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Names                 (Sex)   Event   Date/Place

Longworth EUSTACE     (M)     C:      21 Oct 1713
Father: William EUSTACE               Bishops Waltham, Hampshire, England

Laura EUSTACE         (F)     C:      12 Mar 1852
Father: Thomas EUSTACE                Allhallows London Wall, London,
Mother: Elizabeth                     London, England

Laurence EUSTICE      (M)     C:      27 Sep 1635
Father: Walter EUSTICE                Lanivet, Cornwall, England
Mother: Joane

Larence EUSTICE       (M)     C:      13 Jan 1739
Father: Willm EUSTICE                 Perranzabuloe, Cornwall, England

Laurance EWSTISE      (M)     B:      about 1741
Spouse: Joan TREGASKIS                of Parranzublo, Cornwall, England

Lawrence EUSTIS       (M)     C:      25 Jan 1756
Father: John EUSTIS                   Lying In Hospital Endell Street,
Mother: Mary                          Holborn, London, England

Lawrence EUSTIS       (M)     C:      25 Dec 1757
Father: John EUSTIS                   Lying In Hospital Endell Street,
Mother: Mary                          Holborn, London, England

Lavinia EUSTICE       (F)     C:      May 1825
Father: John EUSTICE                  Crowan, Cornwall, England
Mother: Patience

Lavinia EUSTIS        (F)     C:      7 Mar 1830
Father: Francis EUSTIS                Saint Erth, Cornwall, England
Mother: Mary

Lavinia Jenkin EUSTACE(F)     C:      22 Mar 1870
Father: William EUSTACE               Breage, Cornwall, England
Mother: Elizabeth Jane

Leah EUSTACE          (F)     C:      24 Oct 1816
Father: Henry EUSTACE                 Pitstone, Buckingham, England
Mother: Sarah

Leah EUSTACE          (F)     C:      6 May 1855
Father: Joseph EUSTACE                Aston Rowant, Oxford, England
Mother: Ann

Leila Alice EUSTACE   (F)     C:      30 Jul 1865
Father: William EUSTACE               Frimley, Surrey, England
Mother: Catherine

Lewis EWSTAS          (M)     C:      14 Dec 1684
Father: Edward EWSTAS                 Saint Ann Blackfriars, London,
Mother: Cristian                      London, England

Lewis EUSTACH         (M)     C:      11 Dec 1743
Father: Lewis EUSTACH                 Spitalfields Christ Church, Stepney,
                                      London, England

Lewis EUSTACE         (M)     C:      10 Jun 1877
Father: John Franklin EUSTACE         Harlington, Bedford, England
Mother: Latitia

Lewis EUSTACE         (M)     B:      22 Mar 1877
Father: John Franklin EUSTACE         Harlington, Hertford, England
Mother: Letitia COTCHING

Lois EUSTACE          (F)     B:      22 Jan 1797
Father: Richard EUSTACE               Culham, Oxford, England
Mother: Elizabeth

Lois EUSTESS          (F)     C:      22 Jan 1797
Father: Richd. EUSTESS                Culham, Oxford, England
Mother: Elizth.

Louisa EUSTACE        (F)     C:      28 Nov 1819
Father: Henry EUSTACE                 Pitstone, Buckingham, England
Mother: Sarah

Louisa Sarah EUSTACE  (F)     C:      26 Sep 1852
Father: Samuel EUSTACE                Islip, Oxford, England
Mother: Elizabeth

Louisa Ellen EUSTACE  (F)     C:      16 Jul 1865
Father: Jeffery EUSTACE               The Chapel-Wesleyan, Luton, Bedford,
Mother: Jane                          England

Louies EUSTICE        (F)     B:      1903
Father: John EUSTICE                  Gwinear, Cornwall, England
Mother: Elizabeth

Lowdy EUSTICE         (F)     B:      about 1547
Spouse: Robert GERY                   of Fowey, Cornwall, England

Lucinda Jane Edgar
              EUSTACE (F)     B:      12 Aug 1866
Father: Marcus EUSTACE                0606, Coolock and Drumcondra,
Mother: Elizabeth J. WALLACE          Dublin, Ireland

Lucy EUSTACE          (F)     C:      5 Jul 1767
Father: Daniel EUSTACE                Marcham, Berkshire, England
Mother: Sarah

Luci EWSTES           (F)     C:      28 Jun 1767
Father: Daniel EWSTES                 Garford, Berkshire, England
Mother: Sarah

Lucy EUSTACE          (F)     C:      4 Oct 1812
Father: John EUSTACE                  Wantage, Berkshire, England
Mother: Elizabeth

Lucy Jane EUSTACE     (F)     C:      22 Feb 1867
Father: William EUSTACE               Saint Mary Soho, Westninster,
Mother: Catharine                     London, England

Luke EUSTACE          (M)     C:      28 Sep 1846
Father: William EUSTACE               Saint Martin, Birmingham, Warwick,
Mother: Pheobe                        England

Luke EUSTACE          (M)     B:      25 Aug 1866
Father: John EUSTACE                  0034, Ballymahon, Longford, Ireland
Mother: Rose DALY

Lydia EWSTICE         (F)     S:      21 Nov 1631
Spouse: Nicholas BOWHAY               North Hill, Cornwall, England

Lydia EUSTACE         (F)     C:      11 Mar 1810
Father: John EUSTACE                  Crowell, Oxford, England
Mother: Jane

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