in the gold-coloured hobble skirt calling out "I am coming" to her friends."

Genevieve (1953 UK) - a light romantic comedy which was enormously successful in its time. When I was a little boy I liked it because of the old cars; now I like it because the beautiful Kay Kendall appears as a glamorous model who has to accompany her self-centred boyfriend on a cross-country ride in an unreliable open-topped 1900s car. She looks wonderful in a classic Fifties pencil suit, but is made to scramble around in mud wearing it. When I was little I thought this funny; now I think it next door to sacrilege that my favourite fashions should be treated in this way!

The Getaway (1994) - crime drama starring Kim Basinger, among others. There is a sequence in which she goes to see a criminal mastermind wearing a smart white blouse and a sexy tight leather skirt, but though she looks fabulous she is clearly seen on screen for only a short time full length.

Get Carter (1971): John F sends the following information:

Ghostbusters (1984) - another film I've seen several times but never noticed as a source of tight skirts. Tobias, however, tells me that it's worth a look for the skirt lover: "Annie Potts wears a short leather mini in a scene." Don't get on my back, DWM, if you don't think this sequence is long enough to be worth mentioning.

Gia (?) - DWM tells me this film is worth a look. It is "a movie about the eighties model of the same name. She does indeed wear the tight latex dress that she wears on the cover of the movie. The scene is only a couple of minutes long, but Angelina Jolie in a latex dress... it's worth it!"

Gilligan's Island (late Sixties) - famous American TV series (though not being an American I've never seen it myself) which evidently contained an interesting character. "Steven" tells me: "The character Ginger was played by Tina Louise. Good full body shots or lower body rear views of Ginger are rare on the show, but there are glimpses. Ginger had it all, a fantastic body that looked fabulous in her tight dresses, especially her gorgeous butt! Too bad there weren't more views of it in the show though." MS agrees: "Ginger was a movie star, always in some sort of sexy outfit...Though predictable, it's worth watching for the scenes with Ginger."

Gimme A Break (US TV series, mid-Eighties) - the third series introduced a beautiful young black woman called Abbie. In a show that may or may not be called "The Spirit of Christmas" Abbie tries to seduce a visiting man by squeezing herself into an unfeasibly tight gold lamé evening gown with a corset-like strapless bodice and a floor-length hobbling skirt in which she can hardly walk and finds it almost impossible to sit down. There is a long sequence of this which I have on a tape sent by Gianvittorio.

The Girl Can't Help It (1956) - Jayne Mansfield, owner of the most over-the-top bustline until Pamela Anderson came along, in various Fifties outfits, most with wasp waists and some with ultra-tight long skirts.

Girls Just Want To Have Fun (1985) - KAG recommends this movie. "There is a scene where Sarah Jessica Parker and Helen Hunt are on a bus going home from school and Helen Hunt changes into a short black leather skirt. She is in it for about 10 minutes of the movie."

The Glenn Miller Story (1953)- though set in the Thirties and Forties, most of the clothes belong to when the film was made in the Fifties. "Moonlight Serenade" is sung by a woman in an unreasonably sexy dress with a strapless corseted bodice and a floor-length ultra-tight skirt ending in a huge net flounce to bring out every wiggle.

Glitter (2002) - Mariah Carey's ill-fated venture into film stardom. Still, she is a lovely girl with a magnificently generous figure, so unlike the starved stars of today, that her decision to wear what a couple of reviews I found on the Internet called "a too-tight mermaid dress" has to be applauded and recognised here!

Goldeneye (1997?) - a James Bond film, which traditionally have sexy ladies to assist Our Hero and sometimes have a sexy villainess to hinder him. In this film the latter role is played by model Famke Janssen, and there is a scene where in an immaculately tailored skin-tight black suit she exudes knife-sharp, diamond-hard glamour to perfection!

GoodFellas (1990) - a reader tells me that "Lorraine Bracco plays a mafia wife who near the end of the movie wears a nice tight leather outfit." My leather specialist DWM watched this film and elaborates: "the description on the films page hardly does it justice. The woman in the scene is wearing a short black leather jacket and a tight knee-length matching skirt. She has a pink sweater on underneath the jacket. She has this outfit on for about five minutes or so and we get to see it from several angles, including the most favored - rear view. In the last few moments of this excellent sequence, we see her back-zipped skirt stretched tightly across her beautiful bottom as she runs up a set of stairs."

Go To Blazes (1961)- UK comedy film. Chantal, assistant to a fashion designer, wears simple and sexy outfits: a plain tight dress, or a tight brown wool pencil skirt showing off a firmly girdled figure, and in one scene an elaborate and very tight evening dress in which she says she won't be able to sit down.

Grease 2 (1982) - set in 1961, a lot of the girls (including a very young Michelle Pfeiffer) wear snug knee-length skirts as part of their period costume.

The Grifters (1990)- Anjelica Huston in various suits with very tight skirts; Annette Bening in even tighter skirts and higher heels.

The Grimleys (UK TV series, third series 2001) - having reached 1978 by the third series, Amanda Holden as the pretty teacher Miss Titley models the sexiest styles of the time, including a fetching tight leather miniskirt and knee boots.

Guest House Paradiso (1999) - a pretty terrible film by Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson, not up to the standards of their wild sitcom Bottom on which it was based. Its one redeeming feature is Hélène Mahieu as Italian film star Gina Carbonara, who is beautiful, elegant, and lives in glamorous tight-skirted knee-length sheath dresses of the kind fashionable in around 1960.

A Guide for the Married Man (1967) - this comes rather late in time for good fashions, but contributor "KJB" showed me some video clips and one AVI file which let me see that 1967 doesn't necessarily mean dull types of miniskirt. Sue Ann Langdon appears (1) in close up from behind followed wearing a tight green back-zipped plaid miniskirt, and (2) dancing with someone wearing a very fancy, pretty, sexy, tight white evening gown!

Gypsy (1960?) - film biography of the singer and stripper Gypsy Rose Lee. I can't remember the name of the actress who appears in it, but "Ms. Cherie" put its place in this list beyond doubt by sending a series of video captures from it showing her in a long tight lace dress as well as some other nice costumes beyond the scope of this essay.

Hammer (late 1980s?) - US TV series. Mark tells me that "Hammer's trusty female sidekick, another cop, wore very tight skirts. Not just occasionally -- a skin-tight miniskirt and high-heels was her normal mode of dress in nearly every episode. You could see her run, jump, climb, fight, get tied up, etc., all in a short, tight skirt."

The Hand that Rocks the Cradle (1992) - the beautiful Becky De Mornay stars, but wears uninteresting clothes. However, her employer has a friend called Marilyn, played by Julianne Moore, who wears a nice black suit with a tight miniskirt.

Hangin' with Mr Cooper - US comedy series. Resident sexpot Vanessa has a wonderful figure, and wants us to know it; so she chooses skirts and dresses that show it off...

Hanging Up (2001?) - "Webspin" suggested this one. "To recommend a good movie featuring some great shots of an attractive lady in a tight skirt suit, I will draw your attention to Diane Keaton's latest video release, Hanging Up, in which she wears some fantastic dark skirt suits with some luscious leggy shots! I especially like the part where she is sitting in the hospital, crossing her legs and swinging them, so sensually, to and fro! Her black suit here is fantastic, and the way that tight skirt rides up over her beautiful knees....Heaven!"

Hard to Kill (1990) - HL tells me this film is worth watching for skirt-lovers. "A martial arts movie with Steven Seagal. There's a scene with Kelly Le Brock (who was Seagal's wife at the time) trying to seduce him while wearing a very short tight black dress." "Cool and Deadly" later commented "Kelly Le Brock, wearing a very short, tight black minidress, bare legs, seduces Steven Seagal as he works out in his martial arts training room/gym. Unfortunately, miraculously and annoyingly, we only get a long-shot of the said dress."

Harlow (1965) - MvdZ told me about this one. "Actress Carroll Baker wore lots of satin dresses and nightgowns. But what might be interesting to you is that in a certain scene she wore an extremely tight (satin) evening dress, in which she danced very seductively for about a minute. Great scene! And besides that there were lots of tight (New Look) skirts to be seen throughout the whole film. In the sixties they were not so very keen on the specific scenery for a certain time era."

Harper (1966): John F sends the following information:

Having Wonderful Crime (1945) - I have never seen this film, and nor has anyone else I know, but it gets its listing here because the superb Internet Movie Database lists a quotation from it where the heroine says "Not so fast, my skirt's too tight!"

The Haunting (1999) - silly, IMHO, remake of a well-known film from 1963. In this version Catherine Zeta-Jones plays a beautiful, voluptuous, rather slutty bisexual who likes to wear sexy clothes. She has a wonderful outfit of a short, fitted, nip-waisted black leather jacket over a very tight black miniskirt and black knee boots.

Heartbreakers (2001) - film with Sigourney Weaver, who is always worth watching. ES says that it is "a definite must see for the tightskirt fan. J Love spends almost the entire movie in short tight mini dresses and spike heels. (my favorite look-my favorite actress) Siggy wears quite a few tight dresses as well."

Heart of Midnight (?) - "Gomez" says that near the end of the film Jennifer Jason Leigh is put into a very tight dress; he isn't sure if it is rubber or "coated spandex".

Heathers (1989) - a very funny, very black comedy. Mostly the "Heathers" and their trainee Winona Ryder wear "preppy" outfits with short pleated skirts, etc., but there are also a couple of very tight Lycra minidresses, one worn inappropriately at a funeral!

Heavenly Kid (?) - Todd, a lover of tight black leather skirts, tells me that this film has "has a young women wearing one".

The Heist (1989) - "LinePal" tells me that this is a "HBO film staring Pierce Brosnan and Wendy Hughes who is seen wearing several tight outfits especially a beautiful black LEATHER MINI skirt and crop coat."

Here Come The Girls (1953) - a musical comedy set in about 1902, with dresses in the tiny-waisted, hip-hugging style of the period (see the History page).

Hexed (1993) - HL reports this is "Not a very memorable movie. In fact, about the only thing I remember is that it's about an attractive model who wears extremely short tight skirts. In one scene she's bending over looking out a window, and her short tight skirt keeps riding up, exposing her knickers, and she is constantly pulling it back down." "Juncrow" has since told me that the lady with the troublesome skirt is one Claudia Christian.

Hey Let's Twist (1961) - just like the lambada movies of thirty years later, a film designed as a cash-in on a new dance craze so that the young people will rush to watch it. KJB has seen this film and reports that it shows "some actual filmed dance scenes"; he doesn't specify that they contain tight skirts, but he knows my taste well enough not to waste my time with it if it didn't.
[Webmaster's note: For a contemporary observer's account of the interaction between pencil-skirted girls and the Twist craze, you can read AB's account of it.]

The Hidden (?) - former featured model Amy's husband recommends this film. "This movie had a great scene of a stripper in a night club wearing a short plastic yellow mini skirt, and then a tight short red dress. Both outfits were worn in one part of the movie that lasted about 15 minutes." He warns, though, that she is shot to smithereens not too long afterwards. A contributor who doesn't want to be credited tells me that "the girl in The Hidden is Claudia Christian, known for playing Ivanova on the sci-fi series Babylon 5."

Homesick for Saint Paul (1963, German) - "Detlef Bendethain" recommends this film. "To make this bad stuff tolerable at all for a wider public (for me) the producer had the idea to let Jayne Mansfield sing as well. Her figure is amazing to behold in a white thight [sic] evening dress. Absolutely a must to see once in a lifetime!"

Honeymoon in Vegas (1992) - Sarah Jessica Parker, who suffers from incurable cutehoneyitis, appears early in the film wearing a tight stretchy minidress with a back zip, and later on in a long tight white stretchy dress in which she runs down several flights of stairs. By the way, in my opinion it's worth watching this film just to see that magnificent skydiving team The Flying Elvises as the end: "brave Elvises of the sky..."

Hot Child in the City (1987) - KAG recommends this film for tight skirt watchers. "The main character of the movie, desperately trying to find her sister's murder, takes on her type of lifestyle to track them down. She is totally opposite of her sister because she is the shy quiet type, but she decides to slip into one of her sister's outfits. A short black leather dress. She wears this for at least 15 minutes towards the end of the movie."

Hot Shots! Part Deux (1993) - a correspondent says that this film is worth putting on the list because of "the actress that only appears in the beginning, briefly in the middle and near the end of the movie. I didn't get her name though. [She's called Brenda Bakke - Webmaster's note.] She's wearing a sexy suit, but that is only very brief. The part that got my attention was the next scene, which was pretty long and got some clear shots of her wearing a tight sand skirt.that is of above-knee length. The back zip is also shown."

Houseboat (1958) - suggested by "Wilco", an admirer of Sophia Loren. "Due to her georgeous curves nearly every movie she´s in shows her in tight skirts, but I remind especially of Houseboat (USA 1958), where she´s serving dinner in a kind of golden (?) dress and receiving a smack on her plump rear from a guest whilst bending over the table. There are some more scenes with her in tight skirts."

How to Marry a Millionaire (1954?) - I've seen this film myself; "Shelagh" reminded me of it. Various tight skirts and dresses according to the fashions of the period, worn by Marilyn Monroe among others; in one scene Betty Grable poses fetching before a three-way mirror in a stunning pink strapless evening dress, very tight and with a floor-length pencil skirt.

The Human Duplicators (1965) - apparently a very lame horror/science fiction film. It gets its place here because on a message board someone was kind enough to post some sumptuous screen captures of it, showing an outstandingly voluptuous blonde actress as a nurse squeezed into an unfeasibly tight white uniform dress that outlines her outrageous hourglass figure and in the process the powerful corsetry she has used to perfect it!

The Hunger (1983) - not to be confused with several other films with the same name. At the beginning of the film David Bowie seduces a rock chick who we see bending over in a tight back-zipped black leather miniskirt.

I Love Lucy (US TV series of the 1950's) - a correspondent tells me of an episode "where she wears a super tight skirt-can't sit, her and ricky eat standing up, and when going to the ladies room drops a handkerchief and you hear a loud ripping noise when she picks it up. She then walks backwards thru curtains." A helpful web-mistress running an I Love Lucy page with an episode guide has now identified this episode as "Country Club Dance", which aired on the 22nd of April 1957, during the show's sixth season.

I Love Trouble (1992) - RJS located a journalist reviewing this from the point of view of it being a realistic film about the life of journalists. He said it was fairly close to reality, but "If only they hadn't sent Julia out on assignment in a train yard in high heels and a tight skirt. I know a lot of female journalists, and none of them dress like that when they're on duty..." Well, from my point of view, who cares if it's realistic? Why hire Julia Roberts and dress her frumpily? I missed an opportunity to record this film at Christmas 1999, which seems to have been a mistake. The webmaster of the Opera Gloves page tells me that "Julia Roberts wears a close-fitting evening gown in another scene; there's a very sexy shot of her sliding her gloved hand up and down the side of her tight-clad hip." I would have liked that! I must add, though, that when I had an opportunity to tape this film I found it disappointing: La Roberts has one "business skirt" outfit early on, a suit with a skirt that is straight but not tight and cut to stand away from her hips instead of hugging them, and later on there is a short segment of her in the wilderness walking in a tight minidress. The evening gown sequence does not include a tight skirt within the meaning of the Act of 1679.

