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Eustace    Edith Kate                                                       Marylebone       March       1a 402
Eustace    Henry            William      Anne             Tring?            Berkhampstead    March       3a 329
Eustace    Kate                                                             Leeds            March       9b 307
Eustace    Mary                                                             Warrington       March       8c 142

Eustice    Henry            William      Jenefor          Germoe            Penzance         March       5c 324
Eustice    James                                                            Redruth          March       5c 269
Eustice    John Henry                                                       Poplar           March       1c 646
Eustice    Richard Albion   Richard      Ann              Liverpool         West Derby       March       8b 267
                                 Henry                        St. Peter

Eustis     Alfred           Henry        Mary             St. Keverne       Helston          March       5c 249
Eustis     Peter            Henry        Grace            Crowan            Helston          March       5c 261

Euston     Sarah                                                            Stow             March       4a 492

Euson      Thomas                                                           Liverpool        June        8b 213

Eustace    Benjamin Saw     George       Ann Saw          21 Queen St Shdt  Shoreditch       June        1c 183
Eustace    Ellen                                                            West Derby       June        8b 323
Eustace    Emily Caroline   Thomas                                          Colchester       June        4a 232
Eustace    Rupert E         John         Rebecca          Chinnor           Wycombe          June        3a 384
Eustace    Sarah 	                                                    Wallingford      June        2c 311

Eustice    William                                                          Redruth          June        5c 321

Eustace    Alfred James     William                                         Reading          September   2c 314
Eustace    Eliza                                                            Colchester       September   4a 211
Eustace    Emma Eliza                                                       Chelsea          September   1a 134
Eustace    Ernest George                                                    Shoreditch       September   1c 199
Eustace    Jesse Henry                                                      Wycombe          September   3a 357
Eustace    Matilda Ann                                                      Kensington       September   1a 109
Eustace    Minie?/          Edwin        Susanna          Deptford          Greenwich        September   1d 507
Eustace    Tom              Richard      Ann Shaw         Aston             Witney           September   3a 529

Eustance   Ann Read                                                         Islington        September   1b 199
Eustance   Thomas           Joseph       Sarah                              Runcorn          September   8a 184

Eustice    Celia Hoare      Henry        Elizabeth        Crowan            Helston          September   5c 235
Eustice    George William   Henry        Mary Bowden      Germoe            Helston          September   5c 230

Eusden     Jane                                                             Chesterton       December    3b 433

Eustace    Ann Elizabeth                                                    Shoreditch       December    1c 97
Eustace    Clarissa                                                         Hunslet          December    9b 276
Eustace    Frances          John         Elizabeth Berry  Islip             Bicester         December    3a 513
Eustace    George                                                           Wycombe          December    3a 371
Eustace    Henry George                                                     Bicester         December    3a 521

Eustice    John Thomas      James        Mary Ann         Phillack          Redruth          December    5c 295

Euxton     Edmund                                                           Chorley          December    8e 325


NAME                            PLACE           QUARTER     INDEX


NAME                            PLACE           QUARTER     INDEX

Charles Eustace                 Cheltenham      March       6a 237
Christopher Eustace             Ely             March       3b 347
James Eustace                   Auckland        March       10a 65
Thomas Eustace                  E Stonehouse    March       5b 197
William Eustace                 Wycombe         March       3a 264

Elizabeth Eustice               Helston         March       5c 159

Harry John Eusden               St. Ives        June        3b 179

Ann Eustace                     Abingdon        June        2c 177
Mary Eustace                    Lambeth         June        1d 180

Edwin Euden                     Blean           September   2a 329
Susannah Euden                  Caslay?         September   2a 393
Catherine Euden                 Stepney         September   1c 328

Thomas Eunson                   Liverpool       September   8b 222

Charles Eustace                 Wycombe         September   3a 252
Elizabeth Eustace               Wycombe         September   3a 252
Margaret Eustace                Strand          September   1b 246
William Eustace                 Birmingham      September   6d 63

James Eustice                   Redruth         September   5c 163

Ernest George Eustace           Shoreditch      December    1c 152
Matilda Ann Eustace             Kensington      December    1a 36
Thomas Henry Eustace            Luton           December    3b 255
William Eustace                 Holborn         December    1b 292

Charlotte Euston                Stamford        December    7a 165

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