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Eustace    Beatrice                                                         Pontypridd       March      11a 529
Eustace    Beatrice                                                         Northleach       March      6a 370
Eustace    Clara                                                            Stockport        March      8a 2
Eustace    Frances Gordon                                                   Newark           March      7b 455
Eustace    Gertrude                                                         Wortley          March      9c 347
Eustace    Henry                                                            Witney           March      3a 930

Eustice    Lillie                                                           Penzance         March      5c 222

Euston     Bertha                                                           Salford          March      8d 134
Euston     Lilian Elizabeth                                                 Shoreditch       March      1c 69
Euston     Richard George                                                   Islington        March      1b 360

Eustone    Ernest Victor                                                    Shipton          March      6d 732

Eustace    Edith Ellen                                                      East Stonehouse  June       5b 282
           (Gertrude Ellen)?
Eustace    Gwendoline                                                       Teesdale         June       10a 263
Eustace    Lily Louisa                                                      East Stonehouse  June       5b 282
Eustace    Thomas Frederick                                                 Bethnal Green    June       1c 206
Eustace    William John V                                                   Islington        June       1b 290
Eustace    William Sydney                                                   Kensington       June       1a 107

Eustice    Alexander                                                        Penzance         June       5c 231
Eustice    Charles Montague                                                 Helston          June       5c 165
Eustice    Edmund                                                           Helston          June       5c 172
Eustice    Flossie                                                          Helston          June       5c 173

Eustis     Thomas Ivor                                                      Swansea          June       11a 927

Eustace    Daniel                                                           Prescot          September  8b 791
Eustace    Edgar                                                            Kings Norton     September  6c 437
Eustace    Edith Emmie                                                      Hackney          September  1b 527
Eustace    Elsie                                                            Bradford Y       September  9b 40
Eustace    Ernest Harold                                                    Brighton         September  2b 254
Eustace    George William                                                   Eton             September  3a 743
Eustace    Henry                                                            Wandsworth       September  1d 775
Eustace    Lizzie Sarah                                                     Wycombe          September  3a 763

Eustace    Percy Diamond                                                    Croydon          September  2a 239
Eustice    Edward James P                                                   Falmouth         September  5c 141

Euston     Ethel                                                            Oldham           September  8d 686

Eustace    Ada                                                              Aston            December   6d 216
Eustace    Albert John                                                      Wallingford      December   2c 312
Eustace    Bernard                                                          Aston            December   6d 341
Eustace    Clara Ann                                                        Burnley          December   8e 201
Eustace    Edith Florence                                                   Abingdon         December   2c 289
Eustace    Edith May                                                        Marylebone       December   1a 562
Eustace    Francis Charles L                                                Redruth          December   5c 195
Eustace    Josiah                                                           Merthyr T        December   11a 651
Eustace    Mary Ann                                                         Wycombe          December   3a 755
Eustace    Minnie Francis                                                   Wandsworth       December   1d 753
Eustace    Violet Blanche                                                   Wantage          December   2c 307
Eustace    William                                                          Wantage          December   2c 307

Eustance   Eveline                                                          Cardiff          December   11a 333

Eustice    Charles Henry                                                    Falmouth         December   5c 141
Eustice    Florence                                                         Helston          December   5c 157
Eustice    Herbert                                                          Redruth          December   5c 205

Eustis     John                                                             Swansea          December   11a 922

Euston     Agness Emma                                                      Romford          December   4a 474
Euston     Ivy                                                              Pontypridd       December   11a 521


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