I'm All Right Jack (1959) - WJB sent in information about this film:

I Married A Woman (1956, or 1958, depending on which source I consulted) - mediocre light comedy starring Diana Dors as a sexy model/actress who stars in beer commercials. She dresses well according to the standards of her time, and for those who like such things the film opens with her in a splendid Fifties suit with a short, tight, tailored, wasp-waisted jacket and a tight calf-length pencil skirt; she has various other pencil-skirted outfits, many very narrow and with the short kick pleat my friend A.B. likes so much!

I, Mobster (1955? - from the actress's hairstyle I would guess nearer 1960) - fellow Fifties lover KJB uncovered this one for me, describing it rudely as "a mid 1950's grade B; more like a grade C; movie". However, he produced an MPEG of it showing a lady character displaying her charms to the mobster by means of a splendid spangly evening gown with a very tight strapless bodice emphasising an hourglass figure and a tight skirt to below the knee with a long slit up the left front.

Impulse (1990) - a correspondent says "Theresa Russell stars as an undercover policewomen. In several scenes, she's a call girl decoy wearing very short, very tight micro-mini skirts."

An Inconvenient Woman (1990?) - US miniseries. That highly gorgeous woman Rebecca de Mornay as a millionaire's mistress who among other things goes to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in a leather suit with a short orange and black jacket and tight black miniskirt.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) - a correspondent says that in this film "the female lead, who turns out to be a Nazi, is wearing a gorgeous tight grey skirt throughout the first part of the film." I have now see this film and can confirm Alison Doody, china-doll beautiful, wearing elegantly sexy late-Thirties suits with very long narrow skirts.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1985?) - CH says the beginning of this film is worth watching, reminding me that "there is a brief scene at the beginning of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom featuring Kate Capshaw in a tight red beaded dress doing a song in a Chinese club. The shot is reasonably good, with some closeups." Incidentally, Kate Capshaw was then Mrs Steven Spielberg; Hollywood marriages being what they are, I don't think she still is.

Inferno (1993) - I've never seen this video, but a review of it I found on the Web describes all sorts of romping with supermodels, including where the hero's car breaks down: "The nearest garage houses Eva Herzigova who makes a play for the star. Dressed in stockings, suspenders, tight top and very tight skirt, Eva really makes these scenes hot."

Innerspace (1987) - Meg Ryan as a special agent, who wears a tight knee-length leather skirt and black stilettos to break into the enemy compound. There is no shortage of clear shots of this outfit.

In The Line of Duty: Kidnapped (1993) - RJS tells me that this film features "an oriental actress who mostly wears tight minisuits".

In the Mood for Love (2000) - "Rabotorto", cheongsam and Gina fan, brought this one to my attention. He used it as his "gold standard" for what he considers to be a tight cheongsam, and when I asked for illustrations he pointed me at the Yahoo! "sleeveless cheongsams"club, where I was able to see video captures from it. By 'eck, he's right, and they are tight too! An interview with the star made this clear:

In The Spirit (?) - "PDC" tells me that in this film "Marlo Thmas sendes half her time in a short black leatther mini".

Invaders From Mars (1953) - the mother of the little boy who sees the UFO land is a Fifties elegant beauty who is wearing a suit with long tight pencil skirt when she is captured by the aliens.

The Iron Petticoat (1956) - more or less a rehash of the "pretty Soviet woman comes West and is seduced by its beauty" story previously told in Ninotchka and Silk Stockings. However, this one does have Katherine Hepburn in it, and some truly sumptuous Fifties gowns of the first water. As well as pencil skirts, those who (as I do) like elaborate evening gowns with long sweeping skirts, very tight boned bodices and tiny waists will be happy.

I Still Dream of Jeannie (1990?) - another of Barbara Eden's films in which she shows off her mature curves with very, very tight suits!

It Started In Naples (1960) - another film recommended by contributor MJC, with his usual detailed commentary:

I Want Him Back! (1990) - not very good romantic comedy in which Brenda Bakke of Hot Shots! Part Deux appears as a sexy young journalist who steals an older woman's husband. While this is very deplorable, several readers would probably like the sequence where they meet in a restaurant early in the film: she comes on in a tight miniskirt and stilettos, and gets the man to light her cigarette in a languidly sexy way...

Jackie Brown (1997) - famous crime story by Quentin Tarentino, lacking the excessive violence and worship of thuggery that I disliked in Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, wimp that I am. Pam Grier, a beautiful, full-figured woman, plays the fortysomething Jackie Brown, a glamorous air hostess with a short, tight blue suit for her uniform. There's also a short scene of another handsome and generously curved black woman dancing sexily in a tight skirt to a Supremes song.

Jagged Edge (1985) - a correspondent says "Glenn Close wears some really sexy suits in the courtroom scenes, believe it or not." RJS has seen it as well, and confirms that "this movie is a must for all tight skirt lovers, especially if they love back zips." I now have it on video, and though Glenn Close doesn't wear ultra-tight skirts the film does present a feast of sexy-but-elegant professional suits.

Janice Beard 45w.p.m. (UK 1999) - a comedy-drama largely set in an office typing pool. Though Janice herself is plain and a little frumpy, a lot of her colleagues wear tight business suits that combine the businesslike look with femininity and sex appeal. Their leader, Julia, is played by Patsy Kensit who in one scene has a really gorgeous tight pale blue minisuit. For the "launch party" at the end of the film they dress up in glamorous red outfits - mostly dresses, but one pencil suit - and Julia is briefly seen in a tight strapless minidress with lacing down the side.

Jawbreaker (1999) - "Attoled" recommends this one very highly, and apparently for once I've heard about it early enough to get tight skirt lovers out to see it in the cinema! "I went to see Jaw Breaker today. YOU GOTTA SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is from start to finish, loaded with skin tight skirts!! From every angle you have ever imagined. The movie as a whole is OK. It won't win any academy awards, but it has no dull moments and is well worth the time spent. But as far as the "tight skirts" are concerned, it gets a AA rating!!"
Eminent and long-standing contributor DWM later added this praise: "Scenes of note include Rose McGowan in a tight red leather skirt and Julie Benz in a tight pink leather skirt. The beautiful Rebecca Gayheart also wears a tight blue latex skirt. As noted in the current description, it's a movie for all tight skirt lovers and there isn't a dull moment when it comes to eye candy."

Jerry Maguire (1996) - Renée Zellwegger as Dorothy Boyd, a smartly dressed young mother, wears one short tight plaid skirt and one glamorous very tight short black skirt. I haven't seen all the film and so don't know what else there might be.

Jersey Girl (1992) - Dylan McDermott as Sal is fought over by Jami Gertz as Toby, a luscious, long-haired Hispanic honey with a taste for tight dresses and skirts, and Sheryl Lee as Tara, a society business beauty with short blonde hair and a taste for tight dresses and skirts. Toby also has some over-the-top girlfriends one of whom wears a splendid outfit with a tight black microskirt and high-heeled knee boots during a goldfish-stealing raid on Sal's place of business. Altogether an excellent resumé of the best of Eighties fashion in its last moments-and some of the worst of it too, as shown by Toby's off-the-shoulder jersey and baggy jogging trousers.

Johnny Handsome (1989) - BR says this is "another Ellen Barkin movie that has her wearing throughout most of the movie tight leather,PVC skirs and suits." DWM, my resident leather expert, says he doesn't believe her skirts are leather, though.

Jumpin' Jack Flash (1986)- one of Whoopi Goldberg's colleagues wears a long, tight black satin pencil skirt.

Just One of the Guys (1985) - "LinePal" tells me that this film contains "One of the prettyest brunets in black leather ive scene.This movie has her in leather skirts in most of her scenes (5) Plus the star has a STUNNING white leather skirt-outfit on."

Keeping Up Appearances (UK sitcom 1990's) - I have never watched this myself but my fellow-European "John C" recommends it. He says that "the character Rose (Mary Millar) is running around in thight skirts and high heels!"

A Kid for Two Farthings (1955) - WJB sent in detailed comments about this:

Kill Me Again (1987) - curiously enough the first film beginning with a K to make this list. It's a violent thriller in which the extremely beautiful Joanne Whalley-Kilmer is introduced as a gangster's moll who whops her robber boyfriend on the head with a big rock and makes off with $800,000 of Mafia money in a briefcase, later falling in with a private detective who is - can you guess? - played by her husband Val Kilmer. I enjoyed what I watched of it - I haven't seen it all - but the reason it makes the list is that Mrs Whalley-Kilmer wears a variety of sexy tight suits and dresses, some short, some long, all very classy.

Kingpin (?) - "Pete" recommended this film in a message left on the guestbook. "I didn't think much of it as a film, it's made by the people who did Dumb and Dumber and There's Something about Mary. For fans of very tight skirts and tight jeans, however, it is a work of sublime joy. The gorgeous Vanessa Angel is introduced modelling a white mini-dress that is tight enough to be transparent. Her tarty outfits are a feature of the "plot" so you get protracted shots of her looking great all the way. In tight Levi's, she looks superb. She also wears, though briefly, cut-off jeans, a red rubber dress, a red satin skirt and bra top and a bunch of other stuff. Not to be missed, I'd say."

Kiss Me Kate (1953) - a musical comedy version of The Taming of the Shrew, and as a result a very sexist and old-fashioned film, but the rehearsal scene at the beginning is worth watching for aficionados of Fifties fashion - such as me :-). Kathryn Grayson appears as the epitome of New Look elegance and glamour in a skin-tight black pencil suit, nipped-in waist, long slim skirt, neat little hat, perfect hairstyle and make-up, and "bracelet-length" black kid gloves. Yum.

Kiss Of The Spider Woman (1985, Brazil) - a famous and strange film. I haven't seen it myself, but a still which I have seen shows the famous "spider woman" in a long, tight, hourglass sequinned sheath gown.

The Lady Pays Off (1951) - US comedy film. A glamorous villainess threatens to take the heroine's boyfriend off her, so she suggests they all go for a walk...up a steep hill, so that with her tight 1950's pencil skirt the unwanted visitor is soon left behind.

Land of the Giants (1960s TV series) - Juan MTM recommends this. "This is one chapter where a beatiful giantess wears a lot of tight miniskirts among them one 'delicious' black leather one."

The Last Emperor (1987) - an extremely good film and one which always stirs my deep interest in Chinese culture every time I watch it. Alas for Ariel, there are no cheongsams, but in a 1930s passage the beauteous Joan Chen is shown in a silver sequinned glamour gown with a long skirt hugging the hips and backside, tapering to the knees, and ending in a train.

Laws of Attraction (2004): Julianne Moore as a successful lawyer combines feminine glamour with professional authority in that most delightful of garments, the tight tailored skirt suit. In a preview of this film I saw her wearing both a tight black and a tight grey suit.

Leather Loving Mistresses (?) - DWM found this (porn?) film worth watching for those who appreciate skirts: "in it a girl in a leather biker jacket and short, tight black leather skirt gets it on with two guys. Surprisingly, she doesn't take off the skirt or the jacket. There are also a couple more leather skirts in the movie but that's the best scene."

Leaving Las Vegas (1995?) - A correspondent says of this film that "Elisabeth Shue wears a number of short, shiny skirts and dresses in there." I saw one very tight shiny stretch miniskirt early in the film; later on there is a great deal of an A-line leather miniskirt which I didn't like but some people will adore.
"Martinez" later added lengthy additional comments: "I'm sorry, but I cannot agree with you, when you write: ‘I saw one very tight shiny stretch miniskirt early in the film(...)’. Of course this scene is exciting: Elisabeth Shue meets Nicolas Cage on the pedestrian crossing and she wears a grey mini made of latex (she is filmed from the rear!). However later on there are moments worth remembering: probably a 10 to 15 min. scene when Elisabeth comes to the hotel room - she wears a black leather short classic jacket and red over knees shiny latex skirt (very fitted; we have plenty of shots of her including close-ups), and a scene in her apartment, when she discovers Nick with another girl in a bed: she is in a black latex second-skin miniskirt.
"By some people's statement this film is a kind of ‘Casablanca’ of the 90's. Some other people ask: ... all right, but where is this third person, this third man? He is present - they answer - and his name is Johnny Walker. I have been always affected watching Leaving Las Vegas..."

Legally Blonde (2001) - in this film the heroine (I'm afraid the actress's name escapes me) is a trashy blonde who takes up an Ivy League law course. A publicity picture I've seen shows her in a pink leather suit with a short, fitted jacket and a tight knee-length pencil skirt.

Lena's Holiday (?) - HdaS says that in this film "the female lead (Lena, of course) wears a leopard-print micro miniskirt that's super tight. In one scene, we get a nice rear view as she pulls it down."

Lethal Weapon (1988?) - not a film which I would have imagined you watch for the women in it, but "TJR" tells me that it contains something of note for this page: "a beautiful women [sic] in a tight black leather dress who gets placed under arrest and gets handcuffed to a tree."

A Letter to Three Wives (1985) - starring Loni Anderson, Michele Lee and Stephanie Zimbalist, another of those films which, while not a great achievement cinematically, earns a place here due to the costumes involved. The fashions of the mid-Eighties remain a favourite of mine, and though I haven't seen all the film I have seen a sequence of a dinner-dance aboard a ship. Loni Anderson wore a wonderful evening gown, plain black, off-the-shoulder but long-sleeved, and fitting like a glove right down into its floor-length skirt. One of the other two stars - unfortunately I don't know my Lees from my Zimbalists and can't tell you which - had an extremely Eighties party outfit with a jacket made of heavily embroidered Lurex material, big-shouldered, short and very tight-waisted, and under that a slender ankle-length skirt.

Liar Liar (1997) - very successful Jim Carrey comedy. As a film I didn't like this as much as The Mask, which is also on this list, but its attraction from the tight skirt point of view is Jennifer Tilly displaying an incredible hourglass figure - for those who like to imagine such things, I suspect she is wearing a corset - in an extremely tight yellow suit with a low-necked jacket firmly belted into her tiny waist and a short striped skirt.

License to Drive (1988) - "LinePal" tells me that this film features "a tight pink stretch dress on a pretty blond actress." A later contributor who doesn't want to be credited identifies "the young vixen in the tight pink dress" as Heather Graham.

Life in the Fast Lane (1999) - RD sent me information about this one. "Fairuza Balk shows off her beatuiful legs almost througout the whole movie (some short scenes excluded, where she wears pants, sadly). And she does this in various tight short skirts. In one scene, pretty much at the beginning, we get a shot at her from the back, walking towards a church in a blue tight short skirt and almost knee-high boots and stockings. Later she wears a tight miniskirt (we get the back view again) and she gets done by Patrick Dempsey without taking it off. Other skirts are always short, but I don't exactly remember how tight they were. I was just too busy looking at her sexy legs...:-) Near the end of the film Fairuza presents her gorgeous legs again wearing a specially beautiful tight black miniskirt and once again we get to see her from the back while walking up some stairs into another room. Oh, and did I mention Fairuza is also a marvellous actress? :-)"

A Life Less Ordinary (1997) - Holly Hunter as a bloodthirsty angel spends all her time in a smart tight olive minisuit with knee-length skin-tight medium heeled boots. The excessively skinny Cameron Diaz also appears at the end in a nice knee-length leopardskin-print tight day dress.

