American History X

Sadly a lot of people will see this film and miss a couple of important points.

The gist of the story is that a 'Nazi skinhead' gang leader is in jail after killing a couple of armed Blacks who were stealing from his car one night. A lot of the story is told in 'flashbacks' by his younger brother.

Local White youths worried by the increasing number of Blacks taking over the area, play a 'White Versus Black' match for control of the basket ball courts. The Whites win, but the Blacks end up with the courts.

Meanwhile the skinhead leader in prison joins up with other so-called 'Nazis' for safety, only to discover that they deal with non-Whites to buy drugs. As he is ideological he breaks with the group only to be raped by them in the showers.

The only support he gets is from a Black prisoner he works with and his very intelligent former school teacher, who is, of course, Black. As a result he changes his ideas totally, even agreeing to become a police informer!

The film ends with his brother being shot by a Black in some toilets. As he cradles his brother in his arms he cries "What have I done?". Those of us who remember the beginning of the film will reply: "Nothing!" as this isn't a political killing, but yet another anti-White racist murder. The film started with a Black gang harassing a White kid in the same toilets. He tells the kid to stand up for himself, which the Blacks don't like. We must, it seems, bend over backwards to be nice to Black hoodlums!

If the Racial roles were reversed and an older Black held his younger brother in his arms, he would cry "What have they done?"

The moral of the story, like so many others, is that Whites are always guilty and we must always give everything to immigrants. I hope, one day, to review a film entitled I'd Rather Die on My Feet...

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