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Euden      Alice Bessie                                                     Blean            March      2a 830
Euden      Harriet Emma                                                     Guilford         March      2a 73
Euden      Henry                                                            Dartford         March      2a 446

Euesden    Daniel Thomas                                                    Islington        March      1b 300

Eustace    Albert Henry                                                     Nottingham       March      7b 258
Eustace    Alfred                                                           Brighton         March      2b 251
Eustace    Charles Henry T                                                  Paddington       March      1a 22
Eustace    Daisy                                                            Henley           March      3a 751
Eustace    Florence Ellen                                                   Birmingham       March      6d 40
Eustace    Frank Bentley    Richard      Catherine        Bentley           Witney           March      3a 851
Eustace    George Robert V                                                  Bedminster       March      5c 672
Eustace    Herbert Victor                                                   Hull             March      9d 288
Eustace    James                                                            Aston            March      6d 204
Eustace    Katherine Sabine                                                 Elham            March      2a 1010
Eustace    Minnie Jane                                                      Stoke D          March      5b 322
Eustace    Monica           Amos         Monica Daly                        Stockport        March      8a 1
Eustace    Ruby Helene                                                      London C         March      1c 23

Eustance   Mary Browning    Edward                                          Altrincham       March      8a 186

Eustece    Patrick                                                          Barton I         March      8c 615

Eustice    Sesaline                                                         Redruth          March      5c 221

Eunson     Ann Soulsby                                                      Castle W         June       10b 296

Eusden     Beatrice Emily                                                   Chesterton       June       3b 475

Eustace    Agnes                                                            Prescot          June       8b 672
Eustace    Alfred           Samuel       Sarah Ann                          Birmingham       June       6d 157
Eustace    Emily                                                            Lambeth          June       1d 397
Eustace    Emily Roberta                 Harriet          Longworth         Faringdon        June       2c 271
Eustace    Frederick Horace Arthur       Emily Agg                          Winchcombe       June       6a 398
Eustace    Lavinia                                                          Prescot          June       8b 709
Eustace    Norah?                                                           Hunslet          June       9b 288
Eustace    Percival Stanley                                                 St. Saviour      June       1d 185
Eustace    Phoebe           William      Emma Perry                         Lambeth          June       1d 401
Eustace    Thomas                                                           Newcastle T      June       10b 116

Eustice    John Stanley                                                     Redruth          June       5c 235
Eustice    Mannesseh?                                                       Penzance         June       5c 245

Euden      William                                                          Dartford         September  2a 453

Euesden    Fanny                                                            Islington        September  1b 320

Eustace    Agnes                                                            Leeds            September  9b 427
Eustace    Lillian Florence                                                 West Derby       September  8b 334
Eustace    Maud Fanny                                                       Headington       September  3a 771
Eustace    Ralph            John         Lydia Putnam                       Amersham         September  3a 603
Eustace    Robert James                                                     Thame            September  3a 755
Eustace    Walter Robert                                                    Lewisham         September  1d 1137

Eustice    Annie                                                            Redruth          September  5c 219

Eustis     John Matthew                                                     Swansea          September  11a 751

Euston     Edith Ann                                                        Nottingham       September  7b 341

Eustone    Thomas                                                           Croydon          September  2a 284

Euesden    Henry George                                                     Islington        December   1b 261

Eustace    Blanch Lilian?                                                   Islington        December   1b 358
Eustace    Edith Maria      Joseph       Anna Maria       Falmouth          Falmouth         December   5c 147
Eustace    Ellen Mary                                                       Hereford         December   6a 493
Eustace    Emily Elizabeth                                                  Birmingham       December   6d 90
Eustace    Henry Francis                                                    Wortley          December   9c 298
Eustace    Joseph Henry                                                     Redruth          December   5c 212
Eustace    Nelly?                                                           Wortley          December   9c 263
Eustace    William                                                          Wycombe          December   3a 642

Euston     Caroline Martilla                                                Islington        December   1b 374
Euston     Robert                                                           Middlesbro'      December   9d 534


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Ellen Eustace                   Wallingford     March       2c 471
Harriet Elizabeth Eustace       Wells           March       5c 741
Richard Eustace                 Edmonton        March       3a 223

Alice Eustace                   Bethnal Green   June        1c 303
Thomas James                    Colchester      June        4a 574

Frederick William Eustace       Greenwich       September   1d 1359
James Eustace                   Helston         September   5c 265

Peter Eustace                   Redruth         September   5c 325

Annie Eustace                   Highworth       December    5a 59
Annie Eustace                   Holborn         December    1b 1122
Emily Eustace                   Birmingham      December    6d 171
Frances Elizabeth               Kensington      December    1a 298
John Eustace                    Oxford          December    3a 1295
Samuel Eustace                  Lambeth         December    1d 759
Theresa Eustace                 Kensington      December    1a 241
Thomas Henry Eustace            Wycombe         December    3a 915
William Charles Eustace         Cheltenham      December    6a 859


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