Life or something like it (2003) - sentimental drama starring Angelina Jolie. A publicity still for it I found in a newspaper showed her in a tight tweed pencil suit, much to my taste; later contributor "tight denim-skirt" wrote in telling me that "she was in very tight skirt suits throughout the whole movie, many shots of her pulling her tightfitted skirt down." Contributor Kevin later found a lot of information about this, which is evidently a very special tight skirt film:

Like Father, Like Son (?) - CH says that this film "features a brief scene with Kirk Cameron's date in a tight pink leather jacket and matching pink leather skirt. She gets out of a car and gives a nice view. It is a brief shot late in the movie, so don't be in any particular hurry to rush out and rent it."

Little Shop of Horrors (1988?) - I've seen this film myself; it's set around 1960, though there isn't a tremendous effort made to get the setting authentic. The character Audrey (I have forgotten the actress's name) is first seen stepping daintily over down-and-outs lounging on the steps of her house, while wearing leopardskin-print stilettos and a very tight black knee-length skirt.

Live Wire (1992) - "LinePal" says that in this film, "In opening and closing scenes a beautiful actress is sceen wearing a tight and very short dress or skirt outfit while Pierce defuses a bomb under the dash of her car twice. Also Lisa Eilbacher is wearing some nice outfits but way to loose for my tastes." (I know what he means...)

Lola (?) - suggested by PB for fans of Fifties fashions, such as myself. "Barbara Sukowa as the heroine(?) is a sex worker in a Fifties provincial German brothel.Its all here - pencil suits,hats,tight dresses stockings and stilettos..."

The Love Boat (US TV series, 1970's?) - a correspondent tells me of an episode "where a passenger accepted a challenge to lose a certain number of pounds by the end of the week and to prove it had to wear a certain size red sequin dress. The dress got ruined somehow and the captains niece sewed/fixed it but had to take the seams in bit to get at fabric. When the time came to see if she lost the weight she was on stage showing off she fit in it-she bent over to bow and the side split and when she grabbed the side together to cover herself the other side split-the camera showed it pretty well." I cannot find an episode guide to this series, so I can't give any more detail about where to find this episode.

Love Potion No. 9 (1991) - "LinePal" tells me that in this film there are "a few scenes with tight skirts .One scene with a call girl in a pvc mini."

Lover Come Back (1961) - one of the long series of "modern glamour romantic comedy" films which Doris Day made at the end of the Fifties and through the Sixties. In the fifteen years since the New Look women have progressed beyond a decorative role, and Ms. Day is now not merely an ornamet or a wife but a highly paid and responsible advertising executive; but the modern idea that it is demeaning for a working woman to look feminine or attractive hadn't yet taken root then, and she appears for work very stylishly dressed in a completely plain black sheath dress with a very narrow knee-lengh skirt.

The Lovers - Spanish film made around 1990 but set in the 1950's. The central character Luisa wears glamorous clothes including suits with short fitted jackets, tight pencil skirts, stockings, a tight little black waist-corset to give her the New Look figure, and stilettos.

Loverboy (1989) - a correspondent tells me that this is a film "starring Kirstie Alley and features her in a tight blue leather dress". I have now seen this film myself, and there's more to it than that! This film dates from the end of the Eighties, the period when I first steeped myself in the wonderful world of tight skirted fashions, and the look I remember so well is there on show. The film is full of sexy tight suits, skirts and dresses, and definitely worth a look if you get the chance and like Eighties styles.

Lower Than Zero (?) - long-established contributor and friend Alan pointed this one out. He tells me it is "about rich, bored kids in Beverley Hills (or some other American Gomorrah) where a character spends a good two or three seconds rearranging her tight clinging dress before entering the lounge room where the rest of the characters are sitting. "

Macumba Love (1960) - another film from the Good Old Days when tight skirts were first in fashion after the War. DC says it's worth watching for a British actress called June Wilkinson who has "an absolutely superb body" which I gather is shown off by tight pencil skirts. I have a photograph of her in an impossibly tight skirt which DC sent in but whether it's from that film or not I don't know.

Mad About You (US TV series, 1990s) - someone using the name "Hal" wrote in with a lot of information about this series starring Helen Hunt, unfortunately using a false email address so that I was unable to thank him:

Made in America (1993) - stars Ted Danson, whom I like, and Whoopi Goldberg, whom I don't. The reason for listing it here is that some of the Eighties looks were still going strong at the time this film was made: Whoopi and Ted's seventeen-year-old screen daughter goes out for the evening in an extremely tight, glamorous, black Lycra minidress, and some of the women who work at Ted's garage habitually wear tight-skirted suits to the office.

Mahler (?) - directed by Ken Russell, this film seems to be one for lovers of hobble skirts, among whom I don't count myself. "Noel" tells me that "Georgina [Hale] is wearing a tight hobble the whole time and in the last scene, and in others, is seen trotting along the platform keeping up admirably with Robert Powell."

The Majestic (2001) - starring Jim Carrey and Laurie Holden, and set in 1951, the high point of the postwar fashion for tight pencil skirts. A newsgroup message I found on the Internet reprinting a press story said that " One costume was so tight she couldn't sit down, and a stand had to be made for her to lean against while makeup was applied."

Make Mine a Million (1959) - a second-rate comedy starring Arthur Askey, a man whose style of comedy has dated badly since the War. However, his supporting actress is an attractive, ladylike blonde who in one scene wears an attractive, ladylike outfit of crisp white blouse, narrow calf-length pencil skirt, and tight belt; in another scene, the directors in the offices of a television company are attended by curvaceous pretty young women in tight sheath dresses; and near the beginning, then top TV star "Sabrina" appears in an incredibly tight silver lamé evening gown fitted to her incredibly corseted figure!

Make Mine Mink (1960) - WJB sent in information about this film:

Making Mr Right (1987) - Ann Magnuson as the queen of the yuppies. She starts out in a really tight black dress and stilettos, and later moves to an extremely tight black and white suit and stilettos. The skirt is knee-length, tapered sharply, and doesn't even have a slit, so she can hardly walk - and as for when she has to run...

The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956) - DJH recommended this film to me. He says "there are some tight skirt scenes that drove me crazy, then and now. Doris Day wore a suit that had a tailored jacket and skirt throughout most of the movie. The jacket was nipped and the skirt was extremely straight. She was delectable, and I watch this movie over and over when it appears on AMC for the sole reason of seeing Doris' perfectly shaped body constrained in the fifties tailored suit. "

The Man with One Red Shoe (1987?) - I've seen some of this film, and thought nothing of it. I seem to have missed the best, according to "Artificer3": "The Man With One Red Shoe has a scene with Lori Singer wearing a black sequinned evening gown, very tight with long sleeves and a VERY low cut back (I believe it shows a little of her ass cleavage!) - awe inspiring!"

The Man with the Golden Arm (1955) - a correspondent says that Kim Novak in this film is worth seeing: "This movie has some of the best tight skirt shots ever and lots of them." I now have a copy of this film on video, and don't think it's quite that good: though Ms. Novak is incredibly beautiful she wears Fifties skirts which are generally straight rather than tight.

The Man With Two Brains (1982?) - recommended by Keith V. "Steve Martin and Kathleen Turner. Turner is scorching hot in this movie. Martin is her very frustrated cuckold. There are several scenes with Kathleen is delicious tight skirts, but one in particular stands out. Turner is teasing Martin in a very tight very short brown minidress, then at the last minute tells him that she's still not ready for sex."

Mannequin II (1990) - a correspondent tells me that in this film "Kristy Swanson wears a b&w mini--very hot!" This is confirmed by supporter FW who refers to it as "Tight Skirt Heaven"!

Mark of the Phoenix (1957) - artist JB tells me quite a lot about this film, featuring "the lovely actress Julia Arnall", of whom he sent a picture:

The Marriage of Maria Braun (?) - PB recommends this one. "as the tale enters the Fifties, Hanna Schygulla as Maria assumes a sveltly tailored grey pencil suit with black clutch bag, kid gloves, a broad brimmed black hat and long point stiletto courts. Towards the final denoument she is running round the house in a fifties corset, seamed stockings and long point for the connoisseur..." Which, in this field, is what I think I am :-)

Married to the Mob (1988?) - "Sumpy" recommends this one. "The best clip being when Michelle Pffeiffer goes for a job interview at a fast food store. As she is changing and the manager is peeping on her. We are treated to a sight of Michelle in bra and a tan leather skirt." I have seen this film and don't remember the skirt as being tight but that of course doesn't necessarily mean it isn't. A clip from the film supplied by Gianvittorio shows Michelle with a big hairdo and a tight buff knee-length pencil suit.

Married - with Children (US TV series) - outrageously funny, IMHO, but those who care not for viciously cynical humour may still enjoy Christina Applegate as an incredibly dumb blonde who often wears leather or Lycra microskirts; some of her pals dress the same way.

Mars Attacks! (1997) - "Gomez" tells me that in this film Lisa Marie wears an incredibly tight long rubber dress - apparently she had to be sewn into it every day!

Mask (1985) - "TJR" tells me that in this serious and depressing film "Cher is in a tight black leather mini[skirt]" which might cheer up some readers.

Melrose Place (US TV series) - "HL" tells me that this series frequently features girls in short tight skirts.

Memphis (?) - translating from the French of someone who doesn't want even his forename and initial on the page gives me a report that in this film Cybil Shepherd "wears a long and tight pencil skirt in the film...which is exactly appropriate to that period (50's)."

Men in Black (1997?) - DN says "Linda Forentino as the Coroner in a short tight skirt is literally 'to Die for'."

Miami Vice (TV series, 1980s) - famous 80s lifestyle/style/glamour/detective series. I never watched it, but the informative MJC has fond memories of it:

Mile High (UK TV series, 2003) - broadcast on Sky (satellite) television, this series is about the staff of an airline. I have never seen it myself because I don't get that channel; it earns its place here after an Irish contributor sent me a series of video captures from it. Everyone knows what an air hostess looks like: those in this imaginary airline wear turquoise suits with semi-fitted jackets and nice tight mid-thigh-length skirts.

The Millionairess (1960?) - the film on which Peter Sellars fell in love with Sophia Loren. (I cannot quote what Spike Milligan said about their relationship as it might (a) be libellous and (b) get me thrown off the server for using naughty words.) I saw this film only when I was too small to appreciate it. I have since learned that La Loren appears in a formidable leather corset, for those who like such things, and there is even more to it than that according to PB: he also refers to "a sequence with her in an exquisite leather pencil suit visiting a basement sweat shop."

Mirror Images I and II - the webmaster of the Opera Gloves page told me about this pair of what I infer are "T&A" films. "Delia Sheppard (in the first one) and Shannon Whirry (in the second one) star as twins, and (this being yet another erotic thriller) tight dresses are in evidence in some scenes. I could swear, in fact, that Shannon Whirry wears a nice fitted white suit in at least one scene in the second film, but I need to watch it again to make sure." Tight suits are much rarer than tight dresses (which are easy to contrive with Lycra) and so it would be much appreciated if this were true.

Mischievous (1996) - WB says this film contains "Doug Jeffery, Jennifer Burton etc Both actors were high school buddies who raised hell in high school. In the movie are lots of tight skirts (including Burton in a tight black vinyl mini and jacket at about the 55 minute mark) and dresses (including a tight zip-front greenish vinyl number). Medium level sex scenes in the video - be advised!!!!"

The Misfits (1961?) - "Ariel" the artist tells me this is "an interesting tight skirt movie" but no more details are forthcoming. "MJC" got back to me later with much more detail: "In The Misfits, it was Marilyn Monroe who wore a lot of tight knee length skirts and dresses, and it includes a funny scene where someone gives her a paddle ball to play with, and as she does her generous hips begin to sway back and forth very seductively, and in short order someone approaches and starts smacking her on her curvaceous butt to the rhythm of the paddle she is using. It's important to remember that in this film, her last completed work, Marilyn had lost some weight, and while not skinny, this made her curves a little more apparent. This movie was shot in black and white and actually adds to the image quality, and brings out the skirts Monroe wears even more sharply."

Miss Congeniality (2001) - undercover cop comedy starring Sandra Bullock. I've never seen it myself, but a TV trailer had her sashaying along in a tight taupe minidress.

Mona Lisa (1986) - in my opinion, a very good film anyway. It stars the tall, slim and beautiful Cathy Tyson, one of Britain's best young actresses, as a high-class call-girl who goes to her work often wearing tight dresses (or less!) and in one long scene is seen running about in a tight knee-length brown leather suit.

Moonlighting (1980s TV series) - this starred Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis, neither of whom I much like, and so I didn't watch it when it was on. I saw one episode more or less by mistake, about plastic surgery, and I did note that one of the surgeon in question's previous clients was played by an insanely curvy blonde squeezed into an impossibly tight white suit, which I liked. CL remembers spotting more interesting details in it: "there were background staff in the Moonlighting detective agency. One of them, continually wore a very tight medium-length purple skirt. She is my absolute favourite!"

Mortal Thoughts (1991) - another film for which CH has contributed a listing, starring Glenne Headly and Demi Moore. CH says "There are a number of tight skirt scenes of Headly and Moore in leather and denim miniskirts, heels and hose."

Mr Bluesman (1997??) - clips on the Miniskirts in Motion Pictures site show that this film contains some sequences of a woman in a very tight, stretchy minidress. The webmaster there tells me "It´s a german and very famous production, maybe not available abroad." Anyone who can find out more about it, I would be grateful for information.

My Best Friend's Wedding (1997) - I cannot abide Julia Roberts, but I can still appreciate the effect of cramming her into a tight, elegant dress. In this film she is recruited as a bridesmaid for another actress, and one sequence shows her being outfitted in a hugely glamorous, slinky, lavender satin gown with a low-cut bodice and a long tight skirt. As often happens in wedding shops, she is stood on a pedestal so that the bride can judge the effect and the fitter get easier access for adjustments. Eventually she loses patience and declares "I'm going for a cigarette" - but the dress taken in to fit her is too tight for her to step down off the pedestal just like that, and one of the seams in her skirt splits as she does it!

My Cousin Vinnie (1992?) - another one I've seen myself but neglected to write up. SMcG says "I can't believe no one has mentioned this movie before, as Marissa Tomei plays the wife [girlfriend, actually - Webmaster's note] of a sort of lawyer from New York who goes to the central US somewhere to get his cousin off of a murder charge he didn't do. Anyways a couple of times in this movie Marissa is seen wearing a short tight lycra or spandex black miniskirt and she is to die for!"

My Fair Lady (1958?) - film of the Lerner & Lowe musical with Audrey Hepburn as Eliza Doolittle. "David" writing in the guestbook reminded me that Audrey wears for the Ascot scene (Ascot is a very superior race track in England, if you don't know) a long and impossibly tight 1912-style white lace gown.

