La Isla de la Memoria


What can you say about this CD except - Fantastic? For a start it is dedicated to Mota and Marin the two Romanian Legionaries who gave their lives fighting for the Nationalists in the Spanish Civil war.

Hyperborea's songs are sung in Spanish, but the music is so enjoyable, I think most English-speaking people will thoroughly enjoy this CD too!

Some of the songs are cover versions of old Italian Nationalist folk-ballads. La Tierra de Thule (originally performed by the Company of the Ring in 1974) is brilliant, as is Nuestras Canciones Asesinas (originally performed by Massimo Morsello). Another song, Pequeño Atila is dedicated to the Third Positionist martyr Nanni de Angelis and has the melody of the old Irish song The Foggy Dew.

Hyperborea expertly mix traditional folk music with guitary-rock. This CD is destined to become an all time classic and is highly recommended.

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