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Subject Crosswords
This section links you to a number of crosswords which can be used for revision, homework or classwork.
The crosswords are provided free of charge for any non profit making educational users -schools, colleges etc. provided that the original source is acknowledged. i.e please do not delete my name from the files.

All items remain copyright F.McAree 1997
All items are provided as is and no responsibility will be taken for any mistakes, use or misuse of the information provided..

The crosswords are provided in two formats

You can print out each page, to be completed in the normal way

'Across' format:-
By downloading the 'Across' application for Netscape /Internet Explorer, the crosswords may be completed on-line/screen
This method has the advantage that the crosswords are 'marked' showing incorrect letters and hints and tips can be provided

The Across application is available free from:-
Literate Software Systems - Across Product Line
and is very easy to install

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