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Eustace    Angelina                                                         Westminister     March      1a 519
Eustace    Arthur James     William      Emma Rosina      Staverton         Cheltenham       March      6a 446 
                                Charles          Wilks
Eustace    Cyril                                                            Eton             March      3a 797
Eustace    Emily Rose                                                       Edmonton         March      3a 413
Eustace    Frederick                                                        Wandsworth       March      1d 644
Eustace    Helen Mary                                                       Grantham         March      7a 493
Eustace    Henry Edward                                                     Fareham          March      2b 574
Eustace    Henry Herbert    John         Florence Reading                   Leicester        March      7a 178
Eustace    May                                                              Hackney          March      1b 433
Eustace    Robert                                                           Hampstead        March      1a 683
Eustace    Thomas                                                           Birmingham       March      6d 116

Eustance   Evelyn Leslie                                                    Fordingbridge    March      2b 692
           Leslie Evelyn?

Eustice    Olive Eva                                                        Falmouth         March      5c 147

Eustis     Hannah           John         Mary Rees                          Swansea          March      11a 964

Euston     Evelyn                                                           Stratford        March      6d 735

Eustace    Charles Edward                                                   Abingdon         June       2c 293
Eustace    Charles Henry                                                    Aston            June       6d 314
Eustace    Charles William                                                  St. Saviour      June       1d 108
Eustace    Eileen Annie     Laurence Aug.                                   West Ham         June       4a 418
Eustace    George Frederick                                                 St. Olive        June       1d 249
Eustace    Gladys May                                                       Witney           June       3a 992
Eustace    Helen Violet R                                                   Lanchester       June       10a 356
Eustace    Henry Robert                                                     West Ham         June       4a 416
Eustace    John Reginald                                                    Bristol          June       6a 61
Eustace    Lemuel James     James        Mary Ann Barry                     Merthr Tydfyll   June       11a 724
Eustace    May                                                              Wortley          June       9c 357
Eustace    Norman Spencer                                                   Lanchester       June       10a 344

Eustance   Francis                                                          West Derby       June       8b 651
Eustance   George                                                           Islington        June       1b 218

Eustis     George Edward                                                    St. Olave        June       1d 283

Euston     John                                                             Oldham           June       8d 623

Eustace    Alan John                                                        Paddington       September  1a 22
Eustace    Cyril Bertie                                                     West Ham         September  4a 456
Eustace    Edward                                                           Bolton           September  8c 525
Eustace    Gladys Emma                                                      Sculcoates       September  9b 242
Eustace    James Hector                                                     Lanchester       September  10a 352
Eustace    John                                                             Bury             September  8c 646
Eustace    May Selina                                                       Bethnal Green    September  1c 165
Eustace    Thomas Albert F                                                  Bristol          September  6a 131

Eustance   Lucy Weightman                                                   West Derby       September  8b 575

Eustice    Frederick                                                        Redruth          September  5c 197
Eustice    Mary Margaret                                                    Penzance         September  5c 229

Eustis     Philip Beynon                                                    Swansea          September  11a 949

Euston     Henry                                                            Shoreditch       September  1c 59
Euston     Maud Mary                                                        Romford          September  4a 530
Euston     Rose Ellen                                                       Stow S           September  4a 914

Eustace    Alec                                                             Aston            December   6d 261
Eustace    Ann                                                              Prescot          December   8b 780
Eustace    Daisy Constance                                                  Marylebone       December   1a 521
Eustace    Frederick                                                        West Ham         December   4a 97
Eustace    Irene Marion                                                     Leicester        December   7a 249
Eustace    Rose Winifred                                                    Headington       December   3a 852
Eustace    William George                                                   Hendon           December   3a 224

Eustice    Ivy Gertrude                                                     Redruth          December   5c 201
Eustice    William John                                                     Penzance         December   5c 224

Eustis     Claris Ethel                                                     Helston          December   5c 163
Eustis     William John                                                     Helston          December   5c 163

Euston     Ellen Louisa                                                     Shoreditch       December   1c 60
Euston     William James                                                    Shoreditch       December   1c 60


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