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Eustace    Agnes Blanche                                                    Bristol          March      6a 123
Eustace    Dennis George                                                    Bedwelty         March      11a 159
Eustace    Edith Mary W                                                     Wallingford      March      2c 300
Eustace    Florence May                                                     Kingston         March      2a 403
Eustace    George                                                           Pancras          March      1b 5
Eustace    Grace Adelaide M                                                 Dursley          March      6a 256c
Eustace    Stanley Herbert                                                  W Ham            March      4a 268
Eustace    Thomas Henry                                                     Aston            March      6d 222

Eustratiades Thaleis M                                                      St. Geo. H. Sq.  March      1a 400

Eustace    Albert Edward                                                    Birmingham       June       6d 79
Eustace    Dora                                                             Chelsea          June       1a 374
Eustace    Doris Emily                                                      Wantage          June       2c 315
Eustace    Francis                                                          Edmonton         June       3a ???
Eustace    Frederick Ernest                                                 St. Olave        June       1d 168
Eustace    George                                                           Aston            June       6d 215
Eustace    George Barnard                                                   Teesdale         June       10a 316

Eustance   Ethel Marian                                                     W Derby          June       8b 683

Eustice    Lissie                                                           Redruth          June       5c 186

Eustes     Francis Henry                                                    Helston          June       5c 145

Eustace    Aubrey Cecil                                                     Romford          September  4a 533
Eustace    Daisy Frederica                                                  Oxford           September  3a 1064
Eustace    Doris Coroline                                                   Paddington       September  1a 67
Eustace    Doris May                                                        Merthyr T        September  11a 834
Eustace    George                                                           Aston            September  6d 234

Eustice    Beatrice Maud                                                    Redruth          September  5c 161

Eustin     Beatrice Maud                                                    Redruth          September  5c 161

Eustis     Richard                                                          Swansea          September  11a 1135

Euston     Albert Edward                                                    Shoreditch       September  1c 60
Euston     Charles                                                          Hackney          September  1b 514
Euston     George                                                           Derby            September  7b 586
Euston     Marjorie                                                         Buckley          September  8a 184
Euston     May Euston                                                       Shoreditch       September  1c 11

Eustace    Beatrice Olive                                                   Witney           December   3a 1081
Eustace    Edward                                                           Fulham           December   1a 276
Eustace    Florence Lily                                                    Bradfield        December   2c 327
Eustace    Fred                                                             Wortley          December   9c 385
Eustace    Henry Herbort W                                                  Kingston         December   2a 434
Eustace    John                                                             Birmingham       December   6d 148
Eustace    William Charles                                                  Winchester       December   2c 132

Euston     John Vinesat                                                     Prestwich        December   8d 266


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Annie Margaret Eunson           Aston            March       6d 382

Catherine Eustace               Stockport        March       8a 139
Robert Eustace                  Wandsworth       March       1d 702

Rhoda Kate S Eustice            Haverdsford west March       11a 2635

Ada Euston                      Oldham           March       8d 683
Edith Ann Euston                Barton I         March       8c 851

Bertha Fanny Eustace            Abingdon         June        2c 659
Edith Eustace                   Aston            June        6d 483

Alice Euston                    King's N         June        6c 683
Elizabeth Mary A Euston         W Ham            June        4a 508

Albert Edward Eustace           Brentford        September   3a 257
Olive Maud Eustace              Southwark        September   1d 23

Alfred William Eustace          Fulham           December    1a 598
Annie Gertrude Eustace          St. Columb       December    5c 160
Henry James Eustace             Maidenhead       December    2c 1017
John Eustace                    Southwork        December    1d 113
Rowland Henry Eustace           Greenwich        December    1d 1614
William Charles Eustace         Cheltenham       December    6a 881

Henry Eustice                   Helston          December    5c 391

Caroline Mortilla Euston        Islington        December    1b 529
Charlotte Emma Euston           Lambeth          December    1d 626
Edith Mary Euston               Stow S           December    4a 1859


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