The Darkest Road

The Fionavar Tapestry - Book 3


Guy Gavriel Kay

The young heroes from our own world have gained power and maturity from their sufferings and adventures in Fionavar: First of All the Worlds; now they must bring all the strength and wisdom they possess to the aid of the armies of Light in the ultimate battle against the evil of Rakoth Maugrim and the hordes of the Dark.

On a ghost-ship, led by the legendary Warrior, Arthur Pendragon, and Pwyll Twiceborn, Lord of the Summer Tree, the forces of good must sail towards the dread fortress of Starkadh, there to face the Unraveller at last; and Darien, child of Jennifer Lowell and Rakoth Maugrim, within whom Light and Dark vie for supremacy, must walk the darkest road of any child of earth or stars . . .

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The Darkest Road (P/B)
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