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Eustace    Ada Sophia       Henry        Ann              Alvescot          Witney           March      3a 703
Eustace    Charles          Charles      Mary Ann         Woodmancote       Winchcombe       March      6a 408 
Eustace    Dinah Rebecca                                                    Eton             March      3a 471
Eustace    Emily                                                            Truro            March      5c 181
Eustace    Henry George                                                     Bicester         March      3a 671
Eustace    William Robert                                                   West Ham         March      4a 1

Eustance   Thomas George                                                    Holborn          March

Euster     Alice Mary                                                       Hardingstone     March

Eustice    Ada                                                              Penzance         March
Eustice    Emily                                                            Highworth        March
Eustice    Emily Ann                                                        Helston          March
Eustice    Janie                                                            Redruth          March
Eustice    Paul                                                             Ulverstone       March
Eustice    Susan Ann                     Mary             Camborne          Redruth          March

Eustace    Annie Widbore?/                                                  Hackney          June       1b 428
Eustace    Charles Thomas                                                   Birmingham       June       6d 172
Eustace    Frank            William      Emily                              Birmingham       June       6d 156
Eustace    John             Daniel       Sarah            East Lockinge     Wantage          June       2c 317
Eustace    Katharine?/                                                      Wokingham        June       2c 386
Eustace    Lizzie           Samuel       Sarah Ann                          Birmingham       June       6d 181
Eustace    Margaret Thornby                                                 Luton            June       3b 443

Eustice    Arthur                        Philippa         Perranzabuloe     Truro            June
Eustice    Minnie Jane                                                      Redruth          June
Eustis     Daniel           Richard      Mary Thomas                        Swansea          June

Eustace    Alfred Frederick Edward       Marion Thorne    Deptford          Greenwhich       September  1d 724
Eustace    Alice Helen                                                      Edmonton         September  3a 169
Eustace    Francis                                                          Prescott         September  8b 633
Eustace    John Henry                                                       Headington       September  3a 582

Eustes     Albert Henry                                                     Brighton         September
Eustes     Elizabeth Jane   Barnard 	 Sarah Dowdeswell Stratton          Cirencester      September

Eustice    John	William                  Margaret         St. Keverne       Helston          September
Eustice    Josiah                                                           Bedwellty        September

Eustace    Ada Alice        William      Alathea          Notting Hill      Kensington       December   1a 25
Eustace    Frederick James  William      Martha           Islip             Bicester         December   3a 621
Eustace    John Henry                                                       Swansea          December   11a 545/515
Eustace    Mary Lizzie                                                      West Bromwich    December   6b 643
Eustace    William          John         Elizabeth Berry  Islip             Bicester         December   3a 623

Eustance   James Alexander                                                  Edmonton         December
Eustance   Joseph Evans                                                     Neath            December

Eustice    George           George                        Phillack          Redruth          December

Eustis     Emily                                                            Swansea          December


NAME                            PLACE           QUARTER     INDEX


NAME (age)                      PLACE           QUARTER     INDEX

Ann Eustace (0)                 Kensington      March       1a 134
Ann Eustace (58)                Greenwich       March       1d 531
Emily Eustace (0)               Truro           March       5c 138
Fanny Eustace (1)               Wycombe         March       3a 350
Mary Eustace (58)               Manchester      March       8d 197
Phillis Eustace (70)            St. Alban's     March       3a 266
Robert Eustace (45)             Liverpool       March       8b 128

Francis Louisa Eustance (0)     Warrington      March       8c 118

Emily Eustice (0)               Highworth       March       5a 14

William Eustone (33)            Stratford       March       6d 393

Charles Eustace (0)             Winchcombe      June        6a 286
Henry Eustace (43)              London C        June        1c 31
John Eustace (61)               St. Saviour     June        1d 49
Thomas Frederick Eustace (1)    Bethnal Green   June        1c 180

Mary Ann Eustance (1)           Holborn         June        1b 427

John Eustice (62)               Helston         June        5c 164

James Eustace (62)              Thame           September   3a 421
William Henry Eustace (51)      Marylebone      September   1a 379

Joseph Eustice (48)             Truro           September   5c 130

Isabella Euston (20)            Liverpool       September   8b 117
Jemima Euston (79)              Stow S          September   4a 356

Sarah Euden (54)                Thanet          December    2a 475

Robert Eunson (0)               Sunderland      December    10a 292

Dinah Eustace (61)              Luton           Decembe     3b 299
John Eustace (6)                Liverpool       December    8b 36
John William Eustace (0)        Liverpool       December    8b 5

Emma Eustance (83)              Richmond S      December    2a 181

Anne Eustice (58)               Lambeth         December    1d 260
Jane Eustice (0)                Penzance        December    5c 210
John Eustice (0)                Helston         December    5c 153

Emily Eustis (0)                Swansea         December    11a 346

George Euston (1)               Stratford       December    6d 345
Mary Euston (0)                 Stow S          December    4a 340

William Euxton (70)             Chorley         December    8e 297

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