Punto di non Ritorno

Massimo Morsello

This CD is a new departure for Nationalist recordings. Most Nationalist music these days is either Oi, Heavy Metal or a cross between the two, with very few exceptions. This CD is entirely different. Massimo Morsello has produced a CD which crosses from an electric folkish style to an almost classical 'pop' sound. But whatever way you look at this CD one thing cannot be ignored: the sheer professional sound!

The best song on the CD for me is the superb Canti Assassini. With songs like Aborto and Leon Degrelle you know this is a CD with a strong Nationalist style too. This CD should be in every Nationalist's hi-fi. The Italian lyrics are in the full colour 'sleeve'. All in all a very professional and musically excellent CD. Buy it now!

Interview with Massimo Morsello

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