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Workforce Pay and Pensions Division  - The Division is responsible for policy development, the regulatory framework and statutory appeal arrangements for the LGPS in England and Wales and the Firefighters' Pension Scheme, as well as advice on broader pension policy issues affecting both schemes. It also has responsibility for local government pay and workforce issues, including equal pay.

                                        firepensions@communities.gsi.gov.uk (for the Firefighters' Pension Scheme)

                                        firepensions-medical.appeals@communities.gsi.gov.uk (for FPS medical appeals)



WPPD1 - Local Government pay and workforce issues. Local Government pay pressures, including equal pay. (Contact No - 020 7944 6607)


WPPD2 -  LGPS Stocktake implementation; Policy development of new look LGPS. Liaison with LGA/LGE and TUC within the PSF framework. (Contact No - 020 7944 6016)


WPPD3 - Local Government (Early Termination of Employment)(Discretionary Compensation)(England and Wales) regulations 2000. Local Government (Discretionary Payments) Regulations 1996. Policy and amendments. (Contact No - 020 7944 8173)


WPPD4 - LGPS admission agreements; part-timers access and policy on admitted body status (Contact No - 020 7944 8173)


WPPD5 -  Ill-Health retirement. Early retirement. Liaison with the Audit Commission, LGA and LGE. Local Government Pension Scheme (Management and Investment of Funds) Regulations 1998. Myners Principles and the LGPS. SF3 statistical returns and benchmarking. Pensions Act 2004 and secondary legislation. Governance. Scheme Administration. (Contact No - 020 7944 4730)


WPPD6 - Development of new Firefighters' pension arrangements. Amendments to existing FPS. Development and introduction of compensation provisions. Liaison with the FBU. Management of FPS medical appeals contract. (Contact No - 020 7944 8194)


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