Helping out at Track & Field Meetings

All the clubs at inter-club Track and Field Meeting need to provide a number of qualified officials and helpers in order to run the various events, especially in the field events. A lot of potential volunteers are a bit apprehensive about helping out, so we've provided a simple explanation of the various elements in organising the field events.

All field events:

Someone will be in charge (Leader): He/She will usually be responsible for:

In the event notes below, the jobs listed are in addition to the "Leader"

High Jump

In addition to the leader: 2 helpers

The two helpers place the bar on the high jump stand, and raise the height when directed by the leader (eg "up 3", "up 5" "up 10" ... to 1m 40 .. etc).

Competitors are eliminated after three consecutive failures. (Very occasionally a competitor may have two failures at a height and elect to have their next attempt at the next height up).

Additional tasks for the leader:

Pole Vault

As High Jump, except:

All throws

In addition to the leader: 4 (or more for longer throws)

Additional Job for Javelin:

The hammer and discuss are thrown from within a safety cage. The hammer uses the smaller of the two throwing circles.

Common sense for all judges and competitors at throwing events:

Long Jump and Triple Jump

In addition to the leader: 4 (or more)

Additional tasks for Leader / Take-off Judge:

We also have Blank Distance and Height Scoring sheets, and a summary of the weights for throws

Updated 8/1/02

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