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Events: A=Adult Christening B=Birth C=Christening D=Death M=Marriage S=Misc N=Census W=Will

Names                 (Sex)   Event   Date/Place

Urith EUSTACE         (F)     C:      25 Apr 1733
Father: Thos EUSTACE                  Bow (Now Mint Meeting) or Georges
                                      MeetIng House-Presbyterian, Exeter,

Ursula EUSTYS         (F)     C:      23 Dec 1610
Father: Stephen EUSTYS                Saint Budeaux, Devon, England

Ursula EUSTIES        (F)     S:      1 Nov 1633
Spouse: Thomas RADDON                 Saint Budeaux, Devon, England

Ursula EUSTACE        (F)     M:      22 Oct 1702
Spouse: John CLEVERLY                 of Bishop's Waltham, Hampshire,

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