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Fun! Features: Morphy One

What is the Morphy One?

The Morphy One is a palmtop computer whose overall size and weight is approximately the same as the HP 100/200 LX palmtops, but whose specifications are markedly better in many respects. The machine, currently being developed under the GNU Public License in Japan, is being touted as the most natural successor to the original DOS-based LX palmtops as it is not geared exclusively towards a palmtop-specific OS (such as Windows CE or the PalmOS), but instead allows, for example, the use of DOS or Linux.

Latest news (28 March 2000)
An English Morphy One mailing list has been created. For information on how to join, send a blank mail to
Old news (13 February 2000)
The original estimated release date for the Morphy One in Japan was February 2000. It has become clear, however, that the project is currently running a little behind schedule. I recently mailed their English-speaking contact, Akinobu, who said that although the prototype should be available soon, the real thing will be later because of a lack of parts. He also told me that, as of yet, no overseas company had contacted them about constructing/selling the Morphy One.

You can read the actual mail (a 2 Kb plain text file) here.

Facts and Figures
Dimensions Width: 146 mm -- Depth: 80mm -- Height: 22 mm
Weight 275 g
ProcessorAMD Elan SC400 (equivalent to an Intel 486SX) 4-66 MHz
Display Monochrome CGA, at a resolution of 640x200 (not backlit, although backlighting is part of future plans)
ScreenEpson EG7014 Passive Matrix LCD (viewing area of 115.2 x 36 mm, compared to the 100/200 LX's viewing area of 118 x 44 mm)
BIOSPhoenix PicoBIOS
OS Choice of booting DOS / Linux from the built-in CompactFlash drive
Power Runs for 10-20 hours on 2 standard AA (LR6) batteries
Keyboard Same as the HP 100/200 LX
Memory 32 MB EDO RAM
Storage 2 built-in CompactFlash Type II drives
Price Starting from 80,000 (~$760 / 470 / DM1440)
Upgrades Possibility of adding a hardware daughter board
Morphy One Links

Morphy One link image

Sadly, the majority of the pages on the official Morphy One site are currently in Japanese only. It's still well worth a visit, however, as the official English press release can be found here.
Morphy One: The CG Images For an idea of what the finished article will look like, this site contains an impressive array of rendered drawings.
Related Links

For the latest news and discussion on the Morphy One, the best resource (for non-Japanese speakers) to turn to is the HPLX Mailing List.


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