My Five Wives (2000) - recommended by "Martinez", who went into a lot of detail about it. "Very fine comedy in sarcastic Woody Allen's taste of humour. [Note that this means it resembles Woody Allen's films; it is not a Woody Allen film.] In my opinion: a film, which should be showed to every attractive woman who only wears trousers (especially often in Poland).
"A developer who is rich and happy about his life divorces another wife and moves from Los Angeles (ir maybe San Francisco?) to a small village, lost somewhere between valleys, to buy at an auction a huge area and build a ski center with a hotel. He comes to a place, enjoys the fresh air and non-polluted enviroment, but notices that the people living there are somewhat strange: they don't use cars, have no TV sets and electricity, and look like 19'th century rustics. His local consultant explains that citizens of that village belong to a Christian sect, which cultivates its own ascetic and orthodox heritage - including polygamy.
"Our hero, excited by the good deal he has made, doesn't notice that the transaction is restricted by a special rule: he can stay as the owner of this area only if he gets married to the wives of the last owner, who recently died. Because it is too late to move back, being depressed, he decides to date five widows, who appear to be unlikely beauties, about 25 year old girls. However, according to the customs of their society, the girls are totally unattractive: they wear dresses, looking like sacks of potatoes (exactly as do the trousers of a lot of women in Poland) and smooth, simple bonnets on their hair. Our brave guy, deciding to change that and to draw their inner beauty out, takes the girls to a trip to Las Vegas. Hour by hour, they change their hopeless look to the elegantly and sexy style of city glamour. He buys them a collection of very stylish and expensive clothes, including second-skin skirted suits, dresses and gowns.
"They come up to the village and there is scene which could be an object of worship for a tight skirts admirers: in slow motion we see five beauties in one row, walking down the street among completely shocked rustics. The girls look gorgeous in pink and black second-skin minisuits, sunglasses and stilettos. Mothers are hide their children, fathers are don't know what is going on, the end of the world is coming.
"I'm not sure whether it has any music background or not, but watching this scene, believe me, I heard somewhere inside me: ‘Wild thing... you make my heart sing ...’ by The Troggs.
"The movie has its own page, where the trailer can be downloaded."

My Stepmother is an Alien (1988) - Kim Basinger in various tight stretchy dresses.

My Very Best Friend (1995) - US TV movie, said by my local TV listings magazine to be very poor. It gets its place here because Seventies sex symbol Jaclyn Smith appears as a beautiful, murderous bitch-witch character who in the few parts of the film I did see wore a wedding dress with a corset-like bodice and a long tight skirt, and in a brief scene a very glamorous evening suit of deep maroon satin with a tight jacket and skirt.

Nacht der Wölfe (1983) - OK says that this is a German TV movie "featuring a girl in a very sexy red ls for approx. 10 min."

Nadine (1987) - thriller set in the Fifties. Kim Basinger (again) in period costume: thin orange suit with short fitted jacket, tight belt, and knee-length pencil skirt. In this outfit she hurries along the road, runs to escape from the villains, and climbs a ladder ahead of her husband.

The Naked Gun 331/3 - The Final Insult (1994) - in the "Oscars" scene near the end Raquel Welsh comes on to present an award in a glamorous floor-length gown, very tight over an hourglass figure. The skirt is very narrow, and later on when fighting with Leslie Nielsen she rips it open.

The Naked Truth (?) - DWM recommends this porn movie for lovers of leather skirts. "The end of the movie featured a wonderful lesbian scene where one of the women was wearing a tight leather skirt. The skirt stayed on her for quite a while and didn't disappear between shots. Instead, it was lovingly stripped off of her. Almost perfect!"

The Nanny - US TV series. RJS tells me that in this series Fran Drescher wears various tight designer outfits showing off an hourglass figure, and subsequent looks at it on tapes sent by a Finnish friend confirm this.

National Lampoon's European Vacation (1987?) - a scene which I have sampled for my video page and CD shows Beverly D'Angelo coming out of a shop in what one correspondent called "a long red skirt with a tight waisted jacket."

National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon (1993) - a spoof of Lethal Weapon and other such films. Not quite my sort of thing, but there's a scene early on where a rich character is shown playing the piano backed by a chorus of "Addicted to Love"-type girls in tight red Lycra dresses with high heels and fancy hair. Later on Kathy Ireland appears as "Miss Demeanour" in a tight taupe suit and subsequently later in a slinky black slit sheath dress.

Never Too Young To Die (?) - Todd, a lover of tight black leather skirts, tells me that in this film "a women that gets tied to a pole or cross is wearing one".

The New Monster (1977) - Italian TV series. A clip supplied by Gianvittorio shows that this programme goes big on darkly pretty air hostesses in yellow pencil suits.

News Radio (?) - "Zxyxz" says that this NBC sitcom was for a time worth watching to see "Kahndi Alexander, a black radio anchor who's character was not prominent in the stories, but you could see her in tight, sexy suits with above mid thigh skirts, sheer stockings, and stilletos. There were often scenes of her seated cross legged, and her skirt would hike up to where it appeared to be the lenght of her panties! Her super sexy style was a dynamic contrast from the dumb Gen X style of the other women on the show (one bland, one gaudy, in an assortment of A-line skirts, clunky shoes, and thick black tights.) Unfortunately, Kahndis skits were loosened and lowered to the floor..."

Niagara (1953, or 1952 according to some reference works) - this was the film that made Marilyn Monroe a star. It's a bit of a trashy melodrama, but it's a fine showcase for her curves and undulating walk squeezed into some very tight Fifties fashions! There's a famous clinging red dress which she wears to party in, but I was particularly taken by a pale blue skin-tight hourglass suit near the start of the film...

A Night at the Roxbury (?) - former featured model Amy's husband recommends this one. "It has great seen at night clubs, (70's and 80's Discos) of different tight clothing. Mainly tight short dresses. GiGi Rice, an actress from the John Laraquet show was as sexy as she was in tight skirts and dresses on John's show."

Night at the Waxworks - "LinePal" says this film has "a few brief scenes of a leather clad female". I have to WARN everyone that the Internet Movie Database gives this as a hardcore sex movie so bear that in mind before attempting to borrow it from your local video library.

The Night Before (1988?) - "LinePal" tells me that this film contains "One scene towards end of movie with the actress from Full House (jessies wife) dressed in a vinyl or leather micro mini about 10 min. of scene."

Night of the Demon (1958?) - a disgracefully stretched adaptation of the M R James short story "Casting the Runes", which in its original length (less than twenty pages) is deeply scary. My Fifties specialist Ellie recommends this film for fashion and not critical reasons as it "is not very good but the heroine wears a lovely tight suit in scenes about a third of the way through the film." I have seen the film myself and can confirm the suit with a very tight, nip-waisted jacket and long pencil skirt.

Nikita - European title for Point of No Return (see below.) Not to be confused with the French original La Femme Nikita, which I have never seen.

Nine and a Half Weeks (1987?) - not a film I've ever seen, but in its day a notorious erotic showpiece, so I recall. "Ricky" told me " It stars KIM BASINGER again. In one great part she is wearing a very tight skirt, as she leans her back against a wall. her legs are away from the wall, and spread, making the skirt even tighter, The skirt is above knee length. With the white blouse she is wearing and heeled shoes, she is one sexy sight, as she rotates her body along the wall."

North by Northwest (1959) - masterpiece light-hearted thriller by Alfred Hitchcock. When I have watched it I've generally been too absorbed by the story and action to notice the costumes, but artist PB pointed me at it.

The Nutty Professor (1996) - a film I have always avoided watching because I thought it would annoy me. There are evidently compensations, though. "Martinez" describes it as a "rather not very ambitious comedy with participation of Eddy Murphy, who plays an impossibly fat professor of chemistry at the college. For some time, his research in laboratory has disturbed by a young beauty (played by Jada Pinkett Smith), who had moved to this place to qualify as a doctor. Murphy, being awe-inspired with her wonders and nervous because of that, looks at her, wearing (WARNING) a very similar or exactly the same extreme second-skin mini-suit with a skirt that was worn by Kristin Minter in the Savage (1995). The professor decides to intensify his efforts at invention which he works on: a special mixture, which allows to slim unbelievably fast. Finally he tries the magic liquid for himself - Prof. Eddie changes to Mr. Murphy. In fact: he slims very fast, however his personality changes faster - shy, unattractive guy turns to brave and big headed playboy.
"As you can expect - finally young beauty chooses good-hearted, fat professor.
"There are plenty of Jada Pinkett's shots as well as other girls in a range of tight mini-skirted suits and, at the end of a film in scene at an official university evening party, in beautiful matching gowns made of shining satin and silk. Hmm ...?"

The Oldest Living Bridesmaid - TVM. Opens with thirtysomething professional walking briskly towards the camera in tight orange pencil skirt; she wears lots of smart tight-skirted outfits throughout the film. Later, we see her best friend as a bride in a satin gown that isn't quite her size straining beautifully round her curvy figure with a very tight skirt.

One Night at McCool's (2001) - I haven't seen this film, but I did find a review which said "Liv Tyler plays the va-va-voom girl, Jewel, a tight-dressed, full-bodied, red-lipped sex fantasy who's first seen through the eyes of young single bartender Randy (Matt Dillon).", which suggests it deserves a place here.

One, Two, Three (1961) - the hero tries to manipulate three Russian spies by introducing them to a blonde bombshell in a tight polka-dot dress who ends up doing a dance on a tabletop. Later on we meet the hero's daughter, who also wears a dress with a tight skirt.

Only You (1994) - Marisa Tomei is too thin and wears dull clothes, but her friend played by Bonnie Hunt is blonde, deliciously curved, and spends much of the film in a wonderful tight black leather knee-length skirt which, for those who like that sort of thing, has a back zip shown very clearly many times.

On The Buses (BBC television sitcom, early 1970s) - this series has a terrible reputation, but contributor and friend Alan saw something of interest in a repeat: "the lead character's rather unattractive sister bought a dress that was too tight... and split it all the way down the back. A true case of 'Rupture Rapture' indeed... look out for the episode entitled 'The Ticket Machine' if you ever get a chance to see it."

L'oro di Napoli (1954, Italian) - "Detlef Bendthain", a fellow fan of Fifties fashion, suggested this one. "Silvana Mangano is 'Theresa' in the forth episode of this film, where she wears a very elegant long and tight skirt. I personally regard her as one of the best looking actresses of that time in Italy." I have to admit I hadn't heard of her. He wasn't able to produce a picture of her from the film but a picture of her in a New Look suit with a short, very tight jacket and a long full skirt pleased me nearly as much!

The Osterman Weekend (1983) - the story's resident blonde slut, Virginia, wears a sexy tight black leather knee-length skirt right up to the point where along with a lot of the other characters she is blown up in a camper van by John Hurt. Please don't ask me to explain the plot of this film to you. I don't understand it myself.

Other People's Money (1991) - Penelope Anne Miller as a yuppie lawyer wears fitted suits and, in one later scene where she visits Danny de Vito in his mansion one evening, a sexy minidress of tight stretchy lace-like material.

Our Man Flint (1966) - a spoof spy thriller with James Coburn, a kind of American counter to "James Bond", who was just getting into his stride them. I haven't seen the whole of this film, but I have seen a luscious sequence where Flint is at a party being besieged by beautiful girls packed into full-length evening gowns that just get tighter and tighter until in the end when a voluptuous Asian beauty is dancing a rhumba with him it's impossible to see why her gold and black print silk dress doesn't just burst open!

Out of Sight (1998) - contributor and author SP told me about this one, starring Jennifer Lopez. He says:

A later account I found elsewhere describes her as wearing "skin-tight dresses" in this film. Apparently they were actually taped to her body to get them even tighter. It's a nice idea but I prefer the traditional method of making the dress smaller than the woman who has to fit into it and persuading the two to come together. This was the standard approach in the 1950s, as you can see from many Marilyn Monroe films.

Out of the Clouds (1955) - recommended by "SM", a fellow admirer of 1950s style. He says "Its just bursting with BOAC Air Stewardesses in those uniforms - along with some other good things to look at too. Lots of close-ups of mind-wrenchingly pert Stewardesses. Keep an eye out!"

Out of Time (2003) - a review I discovered on the Filmthreat web site suggested this deserved a link. "Eva Mendes is not particularly compelling as an actor, but she sure is easy on the eyes walking around in her tight skirt and unbuttoned white blouse." Another review told me that says that "Mendes is scowly and go-getting as Alex, the senior homicide detective who works in the tightest skirt I've ever seen."

Pajama Party (1964) - I heard about this one from supporter KJB, a great authority on bygone fashion. He recorded a lengthy video in MPEG format showing one Candy Stanton doing a dance on stage in a rather short and very tight sky blue satin gown, in style slightly derivative of the cheongsam.

Pal Joey (1957) - in the opening minutes, there is a scene on board a ship with a Fifties beauty in a tight pencil skirt and high heels having difficulty getting down a steep flight of steps; later on Kim Novak appears in a pencil skirt which is not quite so tight but still pretty sexy.

Palmetto (1998) - JC told me about this film. He told me "you should definitely include Elisabeth Shue in Palmetto, another Florida noir pic -- in particular, there are two scenes in which the formidably voluptuous Shue where tight knee-length skirts; the bar scene where she meets the Woody Harrelson character; and the bungalow scene where Woody "frisks" her and then things heat up from there." A review I discovered later on the Internet said that "Bitter and nearly bankrupt because of his incarceration, Harry is an easy mark for socialite Rhea Mulroux (played by the tight-skirted Elizabeth Shue), who offers him a semi-illegal deal to make $50,000."

Partners in Crime - original (American) name for the series here listed under its Italian title of Fifty-Fifty.

A Passion for Justice - alternative name for the film here listed as Quest for Justice.

Peccat che sia una canaglia (1955) - see Too Bad She's Bad.

People Like Us (2001) - excellent and inventive BBC comedy series of spoof "fly on the wall" documentaries. In each episode Chris Langham, as documentary producer Roy Mallard, follows a "real person" through his or her daily life. In the second episode of series II, "The Mother", the subject is a thirtysomething hospital executive just returning to work after maternity leave. In one scene she leaves Roy Mallard holding her baby while she goes upstairs to put on her work clothes. Presently she comes downstairs again in a crisp white blouse and knee-length grey pinstripe pencil skirt buttoned down the front, both very strained. She asks Roy if he thinks she's put on too much weight, if it's too tight, and he diplomatically avoids ansewring. Finally when she says bitterly that it was a size and a half too big before she had the baby, he asks "What happens if you sit down?"She cautiously tries sitting on the stairs: there is a ripping noise, she mutters "Shit!" and turns to go back upstairs again. As she walks away we see that her back seam has split under the strain. The baby gurgles and Roy says comfortingly "Oh, dear, has Mummy burst her skirt?"

The People Next Door (?) - tight leather film of which DWM saw a bit. He didn't notice much in the few seconds he watched it "except for the most important part: the female lead (I think) wears a tight black leather miniskirt for at least a minute. There are some excellent shots of her back-zipped skirt as she goes to pick up her kids."

Pepe (1960) - suggested by MJC. "Halfway in one of the male characters is dancing with a woman who has been shoehorned into a shimmering gold long gown that violently hugs every curve, and the camera is zeroed in on her shapely posterior as she sways those seductive hips in every conceivable direction. The gown and the woman are mesmerizing guaranteed to be a tight skirt lover's dream come true."

