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Local History Books
including the
available from the Frenchay Tuckett Society
Frenchay & Stapleton on Postcards
Frenchay and Stapleton on Postcards
£4.95, 44 pages, 89 illustrations
ISBN 1-899388-24-9
Recollections of Victorian Frenchay
by Charlotte Howard
£1.50, 32 pages, 6 illustrations
ISBN 0-9528673-0-3
Recollections of Victorian Frenchay
Memories of Frenchay
Memories of Frenchay
by Louise Powell
£1.00, 24 pages, 4 illustrations
ISBN 0-9528673-1-1
For new edition, see
CHRONICLE No.3, below
An English Family
and the Mountains of Grindlewald

by Hubert Fox
Mountaineering in the 1860s.
£2.00, 52 pages, 16 illustrations.
ISBN 0-9528673-4-6
English Family and Grindelwald
Lizzie Tuckett's Letters Lizzie Tuckett's Letters
from the Alps

Edited by Hubert Fox
£2.00, 50 pages, 14 illustrations.
ISBN 0-9528673-5-4
Winterbourne, Gloucestershire
by C.H.B. Elliott
First pub 1936, now with a new index
containing over 1000 entries.
£7.50, 134 pages, 8 illustrations.
ISBN 0-9528673-2-X
Winterbourne, Gloucestershire
Frenchay - a Village at War Frenchay during the First World War - extracts from Parish Magazines
£3.00, 80 pages.
ISBN 0-9528673-3-8
History of Frenchay Hospital
by Dr. James C. Briggs
First pub 1994, £6.00,
116 pages, 32 ilustrations.
ISBN 0-9524902-0-X
For new edition, see
CHRONICLE No.7, below
The History of Frenchay Hospital
No.1 Professor Golla of Frenchay and the Burden Institute by Dr Ray Cooper
No.2 H J Wadlow Headmaster of Frenchay National School by Ray Bulmer
No.3 Miss Robinson Remembers Frenchay 1849-1919 by Georgina Robinson compiled by Ray Bulmer
No.4 The Rector's Visit to New Zealand in 1907 compiled by Ray Bulmer
No.5 Frenchay Village Hall Built in 1905 compiled by Ray Bulmer
No.6 A Winterbourne Tale – A Village Tragedy — from letters to Dora Adams. By B R Adams
No.7 The History of Frenchay Hospital by James C Briggs
No.8 Eyewitness! Five Contemorary Accounts of the 1831 Bristol Reform Bill Riots

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