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ADCOCK    Isaac Dickson flourished 1872 - 1889 inaugurated pharmacy in Swan St.then High St. High Bailiff. Herbert Dickson flourished 1889 1950; son of I.D., continued business; chairman parish council; fire brigade member. Business tak en up by nephew, W.J, (Jim), who celebrated 100 years of family business in 1972. High Bailiff; supported Red Cross, Alcester Players, Conservative Assoc; Fellow of Royal Horticultural Soc.

AINGE    Family flourished Alcester 19thC; George owned ‘Swan’ ;William b Alcester, member of Foresters and Victoria Band, in 2OthC became Mayor of Welshpool.

ALCESTER    Baron Alcester of Alcester (Frederick Beauchamp Paget Seymour) Not born Alcester but took title in 1882 after being C. Mediterranean Fleet;given town reception 1883; ‘Alcester’ in Sth.Dakota said to be named after him

ALLCOCK John 18thC used local water mills for needlemaking (VCH); family engaged as needlemaker through l9thC and into 2OthC

ALLWOOD    Joseph b 1812 Alcester, needlemaker in Henley St. inheriting firm est.1796. Son Alfred built ‘Minerva Works’ on Station Road but needlemaker ceased 1912; d 1894. Marshall,Son- of Joseph, traveller for ‘Minerva’ set up ‘Allwood, Blackband & Co’ in Alexandra Works,Birmingham Road 1908.

ANKER (ANCHORS) Joseph flourished 1750 1775 brickmaker Alcester Heath. Son- William b1765 brickmaker; warden,gent. Other Ankers l9thC needlemaker..

ANMONEY    Robert 1388 Rector of Alcester

ARCHER Family VCH gives William as early needlemaker James needlemaker 1792 John needlemaker flourished 1741 Two families l9thC a) china deAlcesterrs 1837 -1871 b) shoe makers 1807 - 1874

ARNALL    Francis flourished 1850 1887 butchers

ARNWAY    John flourished 1760 1800; gent.

ASPREE    William c1710 Surgeon

AVERILL    Thomas d 1829 ropemaker Thomas 1785 -1862 Flax dresser and rope maker Son- Thomas b 1817 rope maker. Thomas William 1877 — 1935

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BADGER W.    1887 - 189O Manager, ‘Alcester Chronicle

BADSON    Richard c 1677 left Studley to continue as needlemaker in Alcester.

BAKER    Edward flourished c 1839 watchmaker Elizabeth c 1840s Private School,Priory Road.

BARNES    J. 1883 set up ‘Alcester Commercial School’ Church Street.

BARNETT    Charles flourished 1810 1840 Gave parish church organ 1817.

BARTLAM    Robert flourished 1788 - 1821 Attorney ; memorial par. church. John b 1770 Alcester d 1823 Vicar of Beoley

BATES Fanny 1873 1905 mistress National School

BAXTER    Family flourished 1888 1908 Beauchamp Court Farm

BAYLIS    Joseph 1857 -1936 Alcester’s bookmaker, property owner. Wide-spread family locally l9thC and 2OthC

BEAUCHAMP    Walter de l3thC Beauchamp Court Manor House Giles de 1341 charter to fortify Beauchamp Court William l6thC Rector of Alcester (alias Denton)

BEAUSANT Robert 1435 Rector,Alcester.

BEDDOME John 1711 - l724 Baptist minister at Alcester.

BELCHER    Thomas 1768 -‘69 short rectorship of Alcester.

BELL    John (Oxon) 1693 -1703 Newport Free School; curate of parish church.

BELLERS    Family flourished 1560 1690 Yeomen and tanners and prominent citizens

BENET Richard 1361 Rector,Alcester.

BERRIDGE Robert flourished 1880 -1911 Monumental mason; examples of work, several local churchyards

BINYON    William 1577 barber— surgeon

BLACKBAND Mr. 11 1908 on wards needlemaker partner with Allwood (q.v.)

BLACKMAN William c 1428 Rector of Alcester

BLEANEY Family flourished 1780 1905; brickmakers, plumbers, joiners. Samuel 1860 -1880 music teacher and headed a quadrille band.

