A Song For Arbonne


Guy Gavriel Kay

Until the sun dies and the moons fall, Gorhaut and Arbonne shall not lie easily beside each other . . .


Warm and sun-blessed in the south, a land of olive trees and vineyards, of troubadours and courts of love, and of the sensuous, flamboyant women and men who dwell in the castles and towns of a country dedicated to the worship of the mother goddess.

Moving through this decadence is the sardonic, bitter figure of Blaise, mercanery captain of Gorhaut; who will soon find himself confronting the darkest secrets of his past and the sharply branching pathways of the present.


Land of hard, dour northerners who are pious in their worship of the god Corannos, and rapacious in war. Ruled by an ambitious, debauched young king, the warriors of Gorhaut look hungrily south and see a land ripe for the taking, blasphemously worshipping a goddess and ruled by woman.

In a time of great peril, the men and women of the two countries will find their lives, and their ideas of what life should be, put in the balance; and Arbonne will be made to realize that love and music may be powers only in a civilised time, for they cannot combat fire and sword.

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A Song For Arbonne (P/B)
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