The Perfect Furlough (1958) - VS saw this film on television and wrote to tell me that it is " A Tony Curtis movie from the 50s. He plays a playboy corpral in the US airforce that wins a date with an Italian movie star, and Janet Leigh is assigned to make sure he doesn't do anything "un-gentlemanly". Lots of shots of this actress in very tight, long satin, dresses posing for photographers. she is obviously well well girdled and corsetted in classic 50's fashion. Janet Leigh spends the entire movie in a very tight airforce uniform which includes a long gray tight-to-the-knees skirt, and bullet bra. "

Perry Mason (1950s) - the original series apparently was very good for tight skirt lovers. One DP or JT says "Remember Barbara Hale, who played Perry Mason's secretary Della Street, now that Lady wore tight skirts. For a 5 year period, Barbara Hale wore the tight skirts with the open back heels, man she was the hottest thing on television. Everyone talks about Mary Tyler Moore with the tight Capri pants on the Dick Van Dyke show, well she had nothing on Barbara Hale. "

The Peter Principle (2000) - notoriously dire BBC sitcom. It earns its place here because of Beverly Callard, ex soap actress, as Barbara - a bank teller who though in her forties is aware that she has a good figure still and shows it off by squeezing into an extremely tight, very short uniform suit further pleasantly accessorised at either end by a fetching piled-up hairdo and high-heeled sandals.

Physical Evidence (1989) - suggested by Alan from Liverpool, another lover of ladies in tightly tailored suits. He told me that this film, "starring Theresa Russell, is a great movie for a lady lawyer in a tight suit!"

Pick-Up Artist (1998?) - HL admits "I haven't seen the movie, but in a preview there's a scene in which Morton Downey Jr. is following a woman down the street and there's a closeup shot of her from behind wearing a tight microskirt."

The Pink Chiquitas (1987) - "LinePal" says this film features "leather skirt clad possessed females taking over a town a meterior fell in. lots of tight skirts pants and LEATHER."

Players (TV series 1997-8) - this featured "Ice T", but I have no interest in rap music. However, contributor "Gerry_uk" sent me some video captures he had made from it showing various beautiful young actresses - one of them called Mia Korf - wearing very tight miniskirts and dresses in the series, and it's obviously worth watching for those if you

Pleasantville (1998) - "Gomez" describes this as an ingenious but strange-sounding film in which characters get trapped in a Fifties TV show. Apparently the women start out wearing full skirts, but as they come into contact with the resident Bad Girl so their skirts get tighter and tighter...:-)

Please Don't Eat the Daisies (1960)- Doris Day struggling into a too-tight black evening dress with long pencil skirt.

Point of No Return (1994?) - a painfully thin Bridget Fonda is trained as an assassin. I've never had enough patience with this film to watch more than the first hour or so, but "HL" says that she wears tight microskirts and as far as I can remember he's right. It is not, however, recommended for those who like their women curvy, or anyone who has a friend or relative suffering from anorexia.

Poison Ivy (1992?) - Drew Barrymore as a naughty teenager who wears a skin-tight red leather microskirt with elastic panels at the side so that it doesn't look as good as a proper leather miniskirt in the opinion of your Webmaster and his informant DWM.

Police Academy IV (1987) - CL refers to "Sharon a tight blue skirt." I have never seen this film myself but they often seem to be on TV.

Poodle Springs (1998) - CH tells me this is a new TV movie which "has several good shots of at least two actresses in tight dresses and skirts. The film is a detective whodunit set in 1963, so there are also several good shots of stiletto heels and stocking tops."

Power (1986) - part of a review from People magazine I found on the Internet drew this to my attention. Apparently "Richard Gere is livelier than usual in this dumb but entertaining gloss on the wicked ways media wizards package political candidates. Don't look for an incisive probe into the methods of real-life campaign handlers such as David Garth and Pat Caddell. Gere's Pete St. John is a fantasy figure, gifted with an unlined face, great money, terrific suits (no actor fills a Dunhill better), a private jet and a high-tech office. His assistant, played by Kate (Indiana Jones) Capshaw, obligingly wiggles out of her tight skirt whenever the boss calls for some quick dictation..."

The Presidio (1988) - "LinePal" tells me that this film contains "some tight skirts". CH confirms this: "'The Presidio' has several good shots of Meg Ryan in a short black knit minidress, black hosiery and over-the-knee suede black boots (flat heeled). There are several good shots of her and Sean Connery arguing and later scenes show her and Mark Harmon mugging. Her attire is very visible."

Prête à Porter (1993?) - the European name for the film known in America as Ready to Wear.

The Pretender (1996) - NBC TV series. "Zxyxz" says that it featured "villianess Andrea Parker in two or three different tight, sexy minisuits per episode. Unfortunately, they eventually switched her to A-line, ankle lengths (honestly!) in an apparent attempt to switch attention from her and onto the stories now that an audience had been attained." Disgraceful!

Pretty Maids All In A Row (1968) - recommended by Keith V. "Rock Hudson is a guidance counselor on a high school campus chock full of luscious coeds in the tiny possible miniskirts and sheaths. This movie has so much thigh flashing and awesome leg teasing that you might not be able to finish it without a 'rest' break or two. Chicks ride bicycles to school in microminis, walk across campus is skin tight mini-sheaths, and flaunt their briefest outfits in blatant attempts to get laid by the handsome Hudson."

Pretty Smart (1986) - "LinePal" says that this has "About 10 different girls dressed in leather rubber and spandex throught Lovemovie."

Pretty Woman (1990) - Julia Roberts outfits herself in a shapely white pencil dress with a very tight narrow skirt. She makes me sick, but that is not a reflection on her appearance or her dress sense.

The Price of Beauty (2000) - semi-serious, semi-light-hearted soapy drama set in 1961 among the Bunny Girls at a Playboy club in Chicago. As well as the famously tight Bunny Bodices giving the girls all amazing hourglass figures, there are also various costumes in keeping with the times with tight narrow skirts to the knee or below. Julie Condra as dodgy Bunny Ruby is particularly lovely when she lets her hair down in a tight silver beaded sheath at the New Year party.

The Prince and the Showgirl (1957) - a correspondent gives this film as having "Marilyn Monroe in a very tight long dress." He sent me a video tape with a clip from it, and he's telling the truth: I have sampled it for video.

Private School for Girls (?) - "HL" has mixed opinions about this one. "A silly, teenage sex comedy. Not a very good movie, but there are a lot of short tight skirts, and other sexy scenes." Watch it at your own risk :-) Contributor WJA has added some more detail:

Pure Country (1992) - a correspondent says that in this film "Leslie Ann Warren wears at least 4 tight leather outfits." I have now got a video of this film, and I can vouch for it. There are indeed four tight-skirted leather outfits, and I can distinguish them easily, because they are respectively red, blue, black and pink. One of my oldest correspondents, DWM, is always looking for "the perfect leather skirt film": I think this is it!

Quest for Justice (1994) - my first film beginning with Q. Jane Seymour at her most feminine appears as the campaigning anti-racist newspaper editor Hazel Brannon Smith. Hazel's heyday was in the 1950s, and Jane as her has a wonderful range of appropriate tight-skirted pencil suits to show how well she fits the styles of that time. Also known as A Passion for Justice.

A Rage in Harlem (1991) - Robyn Givens first appears in simple and sexy tight red dress; she then appears in a tight green print dress with a narrow skirt, an inappropriately sexy Sunday outfit with a tight pink dress with a hobbling skirt and high heels, a very tight dark pink dress, and finally an outfit with a tight black top, tight wide belt, and very tight orange skirt. Also, and BTW, I think she's one of the most beautiful women in the world, and IMHO this is a damn good film - though you have to face a lot of violence with it. I like the way that the nerdy, socially unsuccessful, unattractive boy ends up with the stunning woman in the very tight skirt.

Random Encounter (?) - "Zxyxz" says that this film featuring "the beautiful Elizabeth Berkely (Showgirls)" is worth a look. He says it "features her through most of it in tight suits with long (urgh!) skirts, but still sexy. The best comes though in the last two scenes, where she finally gets more generous and reveals her gorgeous, hourglass legs with two different suits, the second the one the best". "Gerry_uk" subsequently sent me a video capture from this film with some long-haired, long-legged lovely - presumably Elizabeth Berkely - striding along a road in a tight black minisuit.

The Rat Race (1960) - contributor "IGM" suggested this film. He told me "In the movie The Rat Race Debbie Reynolds spends most of the movie in a well tapered tan pencil skirt to below the knee with no slits or kick pleats. The skirt ripples and strains with her every move as it controls the movement of her legs. One of the best tight skirt movies I have ever seen." Which sounds like my sort of thing! :-)

Raw Deal (1986) - an Arnold Schwarznegger action film, which probably tells you all you need to know about the plot. The reason it gets its place on this list is that Arnie's girlfriend Amy has some beautiful Eighties fashions. In particular there's a scene where he is waiting for a taxi outside his hotel and she steps out alongside him. The camera pans up her to show off her gorgeous outfit: a classic black knee-length sheath dress with a short, tight blue jacket, broad-shouldered and nip-waisted.

Ready to Wear (1993?) - known in Europe as Prête à Porter. A flopbuster (which is a supposed blockbuster that turns into a flop when it hits the cinemas) which HL says contains some worthwhile material. "I expected more short tight skirts in this one, but there's a scene in which Julia Roberts is wearing a tight business suit with a short skirt. There's another scene in which a sexy blond is wearing a short tight red dress. You can see her in the background adjusting the dress, pulling it up and exposing her bare butt. Some have said that this nudity was gratuitous, but I'm not one of them."

The Real Blonde (1997) - a good film too, as far as I could tell, though the video-recorder stopped halfway through it so I don't know how it ends. There are a great many tight, sexy and glamorous fashions on show, but the best tight skirt scene is with ferocious casting director Dede Taylor - I'm afraid I didn't get the name of the actress - who tears into a central characters pretensions while pacing up and down her office in a gorgeous tight plaid minisuit.

The Real McCoy (1993) - recommended, like many other films here, by "Martinez". "About 30-years old, beautiful Mrs. McCoy lives in Atlanta, USA. She loves how very elegant and sexy she looks, wearing second-skin skirted suits and dresses. Everything is fine, but her favourite style makes it necessary to earn a lot of money - and Mrs. McCoy earns a lot of money ... robbing banks. We see her at the beginning of the film leaving a prison, where she has spent the last six years, being penalized just for earning money. Her woman-lawyer fitted black suit with - of course - a mini skirt contrasts with her situation: no money, no work, no place to sleep. One day, desperately trying to improve her life, Mrs. McCoy meets a young thief, played by Val Kilmer. They start both to plan the next move - the robbery of the most important bank in Atlanta.
"Mrs. McCoy is a delicate lady and her methods are suited to it: she uses her natural intelligence and charm.
"We have plenty of shots of her, wearing a range of unbelievably high-styled and tight suits. In one scene she visits the bank (to observe systems of protection and other attitudes of terrain) in a red high buttoned jacket, knee length very narrow black skirt, black sunglasses and leather gloves; the next time she wears pink, mini skirted, tight suit, next time ... and so on. The conclusion is: in my opinion - it's really worth seeing this film! My private rating: = O
"The actress who plays Mrs. McCoy is Goddess Kim Basinger."

Real Men (1987) - "LinePal" says that in this film there is a "leather clad dominatrix scene half way through film"; he also thinks it's a pretty good comedy anyway.

Red Blooded II (?) - DWM says this "low budget T[it] & A[rse]" film is worth a visit for leather skirt lovers. "It's a road movie about a bad girl on the run. She wears a cute little fake leather skirt throughout most of the movie. The movie disappoints twice though: for one thing, there's a sex scene and her skirt mysteriously disappears. For another thing, she's still wearing her skirt when she dies at the end of the movie."

The Red Shoe Diaries (?) - not a film, I think. WB reports "The series of videos called The Red Shoe Diaries starring David Duchovny amongst others features tight skirts... I don't know which 'episodes' as I have not seen them for a while... I know one stars Ally Sheedy in which she is wearing a tight vinyl/patent dress." Later informant "IB" says more about it:

Rich Men, Single Woman (TVM 1990?) - the three single women are a thirtysomething businesswoman who wears narow-skirted suits, a wholesome Nice Girl who the others make over to be their idea of Something Hot, and a sexy hourglass blonde with a taste for very tight stretchy dresses (and in one brief scene a tight leather suit) which show off her formidable curves.

Rising Sun (1993) - "LinePal" tells me that this film has "Several scenes with girls wearing tight spandex leather skirts and a murder scene with the female victom wearing either a spandex or rubber full body dress verryverry tight but scene is dark."

Risky Business (1982?) - "HL" tells me that this film is worth seeing because "Rebecca DeMornay and her prostitute friends wear a lot of short skirts, a few tight skirts, and some tight jeans. A pretty good movie, too."

Rita, Sue, and Bob Too (1987) - a British serious social comedy-drama. Rita and Sue are two teenage girls who strut around in exactly the kind of clothes with short tight skirts and high heels that I remember so happily from my school days. The film is somewhat controversial because it contains large amounts of very unerotic underage sex between these two girls and a much older man. Funny, in my humble opinion, it isn't.

Road House (1989) - Modern-day western with Patrick Swayze, who was at the time the number one pin-up for young women. It is almost a perfect period piece of the late-Eighties styles that enlightened my teenage years. It starts with a completely gratuitous piece of cheesecake: a scarlet Ferrari Testarossa (the then most admired sports car) parks outside a glamorous nightclub, and we close up on the door to see, as it opens, a pair of dainty feet in four-inch stilettos swing out. As they delicately take the weight above them, we pan up some gorgeous legs to follow the rear view of a beautiful lady whose flawless figure is shown off by her painted-on Lycra minidress as she undulates over to the entrance. She never appears in the story again, but when we cut to the interior shots we see that among the clientele are other ladies in equally tight minidresses. When Patrick Swayze goes to work in a country roadhouse instead, he finds that though the building may be run-down and the clientele rougher, the ladies there enjoy classic Eighties styles of long teased hair, bright make-up, stiletto heels and incredibly tight stretch minidresses just as much as their richer sisters did back in the big city. Specially recommended for any tight skirt fan too young to remember Eighties fashions first time around (this means you, Sam.)

Robocop (1987?) - I've seen this film several times but evidently overlooked something, according to information from "Ozone20". "In the movie robocop about 1/3 of a way in, there is a fantastic scene with 2 models one in a blue leather mini skirt and one with a green leather suit (of course he does get a little too friendly with them, but its a GREAT scene and the guy gets shot about 30 seconds later, so at least he got to see something great before he died :-) Its great when the model in the blue skirt bends over to the camera :-)"  I have now seen this bit myself and can confirm it.

Robocop 2 (1990) - not such a good film, as a film. However, the part of capitalist villain is taken by Belinda Bauer as "Faxx", and she fulfils her role in the wonderful suits that for the professional woman of the 1980s allowed a combination of dignity, femininity and sex appeal that has never since been regained. Anyone who doesn't think of the 1980s as a period of tight skirt glamour has only to look at her as she goes about her business in her yummy tight suits!

