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About me

My interests are many and varied. My current areas of interest include :

I have been interested in UFOs for many years and have been a member of the British UFO Research Association (BUFORA) since 1971. I was a member of the BUFORA Research Commitee between 1976 and December 1999, where my special interests were photographic and traces cases. Between 1976-78 I was deputy National Investigations Co-ordinator. In 1977 I joined the BUFORA Council (until January 2000) and again between January and July 2003.  Between June 1989 and September 1994 I was Chairman of BUFORA, and again from October 1997 until January 2000. Between 1984 and 1998 I was also its Director of Research. A description of some of the current BUFORA research can be found in the BUFORA web pages. Between 1979 and 1989 I was a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Transient Aerial Phenomena, becoming Editor from 1984 until 1989 when it merged with the BUFORA Bulletin to form the UFO TIMES. In 1998 BUFORA Bulletin resumed publication, for a few of the early issues I was Editor, after a break of several months, a post I took up again in June 1999 until April 2000. I became editor of the New BUFORA Journal in July 2003 until July 2005.

Between 1986 and November 1999 I was Chairman of the Northamptonshire UFO Research Centre (NUFORC).  I am currently Chairman of the Cambridge UFO Group (CUFOG). I was also secretary of the International Committee for UFO Research (ICUR)  in 1979 and again between 1985 and November 1999.  The Home pages for all these organisations can also be accessed from the list below. Additionally, in the past I edited the FAQ file for the alt.alien.visitors Usenet group, but I have not been involved with this since 1994. In the past I have been moderator of the BUFORA conference on UFOnet.

However, there is more to life than UFOs and the paranormal..........................

My other interests include music of all descriptions from the classical to the really up to date.  You used to be able to hear the bands of tomorrow (without having to pay out vast amounts of dosh) at the, sadly, now closed The Boat Race  in Cambridge. The Boat Race was the home of the Good Question sessions, where members from different local bands are put together in new combinations. Fortunately these have not transferred to the nearby Locomotive pub in Mill Road on the first Friday of each month. 

If you are into music you should also check out my friend  Lee Cave-Berry's website which has clips of some of her work.  Lee is a local singer/player/songwriter who I think is good (and I have been told is good by people that know a lot more about music than me).  Lee regularly appeared at the Boat Race and continues to appear at other venues around Cambridge.  I believe she also has the distinction of being the only girl to have ever played with the legendary band The Softboys. My own musical ability is limited to being able to get the CD the correct way up (most of the time) in the player! 

If you are interested in doing other things in Cambridge - try checking out  The Cambridge Drama Centre or  Cambridge Arts Cinema .

I am also interested in space flight and astronomy and have been a member of a number of organisations over the years.  If you are interested in space flight you should check out  The British Interplanetary Society , which is probably the oldest (and best, in my 'humble' opinion) space society in the world.  I am also taking part in the  SETI@HOME project, but whilst I am interested in the possibility of life elsewhere in the Universe I don't think it is visiting us (in the form of UFOs).  I am also interested in astronomy - you should check out  the Cambridge Astronomical AssociationThe British Astronomical Association  and  The Royal Astronomical Society . If you are interested in science in general, you could check out The Institute of Science Technology

Of course, Cambridge wouldn't be Cambridge if we didn't mention the University. The  Board of Continuing Education run lots of interesting courses both as evening and weekend events suitable for all kinds of people.  They are also heavily involved in   National Science Week .

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Other Useful Links

British UFO Research Association(BUFORA)
Cambridge U.F.O. Group (CUFOG)
International Committee for UFO Research (ICUR)
Northampton U.F.O. Research Club (NUFORC)
Surrey Investigation Group on Aerial Phenomena (SIGAP)
Association for the Scientific Study of Anomlous Phenomena (ASSAP)
UFO-INFO - John A. Hayes guide to UFO groups and other resources

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