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Eustace    Clara Amelia                                                     Brentford        March      3a 161
Eustace    Emily Louisa                                                     Fulham           March      1a 171
Eustace    Ernest John                                                      Plymouth         March      5b 216
Eustace    Florence         Philip                                          Teesdale         March      10a 260
Eustace    George Collins   Henry        Mary Collins     Wigginton         Berkhampstead    March      3a 735
Eustace    John Henry                                                       Truro            March      5c 135
Eustace    Joseph George                                                    Paddington       March      1a 59
Eustace    Ralph George                                                     Henley           March      3a 877

Eustice    Eva Doris                                                        Southampton      March      2c 149
Eustice    George William                                                   Lambeth          March      1d 370

Eustis     Thomas Charles                                                   Neath            March      11a 866

Euston     Sidney Robert                                                    Stow S           March      4a 894

Eustace    Arthur George                                                    Luton            June       3b 423
Eustace    Charles Thomas                                                   Kensington       June       1a 84
Eustace    Florence                                                         Wortley          June       9c 349
Eustace    Harold                                                           Aston            June       6d 332
Eustace    Ida                                                              Wortley          June       9c 354
Eustace    Lucy Janetta                                                     Wandsworth       June       1d 709
Eustace    May                                                              Aston            June       6d 382
Eustace    May Elizabeth                                                    Islington        June       1b 370

Eustice    Louie                                                            Helston          June       5c 153
Eustice    Nora Sylvester                                                   Stow on Wold     June       6a 438

Eustis     Eliza Sidwell    John                          Coverack          Redruth          June       5c 194

Euston     Beatrice Annie H                                                 Derby            June       7b 581
Euston     Ellen Caroline                                                   Islington        June       1b 379
Euston     William James                                                    Romford          June       4a 517

Eustace    Alice                                                            Birmingham       September  6d 105
Eustace    Arthur                                                           Chorlton         September  8c 923
               Chesworth F
Eustace    Mabel Emily                                                      Aylesbury        September  3a 824
Eustace    Queenie Alice                                                    Swindon          September  5a 34
Eustace    William Charles                                                  Burton           September  6b 451

Eustance   James Arthur                                                     Islington        September  1b 232

Eustis     Percival         John Henry   Laura            St. Keverne       Helston          September  5c 164

Euston     Alfred Walter                                                    Shoreditch       September  1c 67

Eustace    Cecilia Muriel                                                   Birmingham       December   6d 114
Eustace    Edward Arthur R                                                  Cheltenham       December   6a 459 
Eustace    Evaline Annie                                                    St. Geo H sq     December   1a 422
Eustace    Evelyn Mary                                                      Abingdon         December   2c 293
Eustace    Ivy                                                              Bradford Y       December   9b 51
Eustace    Joseph Wilfred                                                   Burnley          December   8e 189
Eustace    Maud Ethel       Godfrey      Rachel Hams      St. Werburghs     Bristol          December   6a 115

Eustice    Elizabeth                                                        Redruth          December   5c 207
Eustice    Henry                                                            Pontypridd       December   11a 464
Eustice    Mary George                                                      Penzance         December   5c 235

Euston     Edith                                                            Pontypridd       December   11a 495
Euston     George                                                           Derby            December   7b 593


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