BLOXAM    Richard d 1829 surgeon in Alcester at ‘Crown’ (now Lloyd’s Bank) and ‘Field House’, which he converted from a cottage. Grandfather of Matthew Holbech Bloxam, noted Warwicks .historian

BODDINGTON Henry b 10J7 butcher High St. and Butter St., also victualler; vaccination officer; wife Elizabeth ran a school. Son- Henry b 1859 solicitor’s clerk, crichet captain; Oddfellows

BOMEORD Edgar and William 1890 — 1908 Birmingham Road foundry. James c 1860 -1871 woolstapler Herbert flourished 1910 onwards, auctioneer, estate agent.

BOOKER    Matthew 1785 -1808 curate of Alcester and master of Newport Free School

BOOTH W.H. 1908/9 Rector,Alcester

BOTERELL Family c 1200 - 1440 owned half manor of Alcester until ‘bought out’ by Beauchamps.

BOVEY William d 1587 King’s Coughton House (now hotel); yeoman. His grandfather, John,b in 15th C probably lived here. Family appears in Camden’s ‘Visitation’ of 1619. Son- John, cousin of King’s Coughton family, flourished 168Os and 169Os; dyer;opened fulling mill at Spernall. Family gone by 1730.

BOWEN Benjamin flourished 1898 onwards founded present drapery business in High Street.

BRANDISH John 1724 charity for apprenticing poor chifl ren. Samuel d 1795 50 gears apothecary and surgeon in Alcester. Son- Joseph flourished 1780 - 1821 apothecary and doctor; surgeon to King George III; founded Alcester Free masons;captain of volunteers; plaque in parish church.

BRIDGES    Matthew 1620 - 1677 J.P. major in Parliament Army;Steward of Alcester.manor. brother Francis 1632 - 1687 Presbyterian conventicle; Beauch amp Court Lodge. John 1659 provided almshouses, later assist ed by Brooke Bridges. Leading Alcester family of 2nd half l7thC.

BROOKE v.Greville

BROWNE B.S. c 1900 doctor

BUGGINS Joseph builder, coffin-maker, founded Builders’ c 1900. Fire Brigade.

BUNTING Charles 1901 bought the oldest grocery store in town from R.H.Jephcott;has rem ained in family ever since.

BURDEN John start of 2OthC, tinsmith; evolved into present store on Swan St.

BURRISH 19thC William b 1774 Alcester solicitor first half 19thC

BUTLER Elizabeth c 1850 ran boarding school at Hardwick House, Henley St.

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CALE    Family: long established in Alcester 1598 — present century; cordwainers Alcester Heath

CAVELL Robert c 1460 Rector of Alcester

CHAMBERS A Doctor Chambers’ of Alcester in the 18thC part of local legend, wherein he paid three men to obtain Shakespeare’s skull from his tomb in order to sell to Horace Walpole but it ended up in charnel house of Beoley Church. Stephen flourished 1820 - 1845; maltster and miller

CHAPMAN    Thomas flourished 1909 1938 Alcester Rector

CHATTAWAY    Family flourished l8thC a 1901;land owners at King’s Coughton,inter marrying with Fishers.

CHESTON    Family flourished 1690 - 1804 tanners and needlemaker

CHURCHLEY Joseph d 1725 an Alcester tailor: three sons,John, Richard,Joseph all Oxon.Univ. and clerics in Midlands William d 1711 glazier (thus continuing an old tradition of glazing in Alcester) ;property owner

CLARKE Samuel 1633 - 1648 Alcester Rector; puritan and author of many religious works; objected to proliferation of dissenting sects in the town

CLARSON Thomas flourished end l8thC dyer; prominent in reconstituting Court Leet c 1785


CODESTON John of l3thC Alcester Rector

CONWAY-SEYMOUR Family:    the Conway Seymours, in early decades of l9thC, bought most of Alcester estate of Earls of Warwick and finally the manorial rights. Although nominally lord of manor of Alcester from then till now- were not Alcester residents, continuing to reside in their manor house of Arrow, Ragley Hall.

COOK Charles flourished 1840 - 1880 carriage builder;sons John and Charles carried on business John, fire brigade.

COX Stephen flourished 1850 - 1870 needlemaker ‘Eagle Works’ Bulls Head Yard; Son- Alfred continued business till after WW I Cox family prominent 17th and l8thC, saddlers and butcher.John d1799,plaque in Baptist chapel. Philip Cocks 1762 Alcester Rector

CRABB Matthias d 1679, mercer, gent ,17th C. trader issued own trade tokens;.Supplied ribbons for Sheldon funeral at Beoley 1659

CROFT E.J. flourished 1880s & 1890s Alcester Baptist minister

CROW Frederick Rector of Alcester 1844 - 1868

CULL    Thomas flourished 1850 - 1880s needlemaker Joseph l890s police Inspector of Alcester

CURRIER William flourished 1810s; needlemaker

CUZNER Henry flourished 1870 — 1895 watchmaker; maintained parish church clock.