Rock Around the Clock (1956) - one of the most famous of the early "original rock" films. DC says that some of the costumes are interesting: it "featured a beautiful, hippy young lady (possibly hispanic) called Lisa Gaye. She danced several rock dances in a very tight, light colored skirt."

Romance on the High Seas (1948?) - one of Doris Day's first films. Artist JB recommends this, not for Doris Day herself, but becasue "there was a starlet by the name of Leslie Brooks who played the part of a snooty secretary in a very tight fitting jacket and clinging skirt. She was very slim, but her as she turned away from the camera her assets were beautifully revealed."

Romeo Is Bleeding (?) - DWM says this is a film "in which Lena Olin wears a tight black leather skirt at the end of the film. Unfortunately, she's a bad girl and she ends up getting shot while wearing her sexy outfit." I have seen this film, and the skirt really is beautiful - very elegant, and very sexy - and beautifully set off by a soft black silk blouse and wide tight heavy leather belt. Exquisite.

Romy and Michele's High School Reunion (?) - a correspondent says "At the beginning of the movie, the girls go dancing and Mira Sorvino is wearing a short, shiny little skirt, and about halfway through the movie, the girls decide to become business women... in business suits! I'd have to recommend it."

Rough Magic (1996/7) - a new release, which CH says is a great film for lovers of the New Look styles such as me. He tells me "Bridget Fonda appears in lots of late 40's/early 50's finery. There is one fiery scene of here removing her snug red suit to reveal a very nice black corsolette (gartered of course) to seduce the male lead. There are also some rear views of Bridget in a tight suit and some great back scenes of seamed stockings, if you appreciate that sort of thing."

Runaway (1984) - a correspondent says this is "a film that Kirstie Alley had a small part in, where she wears a really nice black leather skirt, but we don't get to see too much of her."

The Running Man (1990?) - one "Steven" singles out "the scene where ben richards is getting ready for the game Amy - Dey Young is wearing a hot tight brown skirt suit she is rather hot, and Van Wilder Tara Reid is wearing a few skirts in this film".

Sabrina the Teenage Witch - contemporary TV series. I've never really watched this but artist "Biker" praised it to me. So, later on, did contributor "B. Avery":
"My kids watch a show called ; Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I don't know how old that star is (I'm not into the teen thing). But she has a great curving shape and wears tight skirts, pants etc. One of the adult co-stars (her aunt) wears some of the sexiest clothing I've seen on 'daytime' TV. She also happens to be a piece of tail along the lines of your lovely [former] feature model Dee."

Satan In High Heels (1962) - suggested by supporter Jerry P. The only information he gives is that it "features 'Sabrina' - very impressive." Sabrina was a British TV star in the late Fifties and on famous for her extreme hourglass figure. I have seen this film myself now and can vouch for two outfits in particular: one a knee-length tight soft leather dress worn by the heroine with stilettos, and the other an insanely glamorous stage gown worn by Sabrina which shows off her impressive waist (she is shown briefly beforehand in a minute-waisted corset) and in which, to judge from her style of "dancing" and the fact that we don't get to see her coming onstage or going off again, she can obviously hardly move. For the song, though, it looks quite wonderful.

Savage (1995) - a rotten TV Movie made for the American channel Home Box Office which was recommended by "Zxyxz" - though not for its qualities as a film. "The fox wears a tight, pin striped minisuit with an ultra tight, matching skirt that stoppes right at the bottom of her butt. Her opaque black stockings and stilletos top it off. There are many full scenes of her (Jennifer Grant I think is the actresses name) and she is the SEXIEST thing I have EVER scene on film! My ultimite fantasy is for every working girl to dress like her! Unfortunately, the film is so bad (and she gets disintegrated in the end- she was evil) that it's unknown and not on HBO's re broadcast schedule. Nor is it available on video, from my research." Further information is encouraged if you've seen this masterpiece. "J.D." later contacted me about this saying that "The name of the woman wearing the tight skirt in Savage is actually Kristin Minter, not Jennifer Grant. And you're correct, she is just about the sexiest character in any movie."

Savage Beach (1989) - "LinePal" says that this film features "Neoprean rubber dress and skirt(bodyGlove) some short tight skirts."

Scandal in a Small Town - TVM. Raquel Welch in very tight front-zipped denim pencil dress.

School of Rock (2004) - a new film at the time I recorded it, suggested by a fellow lover of ladies in tight suits:

Scream (1996) - I didn't like this film and watched only the first forty-five minutes of it, but I did see Linda (The Exorcist) Blair as a pretty, obnoxious reporter who always seemed to be wearing a rather tarty miniskirted tight green suit.

Screwball Hotel (?) - a correspondent describes this as "A silly, teenage, sex comedy. There's a very good looking blonde who wears very short, tight micro-miniskirts."

The Sea Chase (1955) - maritime action adventure starring John Wayne as a sea-captain from Nazi Germany (!) and Lana Turner as a femme fatale. Though the film is set in 1939, as with the costume designer could not bear to put the expensive leading actress in unflattering clothes fifteen years out of date, and instead Lana Turner was upholstered in the finest painted-on sheath dress Hollywood's designers could stitch for her. She also has long fine kid gloves, a gorgeous fur coat, scarlet lips, immaculately styled blonde hair, etc., and in general the film is a masterclass in Fifties glamour. Don't ask me about the plot, though.

Sea of Love (1989) - Ellen Barkin in red leather jacket and stretchy tight black skirt; tight brown jacket and skirt; tight grey dress; and tweed check suit with extremely tight skirt (see top of page.)

Second Chance (1953) - very much a B-picture and terribly predictable to watch, but it does star Linda Darnell, truly one of the most exquisitely beautiful women ever to live, and she is dressed perfectly in the fashions of the moment with long narrow skirts. AB watched most of this film and was delighted with her outfits:

The Secret Agent Club (1996) - the webmaster of the Opera Gloves page told me about this one. "This is a VERY forgettable kid's movie starring Hulk Hogan, dated 1996; however, Lesley-Anne Down, as the villainness, spends the whole movie in (a) a snug green evening gown with white satin opera gloves and (b) a tight black leather miniskirt." Villainesses often get more glamorous clothes (see for example Cinderella 2000) and Lesley-Anne Down proved in Clue, she is a very elegant and graceful beauty who looks wonderful in tight dresses.

The Secret Life of Kathy McCormick - TVM (1988). Barbara Eden, looking very curvy, in fitted pink suit with very tight skirt and high heels.

See No Evil (1989) - a correspondent tells me that in this film "The 'evil' lady is seen wearing TIGHT suits. First a B/W check jacket with a tight red miniskirt and later on she's running down hill (!) and fighting in a green jacket on a tight black miniskirt. Certainly enough stuff I think." I have seen this film and can confirm it is a first-rate record of Eighties tight-skirted fashions.

Separate Lives (1994) - "Chrissie" recommended this one, "starring Linda Hamilton as a schizophrenic psychology professor. There's a scene near the end, as she begins to lose it completely, where she turns up at James Belushi's house in a very tight, very short slutty black lycra dress, dark tights & heels with a leather designer biker jacket over it."

Seven Days (2000?) - American SF TV series. I happened to see only part of the last episode of this, but was delighted to find a member of the time-traveller's "mission control" was a handsome, tall (and of course too thin) young woman who appeared first in a beautiful tight brown suit with a below-the-knee pencil skirt, and later on in a grey suit with a looser jacket but a similar very narrow pencil skirt.

The Seven Year Itch (1954?) - SW reminds me that early in this film Marilyn Monroe appears wearing two different tight dresses, both delightfully well-filled!

Sexterror (?) - see Viol Au Telephone.

Shampoo (?) - HL says "There are plenty of short skirts in this movie, but I remember one scene in which an attractive woman is sitting down with her legs crossed and her skirt is not only very short, but very tight."

She's All That (1999) - former featured model Amy's husband told me he had seen this film and thought I'd like it. It is apparently a film with "Rachael Leigh Cook. Rachael wears a very sexy tight red dress to a party in the movie. There are other seens of other girls wearing tight skirts and dresses in the movie. I remember one seen of one girl wearing a skirt similar to the skirts in the bygone fashion pages." I have since seen some of this film myself and was more struck by Jodi Lyn O'Keefe as the school glamourbitchqueen. In one scene she wears a classic outfit of tight white T-shirt and tight navy-blue knee-length skirt, and to the climactic party she wears a long tight silver gown.

She's Out - UK crime miniseries. Young girl crook seen walking up platform from train in very high black stilettos and very tight black skirt.

Shoot The Piano Player (1960) - OK says that this Francois Truffaut film "features a tight, I think knee length l[eather]s[kirt]. for half aminute or so."

The Shrimp on the Barbie (1996), also known as The Boyfriend from Hell: DWM tells me that this "features a girl in a short, tight leather dress doing a strip show for some guy."

The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw (1958) - Jayne Mansfield in various dresses tight down to the knee over an even tighter corset.

Showgirls (1995) - this film got appalling reviews and having seen some of it I think they were truly deserved. Everything from the dialogue to Elizabeth Berkely's ringlets annoyed me. However, during one of the few scenes where Ms. Berkely has her clothes on, she wears a tight cropped top and miniskirt in leopardskin print on a mission to beat the fertiliser out of someone who raped her friend.

Shri 420 - the first Indian film, I think, to make the list. I am not interested in saris; anyone who has seen a sari should understand why. However, an article about this film I found on the Internet said that "Nadira's seductress gown for Mud mud ke na dekh [one of the songs] was stitched so tight she couldn't sit down. The agony was worth it, she says."

Le Signorine dello 04 (1955, Italy) - "Detlef Bendethain" recommends this film on the basis of its featuring "Antonella Lualdi in a dark tight fifties skirt (very elegant) as a young telephone operator in love."

Silk Stalkings (?) - "Zxyxz" says that this "has always had tight skirts and minisuits in nearly all appaerances by women on the show" but gives no more details, such as what kind of show it is or when it was broadcast. HdaS, an irregular contributor, has a bit more to tell me about it: "Silk Stalkings is an original series created by the USA Network cable channel. I'm not even sure it is shown outside the States. It's been through 3 or 4 'generations' of main characters, with the format always being a police homocide team of a male and a female working out of a sunny clime (Malibu?). The short skirt component varies widely, but when it's good it can be very good." An Irish contributor later sent me a series of tapes from this film, and Mitzi Kapture (yes, that really is her name) had some beautiful tight skirted minisuits; various guest stars wore even tighter suits and dresses at times.

Sinful Intrigue (?) - DWM tells me this features a girl in a sexy leather skirt who has sex with the man within five minutes. I can't locate the exact details now but I gather it's a "T[it]&A[rse]" film, as he would put it.

The Sixth Sense (1998?) - recommended by "Foss", who says "The Sixth Sense features the attractive mother of the poor little boy with a tight black knee-length skirt in many frames. I dunno if this is worthy or not, but check it out." I have not seen this film myself so I'd welcome more information about it.

Slaves of New York (1989) - later in the film three Supremes lookalikes dance in the street wearing tight orange dresses with long hobbling skirts.

Slightly Scarlet (1956) - US crime film. Much of the action centres on two sisters, one of whom, played by Arlene Dahl, is a showpiece for the carefully judged glamour of the time. In the few short passages I saw, she wore a slim navy pencil suit with a tight-waisted jacket and high heels, an embroidered strapless sheath dress with a narrow skirt and a back kick pleat, and (nothing to do with this list) a peerlessly coordinated outfit with hairband, gloves, shoes, handbag and tight-bodiced full-skirted day dress all in the same matching shade of green.

Slow Burn (?) - a correspondent tells me that this film "was a movie made for HBO, Cinamax or Showtime. It stared Eric Roberts." Its relevance to this page is that "There is a scene in this movie approx. 3/4 of the way through it that shows a blonde in a black sweater, and a skin tight short grey skirt w/slit, entering what looks like motel room and stepping up onto the bed with her knees and walking across it with full rear view. Then she turns and sits down. This is one of the sexiest tight skirt scenes I have ever seen!!!!!!"

Small Time Crooks (2000) - a whimsical Woody Allen comedy. Tracy Ullman stars as Frenchy, the incompetent gangster's competent wife who ends up making a fortune out of the shop started up purely as cover for her husband's bank robbery. When she becomes rich, she spends a lot of money on cute little tight minisuits in bright colours and prints.

Snake Eyes (1998) - unfortunately as my own computer is out of of reach at the time I write this I can't get all the information I want, but I do remember that the person who told me about it enthused about the leading actress wearing a sexy tight white satin suit for much of the end of the film.

Some Like It Hot (1959) - Marilyn Monroe wiggling for her train in skin-tight skirt and high heels.

S.O.S. Pacific (1959, UK) - "Detlef Bendethain" brought this to my attention. I am told it features "Pier Angeli as a stewardess on a water-plane [flying-boat? - Webmster's note] in a uniform you would like."

So I Married An Axe Murderer (1995?) - friend, fellow cat-lover and long-term contributor Matty wrote in about this film because " there is an extensive scene at the end where the lead femail star is wearing a gorgeous red cheongsam."

Son of Paleface (1952) - Western comedy starring Bob Hope and the ever-sassy Jane Russell. It is set, apparently, in about 1880, and Jane has a gorgeous painted-on silver silk sheath evening gown to wear in one scene.

So This Is New York (1948) - Shelagh tells me that this film "has a lot of tight skirts in it. OK, I'll admit that some of the skirts tent to hobble the wearer. The film takes place just after WW1."

Spark - UK "comedy" (?) series. Not very funny, but in the sixth and last episode the weedy hero falls in love with a gorgeous waitress who wears a shortish black leather skirt tighter than any yet on my leather skirts pages!

Sparrows Can't Sing (1963) - UK comedy-drama film. Barbara Windsor as a sexy young wife in fashionable outfits of very tight knee-length skirts and stilettos, often seen hurrying about. I haven't seen this film myself, but I've seen clips which justify its inclusion; if anyone can get hold of it I'd appreciate more information. British readers will know instantly what is implied by Barbara Windsor; non-British readers may like to imagine someone who looks like Dolly Parton but tells jokes in a Cockney accent instead of singing country music.

The Specialist (1994) - "Minirocker" told me about this. He says it is "hollywood action, starring Sly Stallone and Sharon Stone. Worth looking because of Sharon =-) One short but good scene where she wears this short black dress." The reference to "this" dress is because he had sent me a still from the film: I can confirm that the dress is not only short, but very tight.

Spiceworld (1997) - DWM, my prolific contributor, tells me that this is "a skirt-lover's dream film, but that's about the only good reason to rent it! Anyone with working eyes knows who the Spice Girls are and how they dress. This movie doesn't disappoint, from beginning to end. Of particular note is the white leather mini that Emma (the cute blonde) wears during the group's encounter with a bunch of space aliens who are looking for tickets to the show..." Having seen a few bits of this film myself I can confirm it does contain plenty of tight skirts. I was particularly taken with a (typically silly) sequence in which for some reason the "girls" are transformed into soldiers in combat fatigues and taken on an assault course; at least four of them are, but Victoria Beckham (I forget her maiden name) instead acquires a very short, very tight camouflage-print minidress and extremely high-heeled sandals and stalks alongside the various obstacles refusing to take part in them. Shortly afterwards a "fantasy" sequence shows her in a very tight silver minidress. However, I read that this film is suitable only for the under-fives; others may find it irritating. I don't think I could have stood it with the sound on.

