1998 Augustin King of Kung Fu
1997Beijing Summer
Chinese Box, The
1996 Comrades, Almost a Love Story
Irma Vep
Soong Sisters, the
1994Ashes of Time
In Between
1993Barefoot Kid, The
Boys Are Easy
Eagle Shooting Heroes, The
Enigma of Love
Heroic Trio 2 : Executioners
First Shot
Flying Dagger
Green Snake
Holy Weapon
Mad Monk
Millionaire Cop
All's Well, Ends Well
Heroic Trio
Moon Warriors
New Dragon Inn
Police Story 3 : Supercop
Too Happy for Words
True Love
Twin Dragons
What a Hero
1991Alan and Eric - Between Hello and Goodbye
Banquet, The
Heart Against Hearts [Cameo]
Perfect Match 1991, The
Today's Hero
Will of Iron
1990Days of Being Wild
Dragon from Russia
Farewell China
Full Moon in New York
Heart into Hearts
Red Dust
1989Bachelor's Swan Song
Doubles Cause Troubles
Fishy Story, A
Hearts No Flowers
Iceman Cometh
In Between Love
Little Cop
My Dear Son
Song of the Exile
1988As Tears Go By
Call Girl '88
Fat Cat
Happy Fat New Year
Last Romance
Love Army
North and South Mamas
Paper Marriage
Police Story Part 2
Soldier of Love
Sun, Moon, and Star
1987Game They Call Sex, The
Heartbeat 100
Heavenly Fate
Project A, Part 2
Romancing Star, The
You're My Destiny [Cameo]
1986Happy Ghost 3
Seventh Curse, The
Story of Rose, The
1985It's a Drink, It's a Bomb
Modern Cinderella
Police Story
Frog Prince, The
UnknownLovelorn Expert, The