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Eustace    Frank Henry                                                      Norwich          March      4b 158
Eustace    Gertrude                                                         Birmingham       March      6d 142
Eustace    Gladys Annie L                                                   Islington        March      1b 316
Eustace    Leonard William               Ada              Drayton           Abingdon         March      2c 285
Eustace    Lilian Lilpha                                                    Headington       March      3a 833
Eustace    Thomas Henry                                                     Aston            March      6d 247

Eustance   Thomas                                                           Islington        March      1b 243

Eustice    Emily                                                            Falmouth         March      5c 149
Eustice    Ethel                                                            Helston          March      5c 163

Euston     Florence                                                         Stratford        March      6d 622

Eusstace   Joseph Henry                                                     Toxteth Park     June       8b 233
           (James Henry)?

Eustace    Beatrice Emily                                                   Birmingham       June       6d 149
Eustace    Edward Johnson                                                   St. Olave        June       1d 240
Eustace    May              Charles      Ada Stokes                         Portsea          June       2b 429
Eustace    Sidney Conroy                                                    Marylebone       June       1a 561

Eustance   May Emily                                                        West Derby       June       8b 588

Eustice    Albert                                                           Helston          June       5c 186
Eustice    Edith Grace E                                                    Redruth          June       5c 216

Eustice    George Albert                                                    Helston          June       5c 169
Eustice    James Henry                                                      Bradford Y       June       9b 129
Eustice    John                                                             Redruth          June       5c 223

Euston     Ellen                                                            Stow S           June       4a 828

Eustace    Agnes Daisy                                                      Headington       September  3a 836
Eustace    Alice Mary                                                       Taunton          September  5c 323
Eustace    Ashton                                                           Lanchester       September  10a 338
Eustace    Evelyn           Ted          Ada                                Leicester        September  7a 256
Eustace    George Alfred                                                    Wallingford      September  2c 319
Eustace    George Charles   William      Emma Rosina      Staverton         Cheltenham       September  6a 387 
                                Charles          Wilks
Eustace    Gertrude Emily                                                   Birmingham       September  6d 161
Eustace    Mary Ann                                                         Winchester       September  2c 129
Eustace    Maud                                                             Brighton         September  2b 222
Eustace    Rozeina                                                          Fulham           September  1a 179
Eustace    Sarah Lucy                                                       Birmingham       September  6d 30
Eustace    Sidney Frederick                                                 Aston            September  6d 238
Eustace    Thomas Henry                                                     Aston            September  6d 283
Eustace    William Thomas                                                   Birmingham       September  6d 91

Eustance   Mary Beatrice                                                    Runcorn          September  8a 205

Euste'     Muriel Dorothy                                                   E Retford        September  7b 8

Eustes     John Albert F                                                    Hastings         September  2b 30

Euston     Charles William                                                  Derby            September  7b 592
Euston     Walter Thomas                                                    Stratford        September  6d 662
Euston     Wilfred James                                                    Stow S           September  4a 816

Eustace    Albert Edward    Godfrey      Rachel Hams                        Hartley Wintney  December   2c 195
Eustace    Archibald                                                        Portsea          December   2b 422
Eustace    Caroline                                                         St. Olave        December   1d 238
Eustace    George David                                                     Kensington       December   1a 122
Eustace    Harold Cedric                                                    Lambeth          December   1d 520
Eustace    James Ragland    James        Mary Jane Baker  Bingley           Keighley         December   9a 170
Eustace    William Edwin    Herbert                                         Wandsworth       December   1d 740
Eustace    William Gilbert                                                  Lambeth          December   1d 520

Eustance   Horance Reginald                                                 Barnstable       December   5b 438

Eustice    Elsie                                                            Redruth          December   5c 201

Euston     Charles George                                                   Stow S           December   4a 840
Euston     Doris                                                            Romford          December   4a 455


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