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DAVIS    Charles flourished 1790s watchmaker, reported by VCH as     turning his skills to needlemaker    Rudolf flourished 1893 -1910 Presbyterian minister Alcester

DEKENE John le 1349 Alcester Rect.

DEVEY Bert b 1888 became secretary of Co-op but best known for his legacy of local photographs.

DEWES Family flourished 16th - 18thC butchers, gents. A wide-spread family locally, esp. in Studley and Coughton.

DIPPLE    William flourished 1st half l9thC brickmaker; Joseph flourished 2nd half l9thC, briekmakor

DOLPHIN George 1831 1903 first professional photographer.

DOWDESWELL    Charles Henry 1829—1888 established needlemaker factory in Bleachfield St. ;Son- Henry J and his son, Charles H. leading lights in Alcester Cricket Club. Their grave in Alcester has sculptured bat,bail and stumps.

DUNBAR    David b 1816 First police inspector then super. in Alcester under new County Police Force.

DYSON Rev.J.J. Head of old Grammar School 1890s

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EDKINS    Family flourished 18th — 2OthC butchers and tailors

ELSLEY John flourished 1870s - 1900 ironmonger, manufactury; chairman, Corn Exchange

EMES Fulke flourished mid l7thC;gent, High Bailiff, 17th C. trader issued own trade tokens;(mercer) Joseph d 1690 apothecary and surgeon.

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FENEMORE John flourished 1850 - 1890 needlemaker; Super. Baptist schools

FISHER John flourished mid 18thC. Alcester Lodge Farm;High Bailiff Richard d 1867 King’s Coughton House;J.P., members of various societies; built Alcester cemetery chapel;helped build Corn Exchange Son- Richard d 1883 farmer

FOURT    Henry 1830 - 1908 ‘Bakers Arms’ James flourished 1870 —1900s ran shop and bakery in Meeting Lane

FRANKLIN Miss Sarah flourished 1850 - 1888 Boarding and day school High St, assisted by sister Elizabeth.

FRYER    Miss Ellen 1840s School, Priory Road

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GARDNER    William flourished 1890 1910;organist at parish church and head of National Schools.

GARLAND    John 1769 Rector of Alcester

GEGG F.T. flourished 1880 -1887 Master of Newport Free School, Birch Abbey.- fortunately did not find favour locally

GIBBONS John flourished 1703 Master Newport Free School

GOTHARD    Samuel 1842 —1914 accountant, secretary Waterworks Co, Cricket Club and many committees. A.W, 1902 Captain of Fire Brigade.

GREAVES John 1746 - 1818 Farmer, Son- Coughton House and victualler; owned King’s Coughton Mill; Supported Presbyterian Chapel

GREVILLE Fulke 1 1536 - 1559 Lord of Alcester Manor. Enlarged Beauchamp Court from dissolved Priory;
splendid alabaster tomb in Alcester church; Sheriff of Warwicks. Son- Fulke II 1559 -1606 Lord of Manor; reputation for hospitality and courtesy Fulke III, son of Fulke II, b 1554 d 1628;received state appointments from Elizabeth I and James I; obtained Warwick Castle, where he eventually lived; raised to peerage as Earle Brooke. Reputation in his day as poet; friend of Jonson and Spenser; responsible for building of Alcester Market Hall (Town Hall)

GRIZZELL William flourished 1840s — 1870s draper, undertaker, chairman Alcester Gas Co and Highway Board..

GROVE Daniel d 1682 gent, school master

GWINNETT Arthur J. 1900 — 1940 managed Chronicle’;published ‘History of Alcester’

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HANCE    John c printer

HANDS    William As well mereer, 1850 - 1860 and postmaster fI 1780 - 1823 as victualler and an auctioneer.

HAINES    George Henry Heap    flourished 1850 - l880s Founder of Alcester Brewery c 1880 after business of a maltster, traditional in family for several generations Son- George b 1866 NB Capt. Fire Brigade

HALL Elizabeth flourished 1790 - 1830 ‘Ladies’ Academy’ Church St schoolmistress

HARBRIDGE Thomas d 1820 Victualler and timber merchant Son- Richard 1805 —1878 Headmaster of Newport Free School, Birch Abbey, for 50 years; ‘Dicky’ held in high regard.

