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Eusden     Elizabeth                                                        Shoreditch       March      1c 226

Eustace    Eliza                                                            Wycombe          March      3d 40/8?
Eustace    Florence                                                         West Bromwich    March      6b 469
Eustace    T or J Henry                                                     Strand?          March      1b 446

Eustes     John Thomas                                                      Lewes            March      2b 170

Eustice    Bessie           Paul         Grace Cousin     Germoe            Helston          March      5c 262
Eustice    Charles T Henry  John         Mary Ann         Prideaux          Redruth          March      5c 287
Eustice    George                                                           Redruth          March      5c 332
Eustice    John             Henry        Mary             Germoe            Helston          March      5c 243
Eustice    William John     Bartholemew  Ann              Germoe            Truro            March      3c 195

Eustis     Elizabeth Ann                                                    Liskeard         March      3c 78

Euxton     John                                                             Chorley?         March      8c 376

Eusden     Mary Adeline                                                     Ely              June       3b 556/1?
Eusden     Sarah Amelia                                                     Ely              June       3b 551

Eustace    Anne?/           Edwin        Mary Susanna     Deptford          Greenwich        June       1d 539
Eustace    Elizabeth                                                        Wycombe          June       3a 397
Eustace    Georgina                                                         Manchester       June       8d 163
Eustace    Joseph Alfred                                                    Chelsea          June       1a 169
Eustace    Mary Ann         Thomas       Emily            St. George        Birmingham       June       6d 214
Eustace    Richard          Richard      Ann Shaw         Aston             Witney           June       3a 584
Eustace    Thomas Caleb                                                     Alderbury        June       5a 189
Eustace    male                                                             Oxford           June       3a 546

Eustice    Henry                                                            Redruth          June       5c 291
Eustice    Peter            Henry        Grace                              Helston          June       5c 258
Eustice    Susanna                                                          Helston          June       5c 259

Euston     William                                                          Wirral           June       8a 432

Eustace    Dick                                                             Kensington       September  1a 56
Eustace    Emma Mary Ann                                                    Kensington       September  1a 119
Eustace    Henry Fred                                                       Thame            September  3a 474

Eustice    James Johns?/                                                    Penzance         September  5c 292

Eustiss    Mary             William      Jane             Feock             Truro            September  6c 186

Euston     Eliza                                                            Stow             September  4a 450
Euston     Elizabeth                                                        Manchester       September  8d 261

Eusden     Harriet                                                          Chesterton       December   3b 433
Eusden     Robert                                                           Chesterton       December   3b 438
Eusden     William                                                          Shoreditch       December   1c 113

Eustace    Alice                                                            Birmingham       December   6d 202
Eustace    Alice Eliza      Thomas                        Colchester        Colchester       December   4a 236
Eustace    Edmund                                                           Birmingham       December   6d 145
Eustace    Emily Louisa     William      Alathea          Notting Hill      Kensington       December   1a 67
Eustace    Mary Ann                                                         Wycombe          December   3a 384

Eustice    Elisa?/                                                          Penzance         December   5c 280
Eustice    Henry                                                            Helston          December   5c 227

Euston     William                                                          ?Ulverstone      December   8c 573


NAME                            PLACE           QUARTER     INDEX


NAME                            PLACE           QUARTER     INDEX

male Euden                      Thanet          March       2a 458

Edward Charles Eustace          Birmingham      March       6d 80
Laurence Eustace                Whitechapel     March       1c 347
Thomas Eustace                  Birmingham      March       6d 128

George Eustice                  Redruth         March       5c 231

Sarah Eustip?                   Headington      March       3a 393

Sarah Ann Euden                 St. Olave       June        1d 43

Harriet Euesden                 Hackney         June        1b 205

John Eusden                     Ely             June        3b 379
Mary Eusden                     Ely             June        3b 381

Edwin William Eustace           Bethnal G       June        1c 192
Henry Eustace                   Wycombe         June        3a 273
John Eustace                    Faringdon       June        2c 178
male Eustace                    Oxford          June        3a 378

Elizabeth Eustance              Medway          June        2a 227

Henry Eustice                   Redruth         June        5c 202

William Euston                  Stow            June        4a 318

Alfred John Eustace             Kensington      September   1a 38
Johanna Eustace                 Liverpool       September   2b 24
Kate Eustace                    Leeds           September   9b 252
Mary Eustace                    Pontypool       September   11a 65
Richard Eustace                 Newton A        September   5b 100

Henry George Eustice            Redruth         September   5c 156?

Alice Eustace                   Birmingham      December    6d 121
James Eustace                   Pontypool       December    11a 79
James Eustace                   Birmingham      December    6d 23
Richard Eustace                 Wycombe         December    3a 269
William Eustace                 Stepney         December    1c 320

Eliza Eustice                   Penzance        December    5c 193
Mary Eustice                    Redruth         December    5c 178
Nanny Eustice                   Penzance        December    5c 191

William Euston                  Ulverstone      December    8e 408

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