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Eustace    Beatrice                                                         Hackney          March
Eustace    Elizabeth Mary   William      Martha                             Faringdon        March
Eustace    Emily            Samuel       Sarah Ann                          Birmingham       March
Eustace    Eustace          John                                            Kingston         March
              Mallabone       Mallabone?
Eustace    Florence                                                         Plympton         March
Eustace    Frederick James                                                  Staines          March
Eustace    Henry            William      Emma Perry                         Lambeth          March
Eustace    Henry Francis    William H                     Breage            Helston          March
Eustace    Margaret                                                         Liverpool        March
Eustace    Maud                                                             Plymouth         March
Eustace    William Richard                                                  St. Saviuor      March

Eustice    Catherine                                                        Southampton      March

Eustis     Samuel           Richard      Mary Thomas                        Swansea          March

Eustace    Beatrice Maud    George       Eliza Woodham    Colchester        Colchester       June
Eustace    Caroline                                                         Highworth        June
Eustace    James                                                            Hunslet          June
Eustace    Louisa                                                           Aston            June

Eustice    Amelia                                                           Redruth          June
Eustice    Henry            Henry                         Ludgvan           Penzance         June
Eustice    John                                                             Helston          June

Eustace    Benjamin William Benjamin Saw Ann Smith                          Hackney          September
Eustace    Charles James                                                    Kensington       September
Eustace    John                                                             Redruth          September
Eustace    Phoebe           Thomas       Emily                              Birmingham       September
Eustace    Thomas Henry     Thomas       Hannah                             Aston            September
Eustace    Thomas Henry     Henry        Grace            Crowan            Helston          September
Eustace    William Henry                                                    Penzance         September

Eustace    Edith Ruth                                                       Bradfield        December
Eustace    George Henry     James        Mary Janle       Truro             Truro            December
Eustace    Herbert          John F       Letitia          St. Albans        St. Albans       December
Eustace    Mary Elizabeth   Amos         Monica Daly                        Stockport        December
Eustace    Rosa                                                             Brentford        December
Eustace    Sarah                                                            Fulham           December
Eustace    Susan Ellen                                                      Henley           December
Eustace    Thomas Edmond                                                    Poplar           December
Eustace    Walter James                                                     Colchester       December
Eustace    William Thomas                                                   Wellington S H   December


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NAME (age)                      PLACE           QUARTER     INDEX

Alfred Euden (0)                Dartford        March       2a 281
Thomas Euden (85)               Thanet          March       2a 597

Albert Thomas Eunson (0)        Newcastle T     March       10b 44
Elizabeth Eunson (33)           Newcastle T     March       10b 9

Ann Eustace (74)                Wycombe         March       3a 357
Catherine Eustace (48)          Sheffield       March       9c 273
Edwin John Eustace (2)          Camberwell      March       1d 672

Elizabeth Jane Eustice (1)      Helston         March       5c 169

John Henry Euston (1)           Bethnal Green   March       1c 149
Victoria Euston (0)             Pancras         March       1b 124

Jane Eunson (30)                Marylebone      June        1a 341

Esther Eustace(52)              Birmingham      June        6d 116
John Eustace(31)                Abingdon        June        2c 175
Mary Eustace(68)                Witney          June        3a 439
Matilda Louisa J Eustace(86)    Fulham          June        1a 120
Stanley Eustace(0)              St. Columb      June        5c 67

Ann Euston (56)                 Pancras         June        1b 64
John Euston (60)                Birmingham      June        6d 118

Beatrice Eustace (3)            Birmingham      September   6d 10
Caroline Eustace (0)            Highworth       September   5a 3
Florence Catherine Eustace (3)  Salford         September   8d 4
Grace Eustace (75)              Portsea         September   2b 304

Thomasine Eustice (71)          Helston         September   5c 143

Samuel Eustis (0)               Swansea         September   11a 351

George William Euden (29)       Brentford       December    3a 40

Albert George Eustace (4)       Guisbro'        December    9d 345
Eliza Eustace (21)              Wycombe         December    3a 323
William Eustace (64)            St. Austell     December    5c 93

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