Carl Klang

After what seemed like an age thanks to various setbacks, this CD eventually hit the streets and has been widely acclaimed already. As regular FC readers will know, Carl's music is the bees knees. This CD opens with Blinded by the Lies - a song of the woe of the Nationalist militant when faced by the apathy, ignorance and brainwashed drowsiness of his compatriots. And there is no respite - for this CD (or tape) lunges from one classic to the next. Gordon Kahl and Randy Weaver are honoured; the United Nations, bankers and politicians are sneered at; Vietnam PoWs and the children at Waco are remembered; warnings are given out to our enemies with songs like Hang 'Em High, We Ain't Gonna Fight for the New World Order and I'm the Resistor. In fact, it's nigh on impossible to pick a best song on this 17 track blockbuster as each one is a gem in its own right. The CD finishes on a high note with Rock Them in Their Ivory Towers, a powerful new song, followed closely by It's Not Over Until We Win, assuring those who might fall into despondency that we can and will win. This CD is destined to go into legend as one of the best CDs this decade!

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