Independence Day

What can be said about his film? Nice special effects? Certainly. But the story . . . 'They' (the aliens) come; hmmm - plausible if you're David Icke. 'They' attack; plausible too. 'We' counter attack; well OK. 'We' win; not a chance!

But we exactly are "we"? According to the film we are the world represented by the USA. Hooray! The USA will save us all! But not just any old citizens from the USA - oh no! - our world will be saved by a Jew and a Negro! They risk their lives so that we might live. Comforting isn't it ? . . .

All through the film my White mind was thinking, are 'they', 'they', or are 'we' (read USA, Zionism, materialist world . . .), 'they'? And that is what frightened me. I can understand this film being a hit in the melting-pot USA; once more the multi-racial USA sees itself not only as the winners, but also as the 'good guys' who save the world from evil domination. But who'll save 'us' from the USA? Make the leader of the aliens Bill Clinton. Change their flag to the U.S. one. Make the 'defenders' White Nationalists and the plot would be far more realistic! Plus ask the people of Somalia, Lebanon, Panama, Libya, Iraq etc. - for them it is 'Independence Day' every day! To summarise: if you think Rambo really did liberate Afghanistan, go and enjoy the film. For everyone else, enjoy the special effects but ask yourself if the aliens are really from Outer Space or just behind world banking, Hollywood etc. etc.

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