HARMAN Family flourished 1840s - 188os; needlemakers particularly at Ragley Mill, specialising
in scouring.

HARRISON Joseph flourished 1840 —1880 needlemaker Priory Road Son- Thomas c 1890
changed to making bicycles & tricycles, opening new factory in Bleachfield St. Thomas’ son., Joseph, continued at Priory Works, making pins.

HARRIS    Richard 1470 Rector of Alcester.

HEMMING N.B. There has been a long line from 1600 to present prominent in local life and commerce John 1795 printer, butcher, Thomas flourished 1790 — 1820 printer, ,bookseller;Mary 1773 —1846; series of interesting letters to brother Richard at Oxford in Birmingham Record Office daughter of John William Thomas t 1807 founded ‘Redditch Indicator’ and first editor.
HAYWARD    William flourished 1850 1890 needlemaker,

HOMPHRAY Henry flourished 1830s surgeon

HOPKINS    Joshua d 1798 30 years Baptist deacon (plaque in chapel) Family continuous business as hairdressers (and in earlier days peruke(wig) makers) from C 1800 to W11; 90 years of this in same High Street shop.

HUBBERTHORNE Richard 1660 founded Alcester meeting of Society of Friends (Quakers) and also elsewhere

HUGHES    Benjamin d 1836 Gardener and seedsman HI); buried Baptist graveyard; married Mary Hemming (q.v.)

HUNT Thomas d 1916 For 25 years taxidermist in Church St; natural history museum set up. In 1977 a display of his specimens in Warwickshire Museum.

HURST    Family of Bleachfield St. Alcester’s main chimney sweeps from 1830s to WWI

HYOT William 1480 - 1528 Alcester

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INGRAM George 1680 set up almshouses in Bleachfield

IORNS Family flourished 1790 - 1869 clock and watch makers~ Examples of their long—case clocks often found locally (e..g.Coughton Court)

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JENNINGS    Richard 1619 —1679 barber- surgeon brother     Benjamin 1622-1683 barber- surgeon son of Benjamin: Benjamin b 1665 surgeon son of Benjamin 1: William b 1653 d 1729 surgeon son of Benjamin 11: Richard Revd,became vicar of Arrow 1696 1740;also taught at Newport Free School; his son, Joseph, also Vicar of Arrow 1740 - 1750.

JEPHCOTT    Richard 1790 -1856 Alcester grocer Richard Henry c 1855
- 1922 continued grocery bus iness (now Bunting’s); his brother Robert Willirm d 1899 surgeon; another brother her,
Edward Arthur flourished 1880s
—1910s; auctioneer ;served on various bodies During 2nd half of l9thC Jephcotts perhaps the best-known family in Alcester

JOHNSON Charles flourished 1630 - 1670 High Bailiff; 17th C. trader issued own trade tokens;. Other Johnsons of l7thC were tanners, chandlers ,glovers .Probably most important retailing family in the town in 17thC
Sophia d 1891 ran girls’ boarding school in Evesham Street.

JONES    George flourished 1800 —1830 surgeon;plaque in Alcester church William flourished 1780s -1820 attorney; lieutenant of volunteers.Charles 1804 - 1874 lawyer Son- John Langston d 1879 ; firm of J.L.Jones and King John flourished 1880s -1911 auctioneer and estate agent

JOWLING    Thomas d 1745 Alcester Rector for 32 years.

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KAYE    John flourished 1760 - 1792 Alcester curate;teacher at Newport Free School

KETTLE John c 1785 built King’s Coughton needle mill, he having owned farm attached to K.C. House Alcester

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LANGSTON    William d c 1810 baker High Street

LEA    Joseph d 1888 parish clerk and town crier for 50 years

LEGATE Dr late 15th C;Alcester Rector, one of instigators in building new chantry of Our Lady in Birch Abbey

LOFTIS    James flourished 1880 — 1910 ran Alcester’s chief lodging house.

LYDE    John 1469 Alcester Rector

LUCAS    Thomas flourished 1668 - 1706 gent. Restored frontage of Churchill House by Market Hall

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MAD(e)LEY    Family prominent in Alcester from 16thC to 18thC, though noted as early as 1426;they were vintners and gents.