Splitting Heirs (1993) - not a very good comedy and definitely not worthy of Eric Idle and John Cleese, but the costume designer did a fine job. Catherine Zeta Jones as a rich, beautiful young Englishwoman and Barbara Hershey as her dangerously sexy mother-in-law wear various minisuits and minidresses so tight the film ought to be retitled Splitting Seams!

Spy Hard (?) - a correspondent tells me that in this film "Nicollette Sheridan wears a red mini--my favorite!"

The Squeeze (1987): John F sends the following information:

Storyville (1994) - Charlotte Lewis as Lee (in ultra-tight black microdress showing off ultra-long ultra-perfect legs) and Justine Arlin as Melanie (in cute tight little cream suit).

Straight Talk (1990?) - Dolly Parton film. Contributor and friend Guillaume sent me a long "index" detailing all the outfits he'd seen her wear in it that he thought I would like; a catalogue of "tight skirts", "tight jeans", "tight suits" and even such exotica as "a very sexy tight grey suit with a straining jacket" and "a blue jacket threatening to explode". Obviously one for connoisseurs of tight fashion! I later found a tape of it and can confirm all these things as advertised.

Streets of Fire (?) - TJR tells me that this film "is a must see if you like tight black leather skirts on women." No further details.

The Substitute (?) - DWM has a bit to say about this film, "not to be confused with the action-adventure film of a few years later. This one is a cheese-fest, semi-serious, semi-T&A film that I recommend you watch on fast forward. Amanda Donohoe is in it, playing a psychotic substitute teacher who is having an affair with one of her students and his father. There's plenty of tight skirts to be had, short ones on the beautiful female students and long ones on Amanda. This film isn't at the top of my recommendations list but there are a few nice shots of her bum as she goes up a set of stairs."

Sunstroke (1992) - a TV movie featuring Jane Seymour playing an American, this time, and wearing "dresses so tight you can read the labels on her underwear", according to a review I found on the Internet. A review on the IMDB also refers to her exceptionally tight costumes.

The Surrogate (1985) - "ACDN" told me about this one. He wasn't sure of the details but I checked them and made sure which of several films of this name was meant by researching on the Internet Movie Database, which has been extremely useful to me in making this page up. Of the film, he says "I forget who stars in the movie but it is in the mid eighties. It is a drama/thriller. I saw it about 9 years ago and saw a woman in a skintight outfit but that was only a few minutes of it."

The Swan (1956) - a romantic period piece with Grace Kelly, set in 1910. This means ornate gowns with long, narrow skirts; technically it is in the middle of the "hobble skirt" period, though in the very short piece of the film that I've seen I didn't notice any such.

Sweet Dreams (1985) - my very long-established contributor "John X" told me about this one, featuring Jessica Lange. "She wore lots of 1950s style clothes, like tight shiny Capri pants and pencil skirts, and I swear she either gained weight for the role or wore padding in her backside (the way Michelle Pfeiffer did in the Batman movie), because I never saw Jessica Lange with such a curvy rear end."

The Sweetest Thing (2003) - "features Cameron Diaz in a very tight dress which she wears to a wedding during the second half of the film." according to informant "Bruclaud"

Switch (1991) - I've seen this film myself, and it's a waste of the gloriously beautiful and very talented Ellen Barkin: if you want to see her at her best, watch Sea of Love. The character Steve Brooks is reincarnated as Ellen Barkin as a punishment for being a sexist pig. "MS" contributed the following damning review:

The Tailor of Panama (2001) - artist PB told me about this film. "The main interest for aficianados of tailored females are Jamie Lee Curtis, but especially Catherine McCormack, who look as if they were poured into the beautiful suits they are wearing throughout the film. I hope they got to keep them afterwards."

Take Her, She's Mine (1963) - FW tells me that this film has "a cute little chamsan (sp!} scene" and also "a fair nimber of pencil skirt shots on campus and in Paris, too."

Tammy and the T Rex (1994) - a correspondent tells me that Ellen Dubin as Nurse Helga is worth watching. "There were a few very hot scenes -really long scenes- with a woman wearing a wonderful tight and short leather miniskirt , black nylons and high heels."

Teachers (?) - WB says that in this film "A lawyer babe wears a nice leather skirt in the movie."

Teachers (UK TV series, c.2000+) - a report from "Steven" says that "Jenny wears a short tight skirt as one of the teachers keep looking at her behind and the camera goes on it." In which episode this happened he didn't tell me, and there are several series of this comedy-drama to watch, so any further information is welcome.

Teacher's Pet (1958) - "KJB" who shares my passion for Fifties fashion pointed me at this vehicle for professional cutie-pie Doris Day. He sent me several video captures from it showing Doris in a sheath-tight just-below-the-knee pencil skirt and a highly glamorous black evening gown with a low back and a long tight skirt.

Teaserama (1954?) - a "cabaret" film of the 1950s which was daring at the time and now seems very tame, because not only do the girls not simulate sex with anyone, they don't even take all their clothes off! However, this page is not about nudity. I have seen this film and noted one tight evening gown but nothing particularly special. I think the version I saw must have been cut, though, because JB identifies something I would have remembered: "One of the acts stars Tempest Storm and Betty Page. Tempest is lying in bed (in bra and panties) and wakes up and dresses, with the help of Betty Page dressed as a French Maid. It is a striptease in reverse: probably a favorite fantasy of the true tight skirt/tight dress afficionados. [Like me! - Webmaster's note.] Tempest puts on her suspenders and stockings, giving a great display of her shapely legs. Then Betty helps her with her basque and her gloves. The climax of the act is when Betty assists her with a long sequined ballgown. This is very tight, especially round Tempest's voluptuous hips, so Betty has some difficulty fastening the gown. When it is eventually fastened, Tempest takes a few restricted steps. With her rear to the camera she then sways her beautiful bottom while the sequined dress shimmers with her movements." This I would love to see!

The Temp (1992?) - CH says that this film starring Lara Flynn Boyle as a murderous secretary "Some good shots of the gorgeous Boyle in short skirts, tight skirts and a fabulous shot of her in a very short skirt and seamed stockings." I have seen it and don't remember any tight skirt scenes, but if it comes on TV where you are then give it a go.

The Thomas Crown Affair (1998?) - this was suggested by the webmaster of the Opera Gloves page. He piqued my interest by a passing reference to "Rene Russo's scene in The Thomas Crown Affair, for example, where she wears a black gown that appears almost literally painted on" and I asked for more information. He told me that "The scene a bit later on where she seduces Pierce Brosnan on the dance floor is an absolute must, though; as I said, that gown appears almost literally painted-on, in fact, I think she was nude underneath it! I have a vidcap gallery of that scene, but unfortunately most of the pictures are very dark."

Thunder Run (1985?) - "LinePal" says this film contains "a leather clad girl friend Pants and skirt only 2 brief scenes."

Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! - American title for the Pedro Almodovar film ¡Atame!.

The Tie that Binds (1995) - a "family drama" (in that it's about a family, not that it's suitable for a family audience!) in which Darryl Hannah stars as the nasty mother of the nasty little girl at the centre of the story of how she and her even nastier husband try to get their daughter back from adoption. Its relevance to this list is that there is a protracted scene early on in which Darryl is seen wearing a Chanel-copy suit, black with brass buttons, the jacket and skirt very short and the skirt very tight, with high heels and black stockings. While she is thus beautifully attired, as I recall, the man playing her husband beats the fertiliser out of her. I didn't watch much more than that as it's not my sort of thing.

Tight Rope (?) - "TJR" says that this is a film "in which a sexy women is wearing a glossy black leather skirt who gets handcuffed to the bed and gets mounted from behind ( they don't show the sex part but show the tail end of it)." I checked back and he specified that the skirt is "tight enough", so it gets a link.

Barbara Taylor Bradford's To Be The Best - mini-series. Near the start there is a long sequence of a beautiful young woman in a very fitted suit with a tight skirt, which the camera follows down a corridor; later on another character appears in a skin-tight tweed suit and high heels.

To Catch A King (1983) - Alan from Liverpool, a fellow admirer of ladies in curvaceous and tightly tailored suits, told me about this one. He said that "another great movie featuring a smart-suited lady is To Catch A King, starring the lovely Terri Garr (God, you wanna see the way her skirt rides up to her stocking tops when she mounts those stairs!)."

To Die For (1995?) - a correspondent tells me that Nicole Kidman is worth watching out for in this film, and sent me a picture to prove it. I have now seen this film myself, and can confirm it has many, many scenes with Ms. Kidman in cutely sexy tight-skirted minisuits, as well as one pair of magnificently tight jeans.

Tomboy (1985) - WJA tells me that this is worth a look for leather skirt lovers in particular. "Betsy Russell wears a tight black leather miniskirt for roughly 6 or 7 minutes, occuring in the film's latter half. Within the scene, she puts on boxing gloves and challenges her new boyfriend to a fight. He reluctantly goes along. After be hit several times, he strikes back with one solid punch, knocking her to the mat (in the exercise room). As he rushes to see if she's okay, she laughs, and they have sex. A sexy chick in boxing gloves and a tight black leather miniskirt, ending with sex -- the stuff dreams are made of!" He adds, discouragingly, that it's been discontinued on video, so I can't help you get hold of it, I'm afraid.

Too Bad She's Bad (1955) - English-language title of the Italian film originally called Peccat che sia una canaglia. DC points me at Sophia Loren's luscious curves in this film: "she drove the audience nuts walking down the street in her tight skirts, swaying her large, shapely hips. I went out of my mind watching her."

Too Many Crooks (1958) - WJB sent in information about this film:

Top Gun (1986) - if you can stand Tom Cruise for long enough, a correspondent tells me this film contains "three wonderfull scenes that shows Kelly McGillis in a beautiful tight skirt."

Torch Song (1995?) "Dmoylan" sent me a series of still clips from this film, starring Raquel Welch. He says that "She actually wears the tight skirt [actually a long silver lamé evening gown] that she wore in Naked Gun 331/3 for 4-5 minutes at a party. She also wears a few tight outfits through the rest of the movie. Tight costume heaven!"

Totò Peppino and the bad girl (1958) - Italian film. Few details are available but a video clip sent by Gianvittorio shows that this film features a lovely blonde in long silky narrow dresses as well as some other Fifties styles.

Touch of Evil (1958) - my Fifties specialist Ellie recommends this film with Janet Leigh. "Ms Leigh wore a tight sweater, wide belt and long very tight skirt through most of the first half of the film. Janet Leigh is really quite striking and looks magnificent in the outfit." I can confirm this, and it's also a damn good film with Orson Welles in it.

Town On Trial (1956) - Artist JB recommended this one, after seeing it himself and being inspired by one of the characters to three vintage tight skirt glamour paintings. "In this film she dances a sexy solo mambo at the tennis club ball. She is wearing a light close fitting frock that widens into flat panels at the knees, over a long petticoat: unlike most of the other young women at the ball who wear flared party dresses. The older women however wear well-fitting formal ball gowns, very becoming!"

Track 29 (1988) - near the end of the film, Theresa Russell in white suit with very tight knee-length skirt checks her beauty in a mirror, then steps elegantly into a car.

Trapped (1989) - former featured model Amy's husband says that "The movie featured Kathleen Quinlan wearing a very nice tight suit with alittle longer then short skirt. You get to see the suit through out the movie. There are great views from all directions."

Trouble in Paradise (1989) - TV movie starring Raquel Welch, who looks remarkably beautiful in it. Most of it is set in the wilds of a desert island, but she does appear early on as a supremely elegant widow in wide-brimmed straw hat, long jacket closely tailored into her slim waist, tight skirt and immaculate high heels; later on shipboard she wears a lovely outfit with a plain, high-necked, long-sleeved, very tight plain black wool dress, a wide belt firmly nipping her tiny waist, and a headscarf knotted under her chin, a Fifties detail that I've found sexy most of my life.

True Lies (1994) - a correspondent tells me that this film "has some lovely views of Jamie Lee Curtis wearing a very tight skirt" and "a tight black dress".  By the way, I've seen this film myself and he's damn right!

Trying Times (1989) - US TV series. This seems to have been rather an obscure sitcom, and I can find out little about it. However, I was impressed by some of the episodes, notably "Death and Taxes", in which the nerdy central character finds himself being assisted with his tax return by a gorgeous, sexy lawyer who likes to wear tight skirt suits and high heels. I even wrote a story based on it (now lost). The series is long since lost to video and DVD, so you can do no more than look out for it if it should turn up on a TV channel near you.

Tuff Turf (1985) - featured model Dottie's husband suggested this one. He says it is "definately a tight skirt movie, or sould I say minidress the ones she [Kim Richards] wears are like the stripy minidres that Dottie wears"

Tune In Tomorrow (1990) - a reader who wants to be anonymous recommended this film. "It's about a radio soap opera in the beginning of the fifties. There are two shots (both only a few seconds long) where you can see Barbara Hershey wearing a long tight New Look suit. First a green one, later a burgundy one. I think it's meant as a comedy, but it bores your pants off. At least, that's my (humble) opinion. The automobiles are allright though."

Twilight of the Gods (1958) - "Jim B" told me about this film. He mentioned it in his marvellous essay on a 1950s fashion show he visited, and when I asked for further information he gave it. The essay says that in this film Cyd Charisse wears "a light brown dress with buttons down the back, clinging to her lovely figure." He expanded on this when I asked him:

The Twilight Zone (1959) - this refers to the original black-and-white series and not the "remake" which has been failing to impress me recently. "Detlef Bendethain" suggests two episodes to me.

Twins (1990?) - a Danny de Vito/Arnold Schwarznegger film, and since I dislike both of them I've always avoided watching it. CL suggests that there may be more to it than that, advising me to look out for Kelly Preston in it, but he gives no details.
"CJ" later wrote in with more information: For the first half of the movie, Kelly Preston wears a tight, lycra minidress. The most memorable scene I remember is a shot that pans up her body as she sits in the backseat of a car, smiling and awaiting for Arnold to join her. Worth watching in slow-motion.

Twist All Night (1962) - another cash-in on the twist craze of the time. KJB tells me that it is "notable in that is has some very nice scenes with JUNE WILKERSON prancing around. There is also some good backround shots of of some well outfitted dancers."
[Webmaster's note: For a contemporary observer's account of the interaction between pencil-skirted girls and the Twist craze, you can read AB's account of it.]

The Two Jakes (?) - CH says that this film, sequel to Chinatown, "has some good tight skirt scenes and several shots of the lead female actress in a garter girdle and stockings." I have seen it myself and this is exactly true: it is set in the Fifties and there are a few pencil skirts typical of the time, and also a scene where Jack Nicholson seduces a customer of his private detective service and she undresses to reveal this peach satin girdle.

Two-Way Stretch (1958) - British "caper movie" about a diamond robbery. One of the convicts has as girlfriend Liz Fraser, Britains premier bumptious blonde comedienne of the time; she visits him in jail, and on her way out skips through the visiting room in her tight knee-length skirt and high heels, only to stop on the stairs complaining that her suspender (American: garter) has given way. While she's pulling her skirt up to fix it and distracting all the warders, the other visitors have their chance to pass contraband to the prisoners!

Undercover (?) - WB from Australia recommends this highly to tight skirt lovers. "Cop goes undercover as a hooker/prostitute. Lovely tight skirts and dresses."

Undercover Blues (1993) - this is a very irritating film with Kathleen Turner and a man as an extremely irritating and painfully smug spy couple. La Turner also wears dull highly informal clothes - shapeless blouses, and long baggy shorts, nobody would imagine she was actually the voice behind Jessica Rabbit! However, the villainess, played by Fiona Shaw, is a Russian lady of taste who wears a beautiful neo-Fifties suit with a short, tight, small-waisted jacket and a long pencil skirt, elaborately styled hair, perfect make up, high heels, etc. Later on Kathleen Turner throws a bomb at her and rips her suit to shreds; she then ends up crawling through the mud in it, for those who like this sort of thing.

Undercover Girl (UK 1958) - fellow Fifties lover Joe B saw this film and sent me a long email about it.

Unhappily Ever After (TV show) - "Falcon" has seen this programme and enjoyed it: "it had two very nice black miniskirts on the screen for the whole show!! NICE!!!" Further details were supplied much later by DWM, who corrected the title (originally quoted as just Unhappily) and gave some more details of why it should be listed here: "Nikki Cox is almost always clad in short, tight skirts. Leather lovers would also enjoy the show because I've seen a few great episodes with beautiful young leather-clad women. In one, Tiffany (Nikki Cox) is dating a biker and she dresses in two different leather outfits for the entire episode. Her first outfit is a jacket and super-tight black leather pants, while her second outfit is a simple, low cut, tight black leather dress. Her friends on the show, who are as sexy as she is, dress the same way."

Up Close and Personal (1996) - contributor "Charlie Brown" sent me a tape with part of this film on it. "Michelle" (Pfeiffer? I'm not good on film stars and models) appears as a TV newsroom trainee in a super tight pencil suit with a fitted jacket, medium black stilettos, immaculate hair and make-up, and all the other things I so much appreciate. I could have done without the close-ups of her puking down a toilet, though.

Up Rising - British TV series, first broadcast 2000. Appears to be based on the same sort of idea as Jilly Cooper's novels (country gentry and the rural working class having amorous adventures) but written as a situation comedy. In the third episode ex-soap actress Michelle Collins as the village sexpot goes to the local "folk night" in a too-tight boned basque top and a far-too-tight red stretch satin knee-length skirt. There is a great deal of film of this, including showing her dancing; the centrepiece of the plot is that one of the town's old men is so overexcited by her skirt that he has a heart attack and expires.

Urban Legend (?) - DWM recommends this for the list because "A well-built young blonde girl wears a tight tan-colored skirt at the beginning of the movie."

Vampire's Kiss (1989) - Malcolm at the Zoo pointed this one out to me, by means of a picture of star Jennifer Beals in a very tight black skirt sitting on an upturned armchair. I've never seen it myself but if that skirt is in the film it deserves a link here and no mistake! By the way, does anybody know what has happened to Jennifer Beals? She was the star of the moment in the middle Eighties but is not heard of now. Alas, that's how it goes with Hollywood.

Vibes (?) - a correspondent says that "Cindy Lauper is soooo cute, plus she wears some really tight little skirts as a bonus. It's also a pretty good little flick with Peter Falk and Jeff Goldblum."

Vice Academy parts 1 and 2 (1988, 1990) - Frank G sent in a long account of why these films should be listed here:

View from the Top (2003) - contributor "tight denim-skirt" recommended this film to me. She said it "stars gwyneth paltrow, kelly preston, christina applegate. LOTS of tight skirt suits and skintight mini dresses."

The Villain - American title for Cactus Jack

Viol Au Telephone (?) - a French porn film, whose title I'm sorry to say is in English Rape Over The Telephone. I originally had this listed as Sexterror, under which title "FK" told me that it "contains one of the best leather scenes ever: Sandrine Herpes...wearing a short leather skirt and a leather jacket on a roof of a car at a scrap yard together with 3 guys" DWM, long-term contributor, later tracked this film down and told me much more about it - including the correct name of the film and of the star: "There's a film listed as SexTerror, which supposedly stars Sandrine Herpes in a great leather scene. Due to the wonders of the 21st century internet I've been able to track down this film in its entirety. It's actually called Viol Au Telephone and it's a French porn film. The actress is not Sandrine Herpes (as if any porn star would have a last name like that!) but is actually most likely Sandrine Vanher. As for the scene itself, I wouldn't say it would ever go in the tight skirts hall of fame. Her leather skirt buttons up the front and since it's a porn film, it stays unbuttoned most of the time. To the director's credit, she does keep it on through the whole scene. It's a great scene for leather lovers but no so great for lovers of tight skirts. There is another scene with a blonde girl in a tight black leather biker-style dress but again it's removed quickly. But there is a scene halfway through the movie with a tight (non-leather) skirted blonde being chased by an RC car. She has some trouble struggling out of her skirt. Another scene has a blonde stripping out of an orange skirt. So some good but brief skirt action."

V.I.P. (?) - AS author of Frequent Exposure tells me that this is "a really crap movie...featuring the world's most famous Bimbo, Pamela Anderson... wearing a tight pink skirt and top, and at one point she had to tug the skirt down to smooth out the wrinkles. Lllllovely..." Mark has subsequently commented that this is a series, not a film, and "in the course of a one-hour episode, Pammy managed to squeeze herself into several impressively, tight-skirted outfits." (Webmaster's note: not to be confused with The V.I.P.s, an Elizabeth Taylor film from the early Sixties, which as far as I know contains no tight skirts.)

Vivement Dimanche (1983) - OK tells me that this is Truffaut's last film, and that it includes "a long, tight l[eather]s[kirt] that Fanny Ardent wears for at least 20 min."

Voll Normaaal (1994) - "Minirocker" told me about this one. As it's a German film it's unlikely I would have run across it otherwise. " A German comedy starring Tom Gerhardt which is a very famous German comedian known for his 'prolete'-like [I have no idea what this means - Webmaster's note] humor, sometimes a bit dumbly. There is one great miniskirt scene, where a woman in a tight white miniskirt walks upstairs and two men (Tom and some other guy) follow her 'walking style' (camera is focussed to the miniskirt) There is some other woman in a miniskirt at different scenes but this one is the best."

Votre devoué Blake (1954, France) - "Detlef Bendthain" suggested this one. "Eddie Constantine was the true predecessor of James Bond, very popular in Germany (and in France?) in the 50s. In this one he plays a pilot (of course!) encountering three beautiful women, all clad in narrow skirts and high heels. Because the skirts reach over their knees, they can hardly walk in them. The scene I remember best is when a heel comes off on one of the girl's shoes. Since she is totally immobilized by now, Eddie gets his chance of having a grip on her, carrying her to his flat where she would find new shoes from his girlfriends (sic!) collection. It wasn't possible to show any more in the 50s."

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1961) - Mark S. wrote in suggesting this film. I'd never seen it but to judge from his description I thought I would love it: "Barbara Eden and Joan Fontaine aboard a nuclear submarine in below-knee tight skirts and spike heels!" I've been very partial to Barbara Eden ever since I saw her mature hourglass curves straining the limits of impressively tight suits in The Secret Life of Kathy McCormick, and this sounds like another one to watch for...
Additional note: I have now seen this film, or some of it, and can confirm tight knee-length skirts, close-fitting blouses, and other lovely fashions of the early Sixties. The spike heels I didn't notice.

Wall Street (1987) - recommended by JC. He tells me that "there's a brief but rewarding scene in the Gordon Gekko's character's jet where GG's mistress saunters provocatively up and down the aisle until he rises to the provocation and follows her back into his private lair."

Wayne's World 2 (1993) - is a very silly film indeed, but includes among other things Tia Carrere in a tight sexy red silk cheongsam, a nightclub scene with forests of girls in tight miniskirts, Kim Basinger doing a sexy bum-stuck-out dance in a very tight stretchy white minidress,Tia Carrere in a tight red minidress, and Kim Basinger in a tight black leather microskirt. Also, for the tight jeans lovers among you (such as me), La Basinger makes her first entrance in ultra-tight jeans and high heels.

The Wedding Banquet (1994?) - the bride appears early in the film, and again at the reception, wearing a beautiful cheongsam which to the uninitiated is a plain high-necked dress with a long skirt slit up both sides to mid-thigh and very tight.

Weird Science (1984?) - rather lame film which should be watched with anticipation of disappointment, but is often on TV - and Kelly LeBrock is very, very pretty, I have to admit! When reviewing this film myself (see next entry) I commented that there were no tight skirts in it. Tobias has now written in to say it features "Kelly Le Brock wearing a very very tight skirt", and so I can't have watched it attentively enough...

Weird Science (US TV series) - a rather lame TV series, no to be confused with the rather lame film of the same name. The film of Weird Science dates from just too far back in the Eighties for the tight skirt fashion to have got started; the TV series, of which so far I've seen only the first episode, has shown the beautiful Lisa in a very tight white Lycra microdress and an outfit with a red lace top and tight red miniskirt, both of which would probably appeal to most readers.

Welcome Home Roxy Carmichael (1991) - Winona Ryder's screen mother, trying to excite her husband, turns her back on him wearing a tight black miniskirt, and bends over...

What's Love Got To Do With It? (1993) - biopic of Tina Turner, if you like her. If you don't, in the early stages of the film where she was plain Anna Mae Bullock, there is a sequence after her "discovery" where she is shown in a dress shop ecstatic as she is outfitted with a series of tight, glamorous 1950s sheath dresses as stage costumes; soon afterwards she and the backing singers are seen in similar long, tight dresses with long gloves, performing on stage.

What's Up Pussycat? (1963) - OK tells me that "there's a brief scene with a woman wearing a black l[eather]s[kirt]." I have never heard of this film, and as OK wasn't sure of the title I suggest that you check whether he doesn't mean What's Up, Tiger Lily?

While the City Sleeps (1956) - a correspondent tells me that in this film "two women were wearing some great skirts and suits. Even some great rear views on back zips and they smoked pretty much too."

White of the Eyes (1986) - a bloodthirsty murder mystery from America, set during the high point of Eighties fashion, which is worth seeing. It opens with a grade 1 Eighties belle finishing a major shopping trip: followed by an admiring assistant who carries her half-ton of purchases, she paces smartly out to her car in her elaborately decorated, wide-shouldered sweater, tight pencil skirt, and immaculate stilettos of which there are a lot of loving close-ups. She also has my favourite hairstyle and in general if you're too young to remember the Eighties, as some of my readers now are, she will show you what you missed! Unfortunately, because it's that kind of film, as soon as she gets home she is murdered in an incredibly nasty way, but the crime scene is subsequently attended by a gaggle of reporters including one honey in a lovely pink leather pencil-skirted suit. The long-haired blonde heroine also shows off another classic Eighties outfit - impossibly tight jeans worn with tight high-heeled knee boots. Why The Designers, having styles like this available, revive the early Seventies about every two years, inflicting platform shoes, flares and other horrid things on us when we could have an Eighties revival instead - well, I'd make a terrible fashion designer. I prefer to see clothes that make women look better, not worse.

Who Killed Teddy Bear? (1965) - JH says that this film contains "Several excellent pics of tight skirts and heels."

Whore (1993) - "BonnieGrrl" tells me that in this film "Theresa Russell wears a Red leather miniskirt with full back zip for the entire movie." I have seen the divine Miss Russell in Track 29 (see above), and I can witness that she is outstandingly lovely! The report is confirmed by "Irish Magpie": I asked him if her skirts were tight as well as being short and leather, and he said "Uughhhhhhhh they're tighttttt alrite, that's Y I'd like a clip or 2...theres a particular scene in she's "doing" this guy--back seat of car, nice close-up of (her)ass in *back zipping* skirt - giving it a little wiggle(as she 'unzips' it)"!

Wild Men Walking (late 1990s?) - "Martinez" suggested this "Documentary film by Woody Allen about his Dixie jazz band's tour across Europe, containing a lot of shots of his young wife (and daughter-in-law) in a range of narrow mini-skirts, usually made of tweed and other classic fabrics."

Wild Texas Wind (1991) - this film is really just a thin plot on which to hang a lot of Dolly Parton songs, but her clothes both on and off stage are usually extremely tight and include some beautiful tight suits and dresses.

Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? (1957) - a curvaceous but firmly girdled Jayne Mansfield visits her new boyfriend wearing a skin-tight navy suit with a narrow pencil skirt. They kiss so passionately that her girdle bursts, but the camera cuts away at the crucial moment.

Wings of the Apache (1990) - a correspondent tells me that "Sean Young wears a black leather skirt to go on a date with Nicholas Cage, about half way through the film."

The Winner (1996) - I have no information about this film apart from the picture RJS sent me, which is very pleasant. Judging from Rebecca De Mornay's ultra-tight leopardskin print miniskirt and high-heeled boots this is a film to look out for!

Witness to the Execution (1994) - Sean Young as a ruthless media executive who appears in a delightful outfit of a plain tight red dress worn under a short tight jacket; later on she wears various other tight suits and skirt outfits, though as the film goes on she tends more and more to loose trousers for some reason.

Working Girl (1988) - Melanie Griffith starts out as a secretary in a very tight skirt; but sadly the higher she moves up the social ladder the looser her skirts get. However, it is worth watching this film to see the grace and wit with which Sigourney Weaver, who is a better actress than Mel.Grif. any day of the week, falls off a cliff and breaks her leg.

Written on the Wind (1957) - a review I found on the Internet states that "The Academy Award winner for Written on the Wind (1957) received top billing for playing bouffant-coiffured Constance MacKenzie, the tight-skirted, heaving-sweatered mother to Mia Farrow's lovestruck Allison.", so though I haven't seen it this is a film I think I should list here.

The X-Files (1998) - this is the movie, as opposed to the TV series which is uninteresting from the costume point of view. (According to widespread reports, the costume department were always asking Gillian Anderson to wear tighter, shorter clothes, and she refused. If you like The X-files anyway this may not matter to you; but I cannot be f***ed with it.) Tobias tells me that for the big-budget movie she relented a little: "Gillian Anderson wear a very tight long skirt (very sexy) at the end of the movie".

The X-Men Movie (2000) - David O suggests this one. He read an article about it, and "the pictures accompanying the article showed a group assemble with 'Jean Gray' [played by Famke Janssen]a dead black dress (skirt suit?) with a very tight just-over-knee skirt."

Young Blood (?) - "TJR" tells me that this film includes "An attractive young women in a black leather mini"

The Young Ones - Cliff Richard wholesome rock musical of the early Sixties. I haven't watched it as a whole - I doubt I could bear to - but turning the television on to it by mistake one morning I found a period seductress in a slinky tight white sequinned sheath dress acting with Cliff on the stage and trying to make him respond to her. Anyone could have told her that the effort was doomed.