Patrioten 1

Various Artists

This is a compilation video which features live footage from concerts and professionally produced music videos. The first time I saw this video was at a friend's house. I was in a rush, so all I saw was the video for Skrewdriver's 'Night Trains' (from the Hail Victory CD). But what a blockbuster! It was very professional (watch out 'Top of the Pops'!) with some excellent footage pieced together. On each chorus, as Ian sings "Night Trains" we see a train with a snow plough on the front, driving through snow drifts on the way to the Russian Front. This, along with soldiers 'skylarking' on a train platform and a train full of soldiers waving goodbye as they leave the station, possibly to never return, are some of the most memorable parts of this video. One is almost transported back to the Europe of circa 1944 by the video! The music and the original film footage compliment each other extremely well! Very poignant, very moving. The video also features 'White People Awake' by Rahowa and 'Smash the Reds' and 'Bloodsucker' by No Remorse as well as live gig and demo footage.

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