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Eustace    Albert Edward                                                    Greenwich        March      1d 1021
Eustace    Ernest John                                                      Brentford        March      3a 80
Eustace    Ethel May                                                        Abingdon         March      2c 293
Eustace    Francis Muriel                                                   Alreaford        March      2c 153
Eustace    Robert                                                           Wandsworth       March      1d 643
Eustace    Thomas John H                                                    Colchester       March      4a 529
Eustace    Thomas Richard                                                   Woolwich         March      1d 1241

Eustice    William John                                                     Plymouth         March

Eustace    Charles William                                                  Shoreditch       June       1c 81
Eustace    Daisy                                                            Wallingford      June       2c 301
Eustace    Edmund                                                           West Ham         June       4a 205
Eustace    Elsie                                                            Wallingford      June       2c 301
Eustace    Frank                                                            Wycombe          June       3a 665
Eustace    Winifred May                                                     Wellington Sh    June       6a 765

Eustance   Beatrice Bentley Edward                                          Altrincham       June

Eustes     Kate Clara                                                       Steyning         June

Eustice    George Henry                                                     Redruth          June
Eustice    Mabel Annie      William      Grace            Falmouth          Falmouth         June
Eustice    Walter                                                           Penzance         June
Eustice    William John                                                     Penzance         June
Eustice    Female                                                           Penzance         June

Eustace    Alice Emma       George       Eliza Woodham    Colchester        Colchester       September  4a 502
Eustace    Arthur           Thomas Henry Ellen            Chinnor           Wycombe          September  3a 657
Eustace    Edith                                                            Witney           September  3a 832
Eustace    Elizabeth                                                        Kensington       September  1a 110
Eustace    Ethel Mosely                                                     Redruth          September  5c 234
Eustace    Hilda Sarah                                                      Headington       September  3a 769
Eustace    Maria                                                            Aston            September  6d 275
Eustace    Nora Mary E                                                      Liverpool        September  8b 132
Eustace    Thomas                                                           Wigan            September  8c 123

Eustice    Annie                                                            Helston          September
Eustice    Annie Winifred                                                   Redruth          September
Eustice    Minnie                                                           Penzance         September

Eustace    Edith            James?                                          Faringdon        December   2c 274
Eustace    Frederick                                                        Wallingford      December   2c 313
Eustace    James Edward                                                     Stoke D          December   5b 306
Eustace    John Francis                                                     West Ham         December   4a 81
Eustace    Percy George     Amos         Monica Daly                        Stockport        December   8a 2
Eustace    Priscilla                                                        East Stonehouse  December   5b 292
Eustace    William Crump    Richard      Catherine        Bentley           Witney           December   3a 328

Eustice    Richard                                                          Redruth          December


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Eustace    Alfred James         Reading         June        2c 647
Eustace    John                 Prescot         June        8b 936
Eustace    Rosetta Phillipa     St Geo H Sq     June        1a 707

Eustace    Frances              Prestwich       September   8d 536
Eustace    William              Lambeth         September   1d 642

Eustace    Ann                  Abingdon        December    2c 611
Eustace    Emily Ann            Aston           December    6d 574
Eustace    William Henry        Birmingham      December    6d 67
Eustace    Frances Elizabeth (bad print)?       December    6d 707


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