MARTIN Thomas flourished 1870s 1880s doctor Church Street

MASCALL    John c 1785 established needlemaker business; Son- John continued same into l820s; another Son- William Hands d 1846 auctioneer

MAURICE    Benjamin flourished 1784 1814 Presbyterian minister

MAYYONE    John In 1544 old man of Alcester who gave deposition to Commissioners about origin of Our Lady’s Chantry

McCROBEN F.H. flourished 1909 —1912 last head of Alcester Grammar School while at Newport Free School site,Birch Abbey

MORGAN John 1745 Rector of Alcester

MORRALL Abel 1734 — 1804 barber-surgeon & innkeeper. Son- Abel Andrew 1761 — 1821 auctioneer & innkeeper. Son- of A.A. Thomas 1761 - 1864 organist and music professor. First in England to be operated on for cataracts —in presence of King George III Known by all as ’Gentleman Morrall'

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NEWBOLD    Richard 1391 Rector of Alcester.

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OVERBURY    Richard d c. 1848 ‘Angel’ ;High Bailiff ;Secretary of Corn Exchange ;Henry 1807 -1862 chemist bank agent: Son- Henry d 1901 chemist Captain Fire Brigade. John 1729 -1764 Baptist minister

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PALMER Francis 1807 Alcester Rector

PARSHOUSE    Richard flourished 1630 -1684 pewterer appointed by Warks Justices with five others to investigate pewter quality through out the county.

PARSONS William flourished 1830 - 1861 needlemaker PARR John c 1860 needlemaker

PARVIN William e 1900 Head of Alcester Grammar School before it moved from Birch Abbey to Birmingham

PHILIP 1206 Rector of Alcester

PHILPIN Moses flourished 1840 - 1870s Baptist minister; chairman Alcester Gas Co; very involved in local affairs.

PICKARD Thomas flourished 1650 - 1680 mercer, grocer, gent,tokens; supporter of Presbyterians and related to Samuel Tickner, Alcester Presb. minister. Family continued well into 18th C.

POWELL Thomas 1604 Rector of Alcester

PORTER Joseph d 1721 Presbyterian minister who ran an academy in Alcester for training ministers. Before Alcester chapel built in Bulls Head Yard,meetings in his house. J.P.

PRICE John flourished 1680s surgeon

PRICKETT William flourished 1820 - 1850    established firm of solicitors in Alcester

PURTON    Thomas 1768 -1833 doctor, botanist Astley 1817 - 1860 doctor

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REEVE    Edward flourished 1840 -1890 benefactor to new Catholic church on Priory Rd.

REYNOLDS    William flourished 1650 1668 mercer, 17th C. trader issued own trade tokens;, wealthy. John e 1670 mercer
17th C. trader issued own trade tokens;; charity for appren ticing poor children

RIMMER John flourished 1800 — 1840 and Son- Thomas 1802 - 1870 needlemakers.

ROBARTS Walter flourished 1860 1874 printer,proprietor of 'Alcester Local Times’ Daughter-. Sarah 1870s school Priory Road

ROSE Miss c1820s teacher ‘Poplar Cottage’

ROUND Family flourished 1600 1783 butchers, inn keepers; numerous family; occasionally 'gent' and frequent in Alcester records. Stephen d 1671 17th C. trader issued own trade tokens; ‘Greyhound’s Head’

RUSSON William flourished 1820 -1830 printer and engraver John e 1828 Boys’ and Girls’ boarding & Day School William flourished to 1880s ‘Turk’s Head’ (also called ‘Lord Alcester Hotel’) nearly 40 years Bowling alley; 17th C. trader issued own trade tokens;.

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SAYCE James flourished 1840 — 1889 Head of National Schools

SCRIVEN    Edward b 1776 Alcester d 1841 London; engraver of repute- contributed to many periodicals Family noted for needlemaker; John and Joseph set up needle mill in Arrow l780s. Thomas and Son- Thomas needlemaker at Ragley Mill e 1800

SHAYLER    Thomas d 1688 yeoman, gent, High Bailiff

SIMMONS William flourished l840-1870s needlemaker

SKINNER Thomas d 1918 needlemaker Thomas d 1782 Baptist minister;plaque Baptist chapel

SMALLWOOD    William d 1902 builder and auctioneer; with brother Ernest of Redditoh built and endowed Smallwood Hospital, Redditch: founded Smallwood Almshouses in Alcester.

