Just for fun here is a short quiz. A link to the answers is at the bottom of the page. Each question is worth two points, with the sub-parts to questions 3 and 4 being worth 1 point each.

1. Maggie was born in the year of the dragon - true or false?

2. In Comrades Almost a Love Story Maggie had a job at Mac Donald's. In which film did she get a job at Seven Eleven?

3. Name a film in which Maggie co-starred with
a. Brigitte Lin?
b. Wu Chien Lien?
c. Chow Yun Fat?

4. At the Annual Hong Kong Film Awards :-
a. For which film was Maggie nominated for Best Actress in 1988?
b. Why might she not have been disappointed to win Best Actress for her role in New Dragon Inn in 1992?

5. What was the name of Maggie's character in Heroic Trio?