Cyrillic Usage

In the table below is represented the Russian Cyrillic alphabet, with 3 alternative English equvalents. The first is the BGN/PCGN standard of 1947, used for Geographic purposes. The second is the Gost standard of 1983. I personally find the Gost the most usable - but it uses characters that are more than a litle tricky to find on the keyboard. As a result, I have switched to using the third one listed - which is basically the BGN/PCGN 1947, with the exception that one of the two "Y"s in that standard is replaced with a "J".

Finally, the pronunciation should be reasonably obvious from the BGN/PCGN standard. For all those letters where it isn not, I have added an attempt at a guidance for it, borrowed from 'Russian in three months', by Nicholas J Brown.

The font I use for typing Cyrillic, with a standard keyboard, is available for download from the Font page.

And for the linguists out there - yes, my Russian IS that bad !

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