SMITH Thomas Lant 1806 - 1898 doctor High Bailiff Son- Thomas H. d 1928 doctor Thomas L. noted for his charity; surgeon to various Friendly Soos. The two Smiths resided in Alcester 100 years.

SNOW    John flourished 1820s - l830s solicitor

SPENCER Richard flourished 1908—1943 doctor

SPILSBURY    James d 1740 gent plaque Alcester church In 1721 house used by Presbyterian congregation.

STEPHENS John flourished 1800 - 1840s maltster & host of ‘Swan’; chief beneficiary of Alcester coach trade;property owner

STEWARD    Miss Roseanna d 1901 Proprietess of Girls’ boarding school, Churchill House; school well-known over a wide area.

STILES Family flourished 1760s into 1900s; they specialised in malting and victualling; at
various times hosts of ‘Globe’, ‘Railway Inn’, ‘Lord Nelson',‘New Inn’,'Turks Head'

STOCKTON John 1578 Alcester Rooter

SUTTON William 1878 — 1880 Head, Newport Free Scncol.

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TEONGE Henry Alcesterester Rector probably 1662; had been in royalist army; resigned Alcester 1675, becoming Rector of Spernall: left diary of his chaplaincy in the Royal Navy.

TERRILL    William 1799 - 1875 Victualler, ‘Swan’; chairman Alcester Gas Co; High Constable of Barlichway Hundred.

THACKWELL William b 1825 chaplain of Alcesterester Union Workhouse; curate of Weethley; converted to Rome

TICKNER    Samuel d 1685 Presbyterian minister of Alcester parish church;ejected 1662;preached privately though informed upon.

TIMMS John 1434 Alcester Rector THOMAS David flourished 1800 1820 clockmaker William 1876 — 1880 superintendent Alcester Police Force

TOWNSEND    Thomas flourished 1850s & ‘60s needlemaker; father, George, had been in the trade earlier in the century

TYFFELD Thomas 1368 Alcester Rector

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WALDERNE(WALDRON) Family prominent in trades 1550 1860; yeomen,glaziers, maltsters, butchers, gunsmiths, locksmiths. Four members were HE 1610,1683,1694 and 1700 —1706. Thomas 1657 presented at Quarter Sessions for a ‘superstitious painting’ in Alcester church.

WALKER William 1544 Alcester Rector Henry flourished mid 19thC needlemaker

WEBSTER    Joseph 1682 Master of Newport Free School

WHEYHAM    Robert flourished 1680 - l690s A Baptist, discharged as
Alcester constable by Quarter Sessions for not presenting dissenters.

WHISSELL    Family noted 1604 - 1874 many victuallers ('Swan','Angel' ‘Golden Cup’, ‘Reindeer’,‘New Inn'    also masons, homers, farmers, bakers, needlemakers.

WHITE Timothy 1675 Alcester Rector

WHITEHEAD Richard W. 1843-1911 grocer High Bailiff secretary Gas Co.

WELLS John 1446 Alcester Rector

WILCOX Robert d 1627 mercer gave a charity (King’s- Coughton Lane cottage) to provide three sermons p.a. on Nov.5th, Accession of Elizabeth & thanksgiving for defeat of Armada.

WILLIAMS Alfred 1868 Alcester Rector

WILLIS    John d 1705 blacksmith First Baptist minister in Alcester

WINDLE Richard W. flourished 1850 -‘70 accountant and auctioneer
Secretary Gas Co.

WILLOUGHBY de Broke Lord Robert 16th C married Daughter-. of Richard Beauehamp and thus acquired Alcester manor Daughter-. Elizabeth married Fulke Greville and brought Alcester manor to Fulke; tomb in Alcester parish church.

WYMAN George 1811 -1875 surgeon

WILESMITH Arthur J flourished start of 2OthC ironmonger High Bailiff (1st to wear present chain of office)

WRIGHT    Edward 1864 founded ‘Alcester Chronicle Charles 1830 -1876 postmaster;Seer.Gas Co.

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YARNOLD Richard Flourished 1630's-1650's Apothecary; wife Margaret d 1661 carried on business; 17th C. trader issued own trade tokens;; large inventory (951) includes apothecary wares. Their son John d 1707 apothecary; Elisah 1710 endowed charity for apprenticing poor children

YATES Robert flourished 1870 -1910 wathcmaker and optician

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