Invicta Toys and Games Limited are the owners of the intellectual property rights for the Mastermind world-wide. Our licenses for the Mastermind range of games (only) are:

  • Orda Industries - Israel
  • Hasbro International - All other countries of the world
  • Pressman Toy Corporation - USA

Mastermind was invented by the inventor, Mr. Mordechai Meirovitz, who was an Israeli Postmaster in Israel. Invicta Plastics then purchased the intellectual property rights outright for Mastermind.

The late Mr. Edward Jones-Fenleigh (founder of Invicta Plastics Ltd. in 1946) developed the products further and designed and produced many versions of Mastermind, including:

  • Original Mastermind
  • New Original Mastermind
  • Super Mastermind
  • Mini Mastermind (sleeved)
  • Mini Mastermind (sleeved) in PVC pouch on chain
  • Mini Mastermind on presentation card
  • Grand Mastermind

In the fifty years of Invicta`s history, none of its has products has made such an impact on the world as Mastermind. This game of logic was introduced by the company in 1971, and became the fastest selling game in history at the time. Mastermind is a unique game that is capable of breaking down every cultural, ethnic, religious and language barrier world-wide.

In 1975, Mastermind won game of the year award.