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The Basement Interviews

The Basement Interviews is a blog-based open-access book of interviews conducted by journalist Richard Poynder with leaders and thinkers from the growing number of free and open initiatives.

Introductions to the interviews are published on the blog Open and Shut? The full interviews (including the introduction) are then available as downloadable PDF files, which are being published under a Creative Commons licence. This licence permits you to copy and distribute the interviews as you wish, so long as you credit Richard Poynder as the author, do not alter or transform the text, and do not use the interviews for any commercial purpose.

The interviews:

More interviews will follow. Please note that while these interviews are made freely available to all, they are written by a freelance journalist who makes his living from writing. To assist him to continue making work available in this way you are invited to make a voluntary contribution. The suggested figure is $10 per interview, but feel free to contribute as you think appropriate. This can be done quite simply by sending a payment via PayPal quoting the email address It is not necessary to have a PayPal account to make a payment.

If you point anyone else to the interviews please consider directing them to this page, rather than directly to the PDF files themselves. If you would like to republish any of the interviews on a commercial basis, or have any comments on them, please email the author at

Further details about The Basement Interviews project are available here.

Richard Poynder would like to acknowledge the help of the Open Society Institute, which provided a small upfront grant to enable him to get started on the project.

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