Bishops of the Britons
originally based at Dumbarton

c. 500 St Kessog supposedly martyred c. 520
c. 520 Edelmius or Edelfrith
c.540 Cathal son of Fergus, d. 554
c.560 ? Nevydd son of Rhun, killed by Picts and Saxons
c. 573 St Mungo or Kentigern/Cyndern founder of Glasgow, d. 13 Jan, 612, buried Glasgow Cathedral

There were bishops in the area prior to the diocese being formally founded and based in Glasgow by charter in 1120 of David I (St David of Scotland) who at the time was Prince of Cumbria. Other than the title "Bishop of the Britons" which remain attached to Bishops, and later Archbishops, of Glasgow until the Reformation, it is not known what they were called. They may have been called Bishop of Strathclyde or of Cumbria.

1109 Michael Much of his ministry was based in the southern part of Strathclyde which then included Cumbria in England. The church of St Laurence, Moreland appears to have functioned as his cathedral/minister. He performed ordinations there and was buried there
1118Johnas below

Diocese of Glasgow


1120 John d. 28th May 1147, buried Jedburgh
1147 Herbert
1164 Ingleram of Newbiggin consecrated in Rome by Pope Alexander III
1175 Jocelin former Abbot of Melrose
1189 Hugh of Roxburgh elect, Chancellor of Scotland, d. 21 July, 1199
1200 William Malvoisin trans to St Andrews 1202
1202 Florence elect, Chancellor of Scotland, resigned , retired to Rome
1208 Walter of St Albans d. 1232
1233 William of Bondington Chancellor to King Alexander II; introduced Sarum rite to Glasgow; d. 10 Nov, 1283, buried Melrose
1259 Nicolas of Moffat elect, denied consecration by Pope Alexander IV, because he did not have sufficient funds to pay for it
1259 John of Cheam chaplain to Alexander IV & consecrated by him, not accepted in Scotland, forced into exile, died in France in 1268
1268 Nicolas of Moffat elect again, opposed by his cannons, died of apoplexy at Tiningham 1270
1271 William Wishart elect, trans to St Andrews1272
1272 Robert Wishart nephew of above; imprisoned by Edward I of England; supported Robert the Bruce. d. 1316
1317 Stephen of Donydouer died en route to Rome
1318 John of Eglescliffe
1319 John Wishart died 1325
1323 John Lindsay killed when the ship on which he was returning from Flanders was attacked by an English fleet
1338 William Rae
1367 Walter Wardlaw secretary to David II, made Cardinal by Pope Clement in 1380
1389 Matthew of Glendoning died 1408
1408 William of Lauder Chancellor; d. 14 June, 1425
1427 John Cameron
1447 James Bruce (Brewhouse) trans from Dunkeld
1448 William Turnbul Keeper of the Privy Seal, founder of Glasgow University; died in Rome 3 September, 1454
1455 Andrew Muirhead d. 20th Nov 1473
1475 John Laing
1483 George Carmichael elect
1483 Robert Blackadder


1492 Robert Blackadder d. 28 July, 1508, en route to the Holy Land
1509 James Beaton I
1525 Gavin Dunbar
1551 Alexander Gordon
1552 James Beaton II went into exile 1570, became Ambassador in France for Mary, Queen of Scots and then for James VI
1571 John Porterfield titular
1573 James Boyd titular
1581 Robert Montgomery titular
1585 William Erskine titular
1587 James Beaton II restored
1610 John Spottiswoode trans to St Andrews 1615, fled to England 1638, died 1639, buried Westminister Abbey
1615 James Law
1633 Patrick Lindsay trans from Ross; deprived in 1638; died Newcastle 1641
1638 vacant
1661 Andrew Fairfoul
1664 Alexander Burnet trans from Aberdeen; forced from office1669
1671 Robert Leighton "The Saintly Bishop";trans from Dunblane; resigned
1674 Alexander Burnet restored; trans to St Andrews 1679
1679 Arthur Rose trans from Argyll; trans to St Andrews 1684
1684 Alexander Cairncross removed 1687; bishop of Rahoe in Ireland in 1691, d. 1701
1687 John Paterson d. 1708
1708 Vacant


1731Alexander Duncanformerly Minister at New Kilpatrick; ejected at the Revolution. Consecrated in 1724. The areas of Annandale, Nithdsdale and Tweeddale were extracated from the Diocese during his period and given to Edinburgh; d. 1733
1733 vacant
1787 Dr William Abernethy Dummond also Bp of Edinburgh and Galloway; a physician; consecrated in 1787 to the Diocese of Brechin; shortly afterwards tranferred to Edinburgh. Resigned as Bishop of Edinburgh in 1805 to facilitate the union of Church of England & Ireland congregations in Scotland with those of the Scottish Church, but remaining Bishop of Glasgow; d. 1809
1809Dr Daniel Sandford also Bp of Edinburgh and Galloway
1830 James Walker also Bp of Edinburgh and Galloway<


c. 397 St Ninian died c. 432
? Octa
681 Trumwise
731 Pecthelm of Malmsbury d. 735
735 Frithwald d. 764
763 Pectwine d. 776
777 Ethelbert 789 trans to Hexham
791 Beadwulf consec by Archbp Eanbald I of York; officiated at coronation of King Ardulf of Northumbria in 796; 803 took part in consecration of Bp Edbert II of Lindesfarne

Arrival of Vikings. Records falter

836 Heathured died/resigned (?) 840
c.1080 Gamaliel or Gamalinus
1140 Gilla-Aidan
1154 Christian
1189 John
1214 Walter
1235 Odo Ydonc elect
1235 Gilbert
1255 Henry
1294 Thomas of Kirkudbright (of Dalton)
1327 Simon of Wedale
1355 Michael Malconhalgh
1359 ? Thomas Macdowell elect
1359 Thomas
1364 Adam of Lanark
? Andrew referred to as bishop in 1368
? David Douglas d. 1373
? James Carron resigned 1373
1378 Ingram of Kethnis elect
1379 Oswald
1380 Thomas of Rossy
? Francis Ramsay d. 1402
1406 Elisaeus Adougan
1414 ? Gilbert Cavan elect
1415 Thomas of Bonhill
1422 Alexander Vaus
1451 ? John elect; resigned and retired to the Abbey of Holyrude
1451 Thomas Spens
1457 ? Thomas Vaus elect
1459 Ninian Spot
1482 ? George Vaus
1508 ? James Beaton elect; trans to Archbishopric of Glasgow 1509
1509 ? David Arnot
1526 Henry Wemyss
1541 ? Andrew Dury
1559 ? Alexander Gordon
1610 Gavin Hamilton
1612 ? William Couper
1635 Thomas Sydserf
1661 James Hamilton
1675 John Paterson
1679 Arthur Rose
1680 James Aitken
1688 John Gordon d. 1726
1697 Held with Edinburgh
1837 Held with Glasgow

United Diocese of Glasgow & Galloway

1837 Michael Russell
1848 Walter John Trower
1859 William Scott Wilson
1888 William Thomas Harrison
1904 Archibald Ean Campbell
1921 Edward Thomas Scott Reid
1931 John Russell Darbyshire
1938 John Charles Halland How
1952 Francis Hamilton Moncrieff
1974 Frederick Goldie
1981 Derek Alex Rawlcliffe trans from New Hebrides
1991 John Mitchell Taylor
1998 Idris Jones