Celtic Warrior

This CD is easily the best to date by this groovy Welsh band. Lyndon's powerful guitarwork shows and it's strong skinhead rock you're left with! It opens with Invader, a real stormer of a song! This'll get the shy Sharons grooving and no mistake! Then follows You Were the One a memorial to Stinko, the band's old bass player who passed away last year - it includes a sad spoken eulogy in English and Welsh (Goodnight... sleep well!). The CD carries on with one powerful song following another... superb! Rise to the Wings is an excellent sing-a-long song, To The Gallows dishes the truth on Paedophile Sidney Cooke and Highlander pays tribute to William Wallace ("In God's name they'll not kill Scotland" - Saor Alba!) with some excellent acoustic guitar, bagpipes and the sounds of battle.

Ranting Ron says: "Get this CD or you're a race-mixer!"

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