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Euden      Ellen Charlotte                                                  Dartford         March      2a 488

Euesden    William Charles                                                  Shoreditch       March      1c 26

Eustace    Arnold                                                           Redruth          March      5c 221
Eustace    Bessie Mary      Thomas Henry Ellen Elizabeth  Chinnor           Wycombe          March      3a 739
Eustace    Frederick Charles                                                Brentford        March      3a 100
Eustace    Harry Estcourt T                                                 Oxford           March      3a 864
Eustace    James Alfred                                                     St. Olave        March      1d 266
Eustace    Myra                                                             Witney           March      3a 897
Eustace    Oclavius Ernest                                                  St. Olave        March      1d 247

Eustice    Arthur                                                           Helston          March      5c 166

Euston     Ellen Elizabeth	                                            Derby            March      7b 590

Euesden    Alfred                                                           W Ham            June       4a 125

Eustace    Charles          Charles      Ada Stokes                         Portsea          June       2b 5?6
               Frederick H
Eustace    Florence Annie                                                   Norwich          June       4b 161
Eustace    Frances Ada                                                      Brighton         June       2b 248
Eustace    Isabel Beatrice H                                                Reading          June       2c 334
Eustace    Margaret Kate                                                    Burton           June       6b 412

Eustance   Blanche Marian                                                   Poole            June       5a 262

Eustice    Thomas Bertie    William      Grace            Falmouth          Falmouth         June       5c 156

Euston     Sidney Frank                                                     Stow S           June       4a 767

Eustace    Arthur Edgar N                                                   Hendon           September  3a 165
Eustace    David                                                            Woolwich         September  1d 1225
Eustace    Dorothy Louisa                                                   Greenwich        September  1d 1032
Eustace    Florence                                                         Redruth          September  5c 209
Eustace    George                                                           Birmingham       September  6d 115
Eustace    Lovelyn Elaine                                                   Stoneham         September  2c 86
                                                                            S Stoneham?
Eustace    William George                                                   Headington       September  3a 796

Eustance   William Henry                                                    West Derby       September  8b 560

Eustice    Mary Annie                                                       Falmouth         September  5c 160

Euston     Alfred John                                                      Stow S           September  4a 760
Euston     Virtue Daniel                                                    Stow S           September  4a 761

Euenson    William                                                          Kensington       December   1a 132

Euesdon    Susan Charlotte                                                  Hackney          December   1b 536

Eunson     Jane Emma                                                        Liverpool        December   8b 83

Eustace    Elizabeth Mary                                                   Kensington       December   1a 89
Eustace    Ellen Maria                                                      Wallingford      December   2c 315
Eustace    Florence Maud                                                    Islington        December   1b 228
Eustace    Frederick Herbert                                                Wandsworth       December   1d 778
Eustace    Mabel Helen                                                      Taunton          December   5c 306
Eustace    Minnie Agness                                                    West Ham         December   4a 379

Eustice    Edith Mary                                                       Penzance         December   5c 207


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