The Stave Dance Material

After I posted the somewhat voluminous notes for the Stave Dance workshop at Eastleigh, I got a few requests for other Stave material. Most of it, and all of the traditional choreographies are from Roy Dommett. Every time I meet Roy Dommett he seems to hand me some more notes. When I haven't seen him for a while there's this occasional thump as a big brown envelope drops through the letterbox. Nigel Sparkes is doing a sterling job putting Roy's notes up on the web and I've been avoiding duplicating any of that, but a few people have asked for the stave material so, with Roy's permission, I've given it a temporary home here, until Nigel wants to move it so it's all in one place.

Please Note that Roy's latest article is the one that represents his current thoughts: I've included the other articles only because they contain other information, such as quotations or choreographies, which is not present in the current issue. Read the latest artoc;e first.