Order of Battle

This page is the start point for the Order of Battle

The OB is presented at various "levels". Click on the relevant link for the high command structures. The page shows the German Army Groups and Russian Fronts (equivalent to an Army Group) existing at the time of the battle of Kursk. Clicking on any will take you on to the next level of the organisation.

And before any more Finns point it out - I know that their troops were NOT under German command. They are simply included here in order to complete the picture of the Eastern Front...

Please go through the detail below, and e-mail me with any comments - especially if you don't agree with the data !

German High Command Soviet High Command
Army Group Commander Front Commander
Finnish Forces Mannerheim
Army Group "Finland" KarelianFrolov
Army Group North von Kuechler, GeorgeLeningradGovorov
NorthwesternKonev, IS
KalininYeremenko, AI
Army Group Centrevon Kluge, GuentherWesternSokolovsky, V
BryanskPopov, MM
CentralRokossovsky, KK
Army Group Southvon Manstein, ErichVoronezhVatutin, NF
SteppeKonev, IS
SouthwesternMalinovsky, RYa
Luftwaffe Forces AirRed Air ForceAir
Army Group A Kleist, EwaldSouthernTolbukhin
North CaucasusPetrov
STAVKA ReserveStalin, I
Far EasternPurkaev
Army Group D (OB West) von Rundstedt
Independent Units
Not in existenceNot in existence July 43

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