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About ICUR

The International Committee for UFO Research was formed in 1979 and existed to promote the exchange of data and the use of common standards, methods and definitions amongst UFO groups around the world. ICUR ceased operations in 1999

Rather than being an organisation of individual members, it was an organisation of organisations. Membership wass by invitation only. In recognition of his contributions to the scientific study of UFO phenomena, Dr J. Allen Hynek was appointed Honrary President at the inaugral meeting of ICUR, a post he held until his death in 1986.

Full meetings of all the members of ICUR took place on rare occassions, most of the business being conducted by post or electronic communication. The day to day running of ICUR was in the hands of a small executive committee drawn from amongst its members. Originally the executive was spread throughout the world, but it was decided that it would be more efficient if the majority of the executive were geographically close together. For several years the executive was hosted in Sweden, but towards the end was centred on the U.K. The members of the final committee are :

Chairman : Bob Digby (BUFORA)
Vice-chairman : Bertil Kuhlemann (Project URD)
Secretary : Steve Gamble (BUFORA)
Treasurer : John Spencer (BUFORA)

Previous senior officers include Walter Andrus (MUFON), Peter Hill (BUFORA) and Bjorn Harkenssen (Project URD)

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