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On this page I want to create am up to date list of links I have found of other sites where you can download or view videos of (mainly) military aircraft. Perhaps surprisingly there are not that many. Maybe not many people have the right mix of skills, equipment or the inclination to attempt the often thankless task of posting videos....

1. Anthony J Hicks has a very fine website and has recently put up no less than 20 new airshow videos for download including many Australian planes such as the F111, Hornet etc.

2. An official site at Boeing for all your B52 memories... first flight etc. Or if you like smaller bombers try F18 site.

3. Lockheed-Martin has some videos for spaceflight nuts [offline for the moment].

4. Damir has a nice site showing his films from the Duxford 2001 Spring Airshow see his Video gallery.

5. Back to Oz for some vintage airliners to view at the Aviation Mini-Movies from Archerfield Airport website.

6. Jon Linney's website has a selection of movies to view from his visits to Duxford and Old Warden.

7. Axl has some stunning 'official' movies on his website such as F14 flybys at zero feet (caution includes non-fatal crash footage).

8. Talking of flybys why not view the F14 demo at Miramar here?

9. An excellent Japanese website shows the unique Ninja attack helicopter and some local airshows, a must visit!

10. If you like older transports the 'All About Guppys' website has a video of the 'Guppy' ferry flight.

11. On a grimmer note there is the AirDisaster.com website which shows such heartbreaking accidents as the C130 firetanker crash and Airbus. Can't say I care for this kind of schadenfreude but I suppose it has a place.

12. From Japan is Airworld which has some fine 'heavy metal' airshow stuff [offline for the moment].

13. Another site worth a visit is the F111.net site which has some awesome clips of the 'torching pigs from Oz'.

14. Finally, for now, the BAE Systems site has a few movies of the airliner the Avro RJX.

If you see any videos on the web of an aviation nature then please let me know so that I can add them here. So far there are few people with all the right capabilities and inclinations but I am sure it won't be long before it really takes off! Ho Ho.

Meanwhile you could also visit my Tripod site where there are loads of pix... or my friend Rob's award-winning site where some of my pix reside amongst countless dozens of others taken by much better equipped and positioned